Memory Keeping…


P H O T O S   &  M E M R O B I L L I A

As you all know I am a memory keeper. Well hoarder actually.

I Have

  • Scrapbook albums
  • Mini Albums
  • Scrapbook pages that are not in albums yet (i mentioned in a post a few days ago that i found empty albums).
  • Drawers of photos
  • Boxes of memrobillia
  • Old films
  • Video tapes of assorted sizes
  • Negatives
  • Slides
  • Family History Books that i have been writting in over the past two years. 
  • External hard drives of all diffrent sizes
  • Even a couple of laptops and a Mac full of photos.
  • A wooden box of old memories. 
  • A trunk full of stuff. 

“It’s overwhelming…” 


I have just spent the past half an hour on instagram looking through Becky Higgins #projectphotorescue photos, and came across this >LEGACY BOX<. Where you put all of your memrobillia into one place and get it all digitised. Seriously this is something i really need. Although the cost to send it to the US, and the panic that its left my house would leave me with severe anxiety. Plus the US price of $500 for the biggest box when it’s converted into Australian Dollars the need to take out a loan to pay for it. But the concept is Perfect.

I really like Becky’s quote of

“keeping the end in mind”.

img 8488

As you can see by these photos of how i have kept my albums over the years, Ikea’s Expidit (Now Kallax) is a godsend. I swear it’s the best thing i have ever brought for keeping things organised, even though half the time i feel like its a disaster.


Another way i have been keeping this is my Chilli Cupboard, Although see thouse little drawers, many of them are empty.


img 71252014 03 22 00 10 322014 04 17 14 43 341

2014 04 17 14 34 271

This is one of my biggest issues, all of these unsorted pages that need to go into albums.

F A M I L Y   H I S T O R Y…

img 2545

In 2013 Angel brought me a book Dear Mum, and every so often i add more things to it, my thoughts when i found this book was that she would have something when she A). Moves out B). Or for when i am no longer here, i know that sounds really morbid doent it. I know for myself that I have a lot of questions now that my own Mum is gone, there are so many things left unaswered and it’s something that i have talked about before on here. I have also come across a similar version from Target that Family History can be added to.

I brought a Family History book from the local markets a few years ago for $5.00 and thats been a help in adding information to that i have found on Then i found one that was very similar at the local Post Office so grabbed that one as well. Jack also brought a file from the post office that holds all of the printouts that i have in order of family.

Then there is the My Life Story book that I have spoken about many many times, still being added too when i get the urge to write. I have a lot of old diaries /planners that i am thinking about transfering snippets too and then discarding them, as they do tend to take up so much space.

So in this regard i think she will have a few choices that she can keep for future generations.

Keeping the end in mind


This is the reason why

I was watching Bold & The Beautiful yesterday (i know tragic), and there was this one scene with Eric and Pam, and it really resonated with me. He was saying that all he had left was folders and papers so many papers. Birth, Marriage, Death certificates, Awards and Certificates of Appreciation, Photographs and Momentos of times gone by. After all is said and done this is what we have left, this is the Legacy that we leave after we have gone.

I know personally that when Mum passed away and things where sorted out it was a mess. I have tried with what i have to get it into some kind of organised system, and i want to continue to do that. A few days ago i mentioned that my cousin asked me to look for some photos, i had so much trouble finding any for her, as nothing is organised.

So over the month of Febuary this is my Habit for the month to get Sentimental into some kind of order.

January in Pictures


January was School Holidays here, so quite a number of Angel selfies feature this month. Lots of coffee & cats too.

Project Life Week 5



Angel in January

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

+ Admiring : The kitchen on Giada At Home. 

+ Anticipating :  A busy week ahead with School going back. 

+ Being : So tired isn’t so much fun when you are trying to do a blog post. 

+ Blogging : Now that i am blogging a couple of days a week (although i am working on this post on a Friday it will be posted Saturday). 

+ Buying :  Nothing lately.  

