January 31 | Burnt | Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

  1. Cookbooks
  2. Thermomix
  3. Kitchenmaid
  4. Old books
  5. Momentos, 

Burning Down the House,

January 30 | Burning down the house | Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Most of the time the things that i treasure most are by my side,

  1. So i would grab my handbag which normally contains my phone, my planners, purse etc
  2. My laptop.
  3. Photos / External Hard drives (they are all in the one spot).
  4. Camera Bag
  5. Some clothes
img 2291

Dear Angel | The January Edition

Dear Angel,

Thank you for making me laugh, when you know i am down, for making me coffee’s, for helping me around the house, for cooking dinner last night, for helping me when i ask, for adding happiness to our home, for feeding the pets, for thinking of others, for being such a great daughter, for allowing me to take these photos. Most of all Thank you for being You!


Through The Window,


On Australia day it was 4 horses and carriages.

January 29 | Through the window | Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

The things that you see outside this window is astounding. A bit of a back story. We live one block from the centre of town, and on quite a major road within the town, at one end is three churches, a local motel complex, and the beach and the other end an airport. with the emergency service across the road, so we see a lot of fire and ambulances coming and going at all hours. There is also an alley way that leads to the local skate park, a Dr’s surgery, community centre, guide hall, meals on wheels and the backs of the local shops, banks etc. On the side street next to us is a small cul-de-sac with elderly units and a scout hall. So most days there is something going on within our street or the one next to us, meaning many people parking outside the front of our house.

Some of the other weird and wonderful goings on have been planes being towed on the backs of trailers to and from the airport. A few weeks back it was a local teenager dragging mattresses down the road and into the alley way. Jack saw a Penny Farthing, the rider wearing top hat and tails, gypsy wagons, and the horses and carriages above. On christmas eve there is a  local christmas parade. Just last week, i was sitting on the lounge and watched two men right outside the front gate swapping cigarettes. There is always someone going somewhere. Most days there are mothers walking with children, women jogging or working out, men on bikes, boys on skateboards, Girls walking dogs, Teens on the way to the skatepark or the beach, Caravans going past on there way to a new destination.

Yes it’s busy but its also very fascinating insight into people and their comings and goings.

Organisation: Personal Paperwork & Recipes,

A few days ago i mentioned that i needed to go through our paperwork, as a start to that it involved updating some of the filing system that i was working with which some of it is well over ten years old, and had rips, tears and way too many years of wear and being moved.

Whilst in Kmart i found the Get Organised Kit and also the Food Kit. I was thrilled because i had previously looked at them and either didn’t have the cash on me at the time, or went into buy them and they had already sold out. I have seen similar to these at other stores and they where a lot pricer (just googled one and without the box it still would have come to around $220.00). So when i found the Get Organised for $14.00 instead of $29.00 and the Food for $7.00 instead of $15.00 i was very happy i waited a little longer.

Even better that when we got it home, it fitted nice and snug in the expedite. So easily accessible if need be and so much neater than what i had in there previously. There is a little room at the back of it, but nothing to worry about and as Jack said put a small picture there.

I have just finished going through the Important Documents and filed them under the appropriate person / section. I still have more to put in as i come across it, but at least it will all have a spot. I still have to work on the other two files, but have a lot of that in two really old broken ones. I can bet half of the appliances i no longer have or no longer use, so will be a good opportunity to get rid of some stuff.

I am actually tempted at that price to grab another set and use a folder each for Myself (Memory Keeping), Jack (Uni Stuff) & Angel (School notes). Even a set for Family History stuff would work. The possibilities and ideas are endless.

It is really pretty without the cover over it, but still looks nice with it on.

I also cleared out two recipe / food folders and transferred all of it over to this great little system. I often print Thermomix recipes and weight Loss recipes that we have really liked so i am happy with this new set up.

I am hoping that i will be able to come across some more magazine holders like this, if not i will just get some plain white ones and put book plates on them, to match my project life albums.

Ode to a playground,

January 28 | Ode to a playground | A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

The playground across the road…

Oh how i recall the times that we spent together.  The quiet hours i would sit and reflect, listen to music,  just be at one with my own thoughts.  How i wept quietly to myself when i heard the news that you had been destroyed. Such happy times destroyed by fire & flame reduced to ashes. my heart will not be the same.

Loving Right Now..

January 27 | Sliced bread | Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

 This is not a sponsored post!

