Week in the Life

The week has come to a close, lots of photos taken, and memories made. little parts of our life captured on camera.

_ How i Feel about the week just gone _

Monday i took so many photos, by Sunday though i was exhausted and didn’t have much to take photos of. so will be using some filler ones i took through the week of general house things. There is probably a lot of could have done and taken photos of, but we didn’t really do much or go anywhere, other weeks may have been much more interesting.

I mostly used my iPhone, but also the Fuji & Samsung NX300 cameras. Jack took photos on his Samsung S6Edge, and Angel took them using her iPad. I tied this in with Heidi Swapps HSCaptureLife Project and FMS Photo-A-Day, so some photos may overlap at some point, but generally i just took lots of photos of stuff.

– Around Our Home –

Looking through the above shots it has become evident that i have a very vintage / old school style in our home, i tend to gravitate more towards that than modern, even though i love the modern monochromatic clean lines of all of the homes / spaces that i see on Instagram & Pinterest.

Quite a number of people have commented on social media on the above picture and said i should be / go into interior design, Jack’s also mentioned this on occasions, and a couple of the photos said that they look like they are from a catalogue or magazine. It’s lovely to hear such comments not just because of something i have styled, but also my photography. (which 99% of the time i have to say is cropped / zoomed in and has filters applied) so it isn’t entirely what our house looks like.

We have gotten rid of a number of things by doing the KonMari Method, and keeping the things that bring me joy really changes the way you see your home. The things i truly love are the extras, the layers that create the pretty parts of our home, like the jars of fake white flowers, the billion and 1 candles of all sorts, the jars and vases, Cushions and Throws. Much of the time it looks like a tornado has gone through, most things have cat hair all over it, and the furniture could really do with a good dust. I have this want to get rid of everything on one hand but on the other want to go to Kmart, Target, The Reject Shop, Shiploads, Chillie, The Importer shop and random little gift shops and by things..

This week we have a rent inspection so i will be able to get some more photos when the house is spotless. It’s always is a different space each rent inspection, and i like creating little Vignettes around the place. But i like little nooks, like the book nook that i have been working on.

Sure there are a million projects running through my head at anyone time, which makes it all the more satisfying when things get completed like the peg board yesterday. i absolutely love it, and cant wait for jack to create another one where the coffee machine is. There are also a million and 5 things that bug me, like the TV unit that has never looked right and the drawer that is falling out.

– Back on Track – …

I can’t say life is all sunshine lollypops and rainbows, because it isn’t, I am so sick this week with the flu so i am glad that i did the project last week when i felt better.

Pegboard DIY

Over the past few weeks hubby and I have been working on this project for the kitchen. Finished it on Sunday night.

Board is a standard sheet of ply from Bunnings with holes drilled into it using a spade bit, thats probably the longest part of the process, but i would say measuring, drilling, cutting the dowel and timber could all be done in an afternoon. Ply fits just flush under the cabinets with a slight lean, but won’t fall, if hanging on a wall would need a bracket. Can be moved as it’s not fastened to anything.

Drill holes into it, Cut timber and dowels to length.

There is a similar one in this months homes + magazine and also heaps on instragram and you tube.

Cost just under $50 to make.

I love it so much. We are in a rental so these are just propped up between the top of the bench and the overhead cupboards. We are going to build a smaller version for near the kettle and coffee machine for the tea and coffee stuff, and then maybe also with the left over another side to this one for herbs and spices, as its where the Microwave, KitchenAid and Thermomix are.

When i saw this idea on instagram a few months ago i knew i had to have it. We are in a really small rental so small items tend to get lost or misplaced and i am forever looking for things like measuring cups etc, so this is perfect for that,

Going to get some S hooks for those, and also thought of using the small shelves with hooks from kmart instead of the timber.

I like that it can be adapted to suit us, and moved if needed.


  • Kmart: Concrete faux plants, Copper utensil holder, Jug, Tea/coffee/sugar canisters, lightbox, Egg holder, Copper bowls, Copper/wood vase, Measuring cups. 
  • Target: Yellow Ampersand, salt / pepper dishes, Bottle, Oil bottle, Curtis stone Chopping Board. 
  • Shiploads: Small bowls.  
  • Reject shop: Lights. 


