Locked Out

At the moment I am locked out of WordPress, I can still update via email, but I can not edit anything. I have contacted wordpress and I am still waiting to hear back, It has been about 24 hours now. A few months ago we had the exchange email deleted as it hadn’t worked for […]

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DIY: Chair Makeover

Chair before. I have had this chair for years and its bugged me, its just never felt right in most of the spaces that it been in. So today after procrastinating and thinking about it for so long, i did something about it, and well watching paint dry is far more interesting than watching the […]

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September List

Admiring: The Nikki Lissoni Bracelets. Buying: More stuff from Kmart. Cooking: Again with my Thermomix. Considering: Or reconsidering Jacks offer to buy another Canon Selphy. (*) Coveting: Nikki Lissoni Braceletes, and new marble stuff at Kmart. Drinking: Coke. I seriously cant stand this stuff, but i have been craving it this week. Deciding: And debating […]

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Planning for the Future

It’s around September and October that i start thinking about new Diaries for the coming year. A couple of years ago i wrote this post (HERE), Outlining my favourite planners and the reasons why i liked them (there are a lot).  This year i have been using The Heidi Swapp Memory Planner for all of […]

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Thursday Thoughts Sept 17th

I find it incredibly sad that the words of a complete stranger could bring you (Me) down so much. I am feeling very fragile this morning after last nights accusations. I know full well that the words that i write on this blog are my own, i am sitting here writing them. I know that. […]

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My blog has been fairly quiet for a little while, so i thought i would get back into doing some prompts. This month i am doing the following prompts FMS Photo a Day #blogtemberchallenge http://www.braveloveblog.com Listers Gotta List – September (The Reset Girl) UFO’s (Need to print out photos for) Project Life – January to September […]

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Over the course of ten years blogging, i have blogged the same topics over the course of time a number of times, and yes, even i have noticed how alike they are in the writing style when reading them back, but they are my words. I have done a few years of WordPress Questions, Combined […]

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Dear 16 Year old Me

On this day in 2009 i posted the following question “If you could travel back in time and meet yourself as a teenager, what three things would you tell yourself?” I have gone through some older posts asking the same sort of question and combined them into one post. (Edited to add that these are […]

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