You know how there are certain times of the year where the shops just have so much goodness in them, well January has that right now.

My colourings at the moment are White, Turquoise / Tiffany Blue, Yellow, Gold, Grey, Beech, so all of these go so well with what i am into right now.


I like… no i love storage items, this is great, would be better in white or even perhaps gold, by the looks of it it would hold quite a lot of storage.

Planners are my downfall, and this one is adorable. i would probably use this on my desk to jot down notes.

Note books: Can you ever have too many of them, i think not, i am always on the look of for ones that i can alter or use for assorted projects.

Filing: over the coming months i really need to sit down and sort through our assorted paperwork. Before moving here we culled a lot of it that we had been holding onto for a number of years, and it looks like i need to do it again.

On the wall

Little Houses: Oh my can’t get enough of them, my problem though is i have no where to put them.

The Key Holder is adorable. i already have a couple of them, so probably wouldn’t buy this but i like the look of it.

Now Marque Lights are the in thing, and i need them everywhere.

I would get this for Angel, but i am afraid i would end up stealing it from her, so i would need to buy 2, so i can have one as well. i love this colour.

Noughts and Crosses: Now we don’t have a coffee table but i could see this sitting on it.


If you know me well at all you would know i am a little obsessed with wall art of all types, if i had a house big enough i would have a gallery room where i could fill each and every wall with art.

Baskets: i am always moving things around and end up with assorted baskets, and could easily keep buying more if only i had the room.

Chair: Now my thing apart from cushions is chairs, and this fits right into that look, My current desk chair is one of the metal retro ones, but i have noticed that i can sit for any length of time because of my circulation so will have to look into these.

^ All of the above items are from Kmart Australia

Lisa T for Target: My one little word is Love, and i love that it is one of those words that you can buy a lot of various home decor items. I really like the Lisa T range of decor items.


Dearly Departed,


January 25 | Dearly departed | Write your own eulogy.

Nicole M Beltane,

She loved way too much, that was her problem, she cared about too many people that was her downfall. The love of her life Jack was by her side when she left this world. Her daughter Angel, grown into such a wonderful confident young woman that Nicole was incredibly proud of. She adored her grandchildren, and spent much of her time telling them stores of days gone by. She has taken a lot of secrets to her grave but left a lot of memories, moments and history on the page. She spent many of her days with a camera in hand, her life was ruled by the lens in her hand. She lived for photos. The family history that she tried for many years to locate so she would have some sort of legacy to leave behind. We will miss her more than words can say, we will love her until the end of our own days.


Ready Set Go | Planner Love

January 24 | Ready, set, go | Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

Planner Love

I can’t get over how much fun i am having working on my Heidi Swap / Capture 30 Planner. I have been playing with stickers, stamps, ink, lots of assorted types and colour pens, and don’t get me started on how much washi tape i have put in there, i have made envelopes, Worked on my handwriting and i am learning to embrace and love it. So much bright colour and inspirational words.

I am really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year is going to offer in the way of workshops and classes, because i can’t wait to fill the planner up with all of the goodness yet to be created. I can’t wait to add photos to it as well, as i think thats going to take the planner to a whole new level. I am really glad that i took the opportunity and got the planner, and that i also took the class as well, because i did um and ahh about them both, but they already have added so much to my New Year.

I know i shared some photos of it a few days ago, but here are some more with new things added.


Stamps: Heidi Swapp & Studio Calico Stamps – Assorted
Stickers: Heidi Swapp, Amy Tangerine, Assorted from stash, old magazines, cut outs, Kikki K
Pens: Erin Condren – Pink, blue, red, orange, green, purple. Artline Fine Line Sky Blue, Black Fine .04, Artline Pink, Black. American Crafts 05, plain kmart ballpoint pens.
Washi Tape: Assorted from stash


A collection of Memories


My life is totally made up of a collection of memories. They hold so much life that is no longer with us, and breath new life into memories previously lost. They are simple, They tell stories that didn’t get told. Many are fairly recent and a lot really old.

For us in the here and now to reflect upon. Some of them we don’t even know who they are, there is a mystery about them. A collection of Families, His, Mine & Ours, A collection for Future Generations to treasure.