+ Bookmarking :  Not a lot, have spent more time sorting out my folders on my new macbook. 

+ Cooking : Most of this month we have used the Thermofun menu, which has been fabulous, we also tried the SkinnyMixers Butter Chicken. Next month I am back on MB12WBT.  

+ Considering :  If i hadn’t gone back on MB12WBT, the Commando Fitness Programme, or Sam Woods 28/28 would have both been great programmes to look into. 

+ Coveting :  All of the stuff at Kmart. 

+ Craving : Something just can’t work out what. 

+ Creating : An Art journal. I did have an idea to have a photo taken and use that in my Art Journal but after seeing the one that Jack took i deleted it, and now i have to rethink a couple of pages. 

+ Current Kmart Unicorn : ALL OF IT!!!

+ Deciding :  What to call our kitten proved to be a problem, in the end we called him Ed. He gets Ed, Edward, Edwood, Edlet. 

+ Disliking : The smoke from the fires that have been burning around the state. Really upsets my asthma. 

+ Disappointed : That i haven’t been anywhere lately. 

+ Digging : The food at our local Cafe, its Gluten Free / paleo. Which i am loving. 

+ Drinking : I am waiting on Angel to make me a Coffee. Not sure whats happened with it, but it still hasn’t arrived. 

+ Enjoying :  Using the Kikki K Wellness planner, i have been using it to write down all of the MB12WBT things that i need to keep track of. 

+ Eating : A toasted cheese sandwich. I would have to say by far its my favourite appliance from 2015. 

+ Feeling : Tired. i really need to go to bed earlier, i had planned on going to bed at 10:30pm last night 1am and i was still awake. 

+ Finally :  It’s almost the end of the school holidays. 

+ Following :  All of the Kmart pages, wishing i could go shopping. 

+ Giggling :   That Angel got her nose pierced yesterday. I have had mine done since way before she was born, infant next year it will be 20 years. 

+ Habit : 1st of January until today i have drank water each day. most days it’s been two 600ml bottles. Not sure yet what my February habit will be. 

+ Happening Right Now:   Arguing with Angel about Rubbish!

+ Hoping :  Angel has a good time tonight, as she is going to an Art evening. 

+ Hearing :   Angel complain about all of the things… 

+ Keeping :  Up-to-date with my three main planners. 

+ Location : @Home. Haven’t really been anywhere this month apart from Stanley a couple of times as we dropped Angel at camp and picked her up. 

+ Looking forward to :  Angel going back to school. 

+ Liking :   A5 paper. i have used almost 500 pages in the past month, so needing to get another pack. 

+ Loving :  SBS Food Network & Food Network on Fetch. & HGTV 

+ Listening To :   Its been a while since we brought CD’s But we got Adam Brand and the Outlaws, Molly and Ed Sherren. 

+ Making :  An Art Journal

+ Main Goal This Week :  To send Angel back to school

+ Marvelling :  At how much i am enjoying the Hello Forever Planner. I am using it as a Family Planner but also adding in small hand drawn stickers i have found online. 

+ Needing :  Another coffee. 

+ Need to Finish :  Photo a Day and all of the other photo projects that i started. 

+ Not Digging : Running out of ink, thank goodness i grabbed some a few days ago. 

+ Noticing : That my coffee has finally turned up. 

+ Opening :  0

+ Playing :  With Planners and Stickers. 

+ Planning :  on working out (hahahaha!)

+ Pondering :  on weather or not i should work on my scrapbooking albums. 

+ Reading : Brought two books yesterday, no idea what they are called but they are the usual style i read about celebs and reporters / bloggers. 

+ Sorting :  When one (Insert stupid woman) decides to print out a million small stickers that need cutting up and then sorted into some kind of order one (Stupid Woman) should know that its going to take some time to get them into order. 

+ Sewing : 0

+ Smelling : Smoke. 

+ Snacking :  Still loving fruit cake. 