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Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we were having coffee right now…  I would tell you that my grandfather would have been 92 today, he has been gone since 1983, but that hasn’t stopped me missing him every day since, and writing kisses in the sand for him.  If we were having coffee right now… I would regale the tale of how… Continue reading Coffee & Chat Tuesday

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The things we leave behind

In my previous post i mentioned the Adam Brand song the Hearts we leave behind. This post is in the same vein as that. I know thinking and talking about leaving this world isn’t something that people want to talk about, and having been through the process of losing a loved one too many times… Continue reading The things we leave behind

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It all counts

The beginnings of a Christmas Wonderland in our house right now.  Baubles of every colour dripping from a forrest-full of trees.  A paddock of Deer & Stag heads to rival an American Ranch. Santa’s by the sleigh-load. Angel’s playing happily among the Stars & lights glistening at night.   Only rule NO TINSEL

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