The pages of these albums are turned and pondered on often. Like the pages of a good book. With a camera in hand i search out new memories to be made. To be added to a collection of memories…


Life Lists

hello beautiful, these are my life lists

live happy, smile more, laugh at every chance

drink cider like its the finest champagne

eat chocolate cake without the guilt

dream big

have dessert for breakfast

watch trashy TV

kiss your partner a lot

make planners pretty

spend time by the sea

paint your nails

go on lots of coffee dates

fill your house with flowers

take long drives and turn the music up loud

have a cheese party


go walking along the beach

drink tea

Discover your family history, even if its just something new about them

make wishes on rainbows

Keep your Christmas Lights on all year long

walk 100 steps in the shower

eat lots of popcorn

take a lot of photos. of anything and everything.

stay in bed on a weekday

Get up early and watch the sunrise and then that night watch it set

Read a magazine

drink out of jars

go on a picnic

dont save the good stuff for a special occasion use it now and make every occasion

special hug a lot

make life lists :)

Blog <3

Today’s assignment: share a few links you love.

Over the years there have been many a blog that has come and gone, Blogs that i once loved have changed in direction and style or Bloggers that i have really admired sadly gone altogether. So i really don’t have a long list of blogs that i read. Most of the time i keep updated via their Facebook pages, which is way too many to list.

Planner Storage

Whilst doing a quick grocery shop at the end of last week, i spotted this Michelle Bridges Lunch Bag for $18.00. It is Insulated and has a drink bottle mesh holder in it. It does zip up…

Well me being me, thought hmmm after looking for over a year for something that couple hold my planner thought, that looks like it will fit a fair bit into it.

I had Jack trim the zip on each side, and i have just folded it down, to turn it into more of a Tote.

I have my Gold Kikki K Time Planner, and Heidi Swapp / Capture 30 Craft album in it. I can also fit my purple pencil case (not pitctured) into it.

I had these charms in my gold KK but decided to hang them off the side of the bag.

I like that i can move it to where i am, and either keep it on my desk or on the lounge next to me, and i don’t have to go looking for my planners.

Capture 30 Update

It’s been some weeks since i did anything Capture 30 related here, so a quick update.

I finally removed the plastic cover, yes i am worried about it getting dirty and i will share in the next post on what i am using to store it in. But look how pretty it is.

Since this is my Craft Planner i am using anything and everything i find around the house to add to it. Project Life Cards, Quotes, Stickers and more. Some i am printing out and sticking in, others i am just punching them out and putting them in the file.

How cute is this little van, have had it for ages, and couldn’t work out what to do with it. So whilst i was going through my sticker collection last week, in it went, if there was ½ of the stickers on a sheet used, in they went, i was ruthless and used up all of the sheets that i have had for ages.

nothing is straight but i think that adds to the charm an character of the book. The black and white photo is from the Capture 30 Course, i have just added some rubbers that i had.


I am totally loving this planner, and how its come together. I ended up removing July – Decembers pages, as it was feeling a little full. I do have planner regret that i didn’t get the Black and white as well, because its just such a great planner, and i am enjoying the process of using it.

Coming up next:
Planer Storage.

OMG i uncoiled my EC

Whilst watching OrganisedJen’s latest youtube this morning about her two planners i was sitting looking at my EC (Erin Condren), and it hit me that i should uncoil it and stick it into my gold Kikki K…

There is no uncoiling video or photos as it really was a spur of the moment thing. I tried to uncoil but it was just too hard, so i tore all of the pages out. Then i attempted to cut them with my really old Paper Cutter and gave up and used scissors, Then came the hole punching which surprisingly was quite quick. Before i knew it just over ½ an hour had passed and i was done. Spent the next almost hour sorting the pages and adding my Kikki K pages back in.

I was actually surprised at how fast it all came together, and how much neater it all looks. some things didn’t fit back in and i have a stack of other planner pages that need a new home, so need to look for some kind of holding file system. I have a stack left over from last years Lorna Jane planner as well as other older planners.

The polka dot planer dividers are from the kmart recipe folder, i need to peel the stickers off.

ok after a little thought i moved a few things around in my smaller folders. 30 Days of Thankful has gone into the small Kmart Recipe file with space to add another year in. The recipe pages i will put into my current recipe folder. The plain white folder that housed 30 days of thankful is now empty and ready to be filled with assorted planner pages.

will share photos of my other planner and my planner storage in separate posts

This weeks spread. Not all that interesting with Angel away. I have set my week out as follows. Myself – so usually not a great deal written in. Angel – The green tape is thought the book as its for school holidays. Jack – Whilst i do have his written in the monthly spread i have decided that its easier if we are all on the same page.