  • Small faux succulents from The Importer Shop.
  • Cream 2 bowl (has 1 inside it and 3 around somewhere) – Indigo House Burnie.
  • Blue Bowl – ? not sure could be kmart or target a while ago.
  • White Jug – Ikea.
  • Blue lidded jar – freedom.
  • Wooden utensils assorted from assorted places.

Kmart Style..


I am not really one for Fashion Blogging, but was scrolling through the news site and the middle photo was featured in a little thumbnail, and it just happens to be the dress that i am wearing right now, i picked it up last week, and it has to be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing i have brought in a while.

Is it bad that i now want to go to kmart and buy clothes. specifically the shirts and cardi.. also loving the scarves too.

* Kmart

Oh and these boots..
I am a a big calf legged girl, with the feet of a pixie!. so its dammed hard to find shoes that work for me. but i gotta tell ya, i am loving those tall boots. The heels i have a similar pair i brought from rivers, and i lost one, and could only ever find one of the pair, and a few months ago i found the other one, and then for about a month both went missing. but have found them again now, and just love wearing them even if it feels like i am going to fall flat on my face.

^ My Photo


I have a great brown bag i got from kmart for $3.00 its fantastic, just a little too roomy at times when i am only taking a camera, phone and purse, so really like the look of the smaller bag.

* all photos from the kmart website

^ My Photo

Week in the Life i’m in

Over the years i have attempted this, and got to the end with not much to show for it.

This year i am waiting on the kit to arrive, and whilst i wait i am still able to take photos, not able to print them as i still haven’t got a work around for my lack of printer problem, and all of my photos are piling up and will soon be as tall as the Eiffel Tower,

I am looking forward to combining it with the FMS Photo-A-Day Prompts and the Heidi Swapp Capture Life Prompts and other little every day moments that occur like Getting ready for school / work. Doing Homework, The first coffee of the morning. Coffee at our favourite cafe, Our Pets. Food Preparation and Plating up, Setting the table, doing the dishes / stacking the dishwasher. The weather, News, Around the house. The pretty little things that make our house a home. Out shopping, Checking the mail.

Saying Goodbye, Yesterday!

Zoe & Flynn

Saturday we all sat out the front,

Hanging out together,

You let the cats sit next to you.

We groomed you,

We cuddled you,

We spent time with you,

We talked to you.

Zoe & Shelby

Yesterday was one of those cold wet and rainy Tasmanian days,

Not unlike many others that we have experienced whilst living here almost three years.

We went for a drive,

Jack & Angel went fishing.

It was however very different.

Angel found you in the backyard on the deck.

Yesterday we said goodbye to you…



8 years old.

Born in WA Died in Tasmania.

Brought as a 6/8 week old pup in Midland WA in 2007 for my birthday.

Zoe and Bella

Now together with your friends, Holly, Henry and even perhaps Shelby (Shelby went missing about 8 weeks ago), so we have now lost the three pets that we came here with.

I have been thinking in the past 24 hours,

How much you loved us,

How loyal you where,

How happy you where to always see one or all of us.

The cuddles that you loved,

Zoe & Henry

The way that you and Henry would hang out together my Ying Yang pets, he a black cat, you a white shitzu, how you loved to cuddle up to each other.Rides in the car.

The walks along the beach.

Your never ending supply of toy sheep that you managed to destroy within a day,

My Princess

Letting us dress you up like a princess,

We will never forget you.

Thursday Thoughts : Teens..

Teenagers think they they are invincible creatures. They assume that because they are now of a certain “AGE” that they know everything. Move Nourish Believe And if that doesn’t work JFDI (Just F’ Do It!!) This is what I just wrote on a young girls post Last Night :

“Forget the Diet go out enjoy life and become the awesome young woman I know you are going to be. Trust me if I knew then what I know now I would have loved who I was life’s too short to be stuck in this never ending cycle of weight loss and caring about why people don’t want to be your friend, you are missing out on life’s joys. As as adult there is so much responsibility and stress and the what if’s.”

Mean Girls:

Yesterday I had a call to say that Angel was having some issues at school, I then had a message from her to say that she had been attacked by not only a fellow student but a so called friend. Today we went to the school to discuss things with the Vice Principle / Teacher who saw the incident occur. Not only are we now aware that Angel has been lying to us most of this year about where she has been and what she has been doing. Her tactic of attempting to get someone else into trouble has come crumbling down around her as now she is not only going to be monitored by us at home but also by the vice principle who will be letting me know that Angel has left the school grounds. Her Internet / Social Media & Devices have all been either removed or will be monitored more, So for her it hasn’t worked out so well.

