Because i have spent the past several weeks organising the Kitchen & Pantry and playing with the Thermomix, I have been procrastinating of late, and as the year is fast coming to an end started to think about all of the projects i have started this year and haven’t completed. Trying to gather thoughts in my head of where to start and what project to organise first. I suppose i should just start printing photos and then work on what to do, but i seem to have hit a wall even by doing that. i just feel so disorganised.

  • 30 DAYS OF ME | I have started this project, and finally received the free items from Studio Calico, but haven’t done much else. I did manage to print the questions out before running out of ink, so i need to sit down and add those to cards and then work on photos.
  • 52 WEEKS OF ART JOURNALLING | I seemed to have stalled on this as well.
  • A YEAR OF US 2 | on the last day of the month or close to it, we take a family photo, and i print it out. i hope in time to make an album of memories.
  • A WEEK IN THE LIFE | This started today, and i have taken one photo so far.
  • ALWAYS US | I gave this album to Jack in September for our 14th Anniversary of being together. i have a couple of recent photos to print out and add to it.
  • DECEMBER DAILY | Whilst not December just yet, i feel like i really should also make some steps into getting things organised, to make things easier when the time does come around.
  • FMS PHOTO A DAY | So far so good this month i have taken a photo most days, and i am all caught up.
  • ONE LITTLE WORD | I still have a few things to catch up on in regards to this. With no ink in the printer it has stalled.

Love & Loss

I have often spoken here about my cat Henry. A week ago this evening he was hit by a car and passed away. It has taken me this long to put into words how devastated i am by this. Yeah i get the whole this was a cat thing, and i fully understand that.

We got Henry, In April 2012. By my calculations he was 8 weeks old when we got him, which means that he was born around the time that my mum passed away. We didn’t and where not even planning on getting another pet at the time that we got him, as we already had 2 dogs, and three cats. So it was a shock to go to Midland that night on a whim and return with him.

He was my constant companion, he helped me get through the grief i was going through in Regards to Mum & Dad. There was no judgment and no backchat, just unconditional love. On the long nights when Jack was away or on Night Shift, he would keep me company. I have struggled so much this past week with sleeping as i still expect him to come bounding into the room for cuddles. Or in the middle of the night trying to move and finding that he was taking up all of the space at the end of the bed or between Jack and I.

There is now a huge gap not only around our house but also in my heart. I have decided that as part of the Tree of Life tattoo that i have been wanting to get to include a small black cat at the base of it.

Forever Sleeping & always in my heart Henry..

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FOOD: Thermomixing: On a Roll

Usually when i wake up of a morning, i sit on the lounge and read the latest going’s-on of Facebook News…
This morning however i got up and started making things.
Lots Of Things…

I started with
– Chilli & Garlic Oil.

Then made a batch of
– Ice-cream Sandwiches
– and Ice-Cube Squares

Then made
– Plain Butter (Macadamia Oil and Pink Himalayan salt) flavour…
– Basil (Grape-seed Oil)…
– Garlic & Chilli (made earlier in the day)…
– Buttermilk

Lunch was pre-brought potato gems with homemade aioli (Made last night)

^* 45 minutes of proving in the Thermoserver on my desk at the front window in the sun and then made into round rolls.

With the Buttermilk and Plain Butter i have made Buttermilk Bread Rolls.
to have with Steak & Mashed Potatoes.


^ After a further ½ hour of proving at the front window, with still an hour to go.


^ after 1 ½ proving and ready to go into oven

IMG_6772 IMG_6773 IMG_6774

15 minutes in the oven.. and WOW, i am impressed. I hope that they taste as good as they look.

also planning on making
– Banana Bread
– Cheese & Chive Bread

Home: Pantries

This is the top of the small Pantry. Hello Mr Owl..

As a mentioned a few days ago, i have been in organisation mode for the arrival of the Thermomix which co-incednetly is TODAY!!! Last night we went and did a bit of shopping and grabbed some staples that are listed on the Thermofun Ultimate Pantry List. There is still a lot that i could have gotten and a few things that i need to top up on, but it has given me more of an idea in regards to storage and how i want to utilise the kitchen.

This is the Bottom of the Small Pantry.

The Large Pantry

After doing the shopping I have realised that i need to move all of the Kmart Containers over into the large pantry and sort out any items that need to be containerised and move other things around to work better. I hadn’t realised how much space the glass jars where taking up until i put them into the Kmart containers.

I am loving the more organised look. The other thing that i have recognised is that i need to have all of the same labels. I have noticed that the Black Board ones are not sticking properly. On many of the glass jars i had the Love Mae set that i brought from Lark before i left WA over 2 years ago, and they have mostly held up well, but i have misplaced the rest of them, i found them about a month ago and then they when missing again. So it’s either get another set of them or look for another alternative. Perhaps i could whip out the Label Maker, but then again I do like the look of Pretty Paper Labels on Facebook. I made the Other Labels on my iPhone 5s using the Project Life App, and then just saving them to my laptop and Printing them out on the Canon Selphy.

CRAFT: Project “Life”

Reminder to Self: Don’t take on too much!!!


  • Project Life,
  • FMS,
  • 30 Days of Me,
  • MB12WBT / Lorna Jane,
  • Operation Sort out Craft Studio / Workspace,
  • 52 Weeks of Art Journalling,
  • One Little Word,
  • Yesterday & Today

and i am sure that there is so much more..

Tonight and tomorrow i am spending a bulk of the time printing photos, i got behind because i ran out of photo paper, but i had some delivered today so that should go a big way into getting some of it done and thats not even all of the diary’s, journals and books that i also fill out.

Admittedly some of it is a once a month thing.
FMS i just take a quick photo,
Project life i use the FMS photo so i just print it.
i am currently working on 30 days of me, have been waiting for the free Studio Calico stuff to arrive.

Angels at school all day, kayla has been doing a course a few days a week, and jack working, so i had been setting those days aside to work on the projects. was doing well, until i ran out of paper. a couple of them i have left for a few months so have a major catch up to do. and have been chipping away at my sorting. i think once i am organised i can then set baskets up with each project and work from there. A week in the life is starting next month and then december daily not long after. So have been gathering things for those as well.1 min · Like

Nesting & the Longest Pregnancy ever!

As you know I have spent the past 4 days re-organising the kitchen in preparation for the arrival of the new baby

Yes i am nesting…

All of this waiting is worse than giving birth, and i am sure it feels like its taking as long.. The anticipation is crazy LOL.. i have wanted one since one of the ladies started talking about them on the Flylady’s Aussie Yahoo Group and I am thinking that was late 2008 or early 2009, so its been a long pregnancy..

The waters have broken…

Jack’s View… Life is Hard…
Jack Beltane (Via Facebook)

You know how you get really important info to tell your wife and then for the next hour you are so busy that you forget to pass on the info? We’ll Nicole I found out thermomix is being posted to you today from Perth! Consultant will have a tracking number as we’ll. now I can go back to working hard

If you got this far the baby is a TM5

Day 4….. Please no more…

Just a quick update:

Well after 4 days the chances of me stepping back into the kitchen for any length of time, are starting to diminish rapidly, (unless my Thermomix Magically appears in the next few days that is)! Much of the tidying up was done today.

I must say that cooking dinner tonight was a darn sight easier than it has been previously (even if cooking it in the Bellini didn’t work) and i ended up having to cook it in the Jamie.

As it’s now after 10pm i will hopefully take some photos tomorrow. Right now i am going to get some well earned rest.