Blogging 101 – Day 19 Choose your own adventure

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.

Do you recall as kids we used to have the choose your own adventure books, where you could skip to a page and it will take you off in a totally different tangent. A bit like real life but with much more adventure, fantasy and excitement or a really good game of The Game of Life..

If you could go back and make changes to your life would you fix the mistakes you made with people no longer in it, would you study at school or go to Uni/Collage, Would you take that chance and ask that person out, would you have chosen the Job that you do.

Don’t get me wrong i love where i am at right now, i am with the person i was meant to be with, i have an amazing kid. But i wish i listened more to Mum, Dad, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles when given the chance to know more of our history. I wish i made more of an effort at school, and stayed friends with people that i no longer talk too. I wish i wasn’t so stupid when it came to some situations, and i wish i said No to some things and yes to others.

There is a song by Darrius Rucker called This..

“I don’t really know how I got here
But I’m sure glad that I did
And it’s crazy to think that one little thing
Could’ve changed all of it

Maybe it didn’t turn out like I planned
Maybe that’s why I’m such, such a lucky man

For every stoplight I didn’t make
Every chance I did or I didn’t take
All the nights I went too far
All the girls that broke my heart
All the doors that I had to close
All the things I knew but I didn’t know
Thank God for all I missed
Cause it led me here to

It pretty much sums it all up!

Would you Choose you’re own adventure or take the game of life route.

Fit’Nic Fanatic

Many of you have followed my fitness journey or not so path to failure at fitness. Today i come to the end of my 5th round of Michelle Bridges heavier than the first round. What did i learn, well evidently for me not a lot. I did however come to an understanding with my body that yes i need to look after it, and yes i need to workout and walk and eat well. Part of that journey has been using various Fitness Tools such as Fitbit, Polar, Pebble etc. So i thought that i would give my take on what i thought of them. I started with in February 2013 with a Timex Sports Watch and whilst great i wanted something more.

  • Device: Timex Sports Watch
  • Comfort: Quite comfortable, but i wasn’t used to wearing any sort of watch or sports band at the time of buying it, and it did give me a heat rash.
  • Features: Step counter, alarm, activity tracker.
  • Apps: None
  • Internet: None


Which then led me down the FitBit Path.

  • Device: FitBit One
  • Comfort: The Fitbit one was great but i was terrified that i would lose it as it only clips on clothes or a bag.
  • Features: The thing i liked with this one was the step counter and the stair counter.
  • Apps: Fitbit app Internet:
  • Fitbit Dashboard
  • Device: FitBit Flex
  • Time of use: August 2013 – Present
  • Comfort: I am so used to it now that i don’t even notice that i have it on.
  • Features: the one thing that bothers me about this device, its the small dots on the very tiny screen. they have since released new versions of it with a watch etc. I love the sleep feature, but did find it made me more conscious of how little sleep i was getting.
  • Apps: i have used the app on both iPhone and also Sumsung Galaxy and it works well on both. Love that it would update my phone.
  • Internet: great dashboard on the desktop site.

Almost losing the Fitbit one is the reason i got the Flex, and even though i have brought others since, i keep returning to it. I love the FitBit Dashboard, the iPhone app, and the desktop site, they all work really well. My first larger band broke, and i have lost the sync dongle so can only sync it via my phone, but if i was to upgrade i think i would carry on with fitbit.

  • Device: Aria Scale
  • Time of use: October 2013? or there about’s
  • Comfort: – Features: several of us in the house have used it and it has kept our information. The wifi part of it needs to be re-done so as to update the app etc. was great when i was on MB12WBT and it updated it automatically.
  • Apps: iPhone & Android
  • Internet: Fitbit Dashboard

The Aria Scale, what can i say Um… Well Yes great idea in theory and i paid a fair chunk of change for it. it works but if i compare it to the Wii Fit it always tells me i am at least 2kgs heavier.