Advice from someone who’s been there.

I want to say to all of these young girls, start working on who you want to be, stop caring about these mean girls who are going through the exact same thing that you are. You will come to realise that all of this pain, anger, frustration and hurt you are going through was never worth it. Yeah I get that you feel lonely and isolated, but you are loved by so many people. It’s their loss if they don’t want to be your friend, the people who do know you love having you around. There is so much more for you to look forward too in your life. As a Gawky 13 – 19 year old there is no way that i would have even pictured how my life was going to be 10-20-30 years down the track. I have to say that i am blessed beyond belief.

  • I have an amazing husband,
  • and a pretty cool and funny kid.
  • I live in such a pretty town, where i am able to go on beach walks, or visits to the snow.

But i had no way of telling the future. No way to predict how my life would turn out. Yeah sure there are shitty times.

  • If i could wish on a million stars i would have my parents / grandparents still here,
  • I wouldn’t have started arguments that have distance me from those that i love and respect,
  • I would have taken better care of myself, and my body. Not a never ending Merry-do-round of dieting and weightloss fads.

Grow… In the coming years you are going to find your “Click” The friendships that you will have for life. The partner and family that you have dreamed of. You are going to have a career. Travel the world Experience the magic of this amazing life that you have been given. You are going to make memories of your past, and plans for the future. My wish for you is that you always have the best of the good things in life. Celebrate it.. Grow it.. Nourish it.. xxx

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Thermomix Nutty Orange Soup


It’s the middle of winter here and the perfect type of weather for hot soup. I had planned on making this last night but had a migraine and jack ended up picking up pizza instead.

I made this up on a whim, we have had a similar sweet potato soup by Lorna Jane. As i walked around the supermarket yesterday trying to work out what to have for dinner, knowing full well that jack had to much off to work, i just picked up some odds and sods, i was after a sweet soup, and when making pumpkin soup i usually use condensed milk, but remembered the dip we already had in the fridge.

Thermomix Nutty Orange Soup

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Time: 30mins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

• 1/2 small pumpkin, de-seeded, peeled and cut into pieces.
• A tub of Sweet Potato & Cashew Dip.
• A Can of Cream of Corn
• Stock (i used two cans ^)
• Crunchy Peanut Butter
• 1 teaspoon – Dukkah Lemon & Herb Spice Mix

• Chop up Pumpkin, add all ingredients into thermomix.
• Set 25 minutes, 100 degrees, speed 2.
• When finished put on for a further few minutes slowly increasing speed to 10

NB: Soup will be very hot, so slowly add the speed only getting to ten in the last few seconds.
Salt & Pepper to taste.

So on trend

Kmart’s Rocking it at the moment, and the internet is in a Frenzy at all of the new products that are coming out. I have just been looking at the website at some of the things that have appeared online, and i must say they have used the anti on the homewares.

I am loving the bamboo and white combination, and have plans for doing the bathroom and the kitchen in this colour tone, i already have quite a bit of it in the living room. We have been Konmaring the house the past few months and have gotten rid of some large bulky furniture items, and i am slowly adding new items at an inexpensive price point to add new decor. I want a light bright feel.

Below are some of the things i have brought over the past 12 months or so. Continue reading “So on trend”

KonMari & Kmart and combining my worlds

You will have noticed an influx of posts here that where previously on my other blog “Mrs B’s Place”, i made the decision this week to combine the blogs together as i haven’t been blogging at all, and personally for me its just easier this way..

As you may know i have been doing the KonMari Method over the past few months and have completed Clothes, Books, Paper, Stationary, Craft Supplies, and various other Komono items, i have how-ever began to stumble on the Kitchen area, i have been doing it slowly, and some things have been sorted others i am still to work on. it should have been a relatively easy task, but i have been procrastinating over it.

Another area i am stuck on is Kmart… here i am getting the house in order and they go and up the stakes on the homewares to a level to high that i am dizzy with wanting all of the pretty stuff. though i have been a little more choosey on the items i am after, and have places in my for what i have brought and want to buy. The house does look so much better with the extra layers.