  • Device: Wii Fit U Fit Meter
  • Time of use: November 2013 – Present Comfort: This is much like the FitBit One as it clips onto clothing, but i keep it in a pocket of my handbag.
  • Features: step counter, time, weather..
  • Apps:
  • Internet: Wii Fit U

I started in December 2011 using the WiiFit and i loved it so much i stalked EBGames and JBHIFI for WiiFitU to come out, and it took FOREVERRRRRR it finally did in November 2013, and i hardly used it, but what i always carry with me no matter what is the WII U Fit Meter, and when i remember to i upload the information to the machine. Polar LooP

  • Device: Polar Loop
  • Time of use: about 4 months in 2014 Comfort: was a bit bulky
  • Features: step counter. Was a pain in the neck to charge it as the charger wouldn’t stay in.
  • Apps: iPhone (i think its on android too not sure i went back to using iPhone by this stage). Didn’t like the app at all.
  • Internet: I have the dashboard still installed on my laptop. i found it to be very difficult to use.

I then brought the Polar Loop and used that for several months, but feel that it didn’t keep the steps correctly and i never achieved a perfect step count as it wanted 15 – 20K steps per day. I also didn’t like the app or the dashboard for it, but where quite clunky to operate.

Pebble Smart Watch

  • Device: Pebble Smart Watch
  • Time of use: around 6 months Comfort: not too bad. i just loosen it if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Features: heaps of watch faces and a huge variety of apps.
  • Apps: The apps can be downloaded via the pebble store onto the phone and they just auto sync over to the watch, easy to put on and remove. only 8 apps can be used at a time, this includes watches.
  • Internet:

I now have a Pebble Smart Watch. I do like this a lot, but don’t really use it for fitness / walking, apart the UP App that i keep an eye on. Misfit is quite a good fitness app too. I do however love the watch side of it, and the amount of watch faces is fantastic. I love that i can get notifications on it and that if my phone rings i get a message on the watch with who the caller is or the number. Jack has his eye on it when i eventually upgrade. iPhone I have been back using iPhone since July 2014, and since then i have been using Human & Breeze as the main fitness apps. Love love love them both. if i am not wearing a fit band i am carrying my phone, or using a variety of them at the same time. so its quite interesting how different some of them can be between the other ones.


Apps i like: i use the following most days.

  • Pebble – syncs with the watch
  • Human – iPhone app
  • Breeze – iphone app
  • Lorna Jane – iphone app
  • Fitbit – syncs with fitbit devices
  • Mindful meditation app
  • Up – syncs with pebble watch
  • Map My Walk – walking app
  • Misfit – syncs with pebble watch

I also use Health on my phone, but find that it really lacks a lot it wasn’t what i had expected it to be.

But i am waiting on this…. The Apple Watch… Sigh…. isn’t it just beautiful, hoping its out for my Birthday in march :) i am hoping that it combines everything i love about all of the above devices and puts them into the one thing. Do you have a different fit band that you would recommend? Or one of the above, what do you think of it?

PLA Week 3

IMG_2054 Our week three was a lot busier with Angel going on 4 Nature Talks/Walks, For which she ended up in the paper with Dean, Linda and the kids, and then going off to camp. Our Wedding Anniversary Lunch.


Friday Update

What a busy week we have had.

Jack & I had our Wedding Anniversary Yesterday, Went out to lunch (convenient because angel was across the road at the Nature Talk).

Jack went to a Book Talk and a Friends of Burnie Museum Meeting, as well as working, Uni assignments and teaching a customer how to use a machine.

Angel went to 4 Nature Talk/Walks over the past few days. She is off to Camp on Sunday. (Im looking forward to some quiet time to hopefully catch up on little things, before school starts back).

I worked on the Blog, My planners, Loving Capture 30, Finished off December Daily (Thank Goodness as i was getting annoyed with it), Started Project Life, Started working on One Little Word. Ran out of ink already (if you have a solution to my ink dilemma can you please advise me of a more economical way to print or get photos printed (i have been printing at home but its getting so expensive). Started sorting my craft Studio, which i still haven’t completed working on. I have a plan in my head its getting it to come together thats the problem.

I hope you’re week was a good one.


Always Us 2


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For a while now i have been talking about a book i made last September for our 14th Anniversary since we met, well today is our 14th Wedding anniversary and i realised that i have never shared the book i made. This is a timeline of us… Made up of assorted photos, scrapbooking pages, and professional photos. This takes us up until 9th November 2014, i have others to add from christmas and New Years.


PLA Week 2


Our Week 2 had a lot of time at home, just hanging out. Reading, Making Icey Poles, general school holiday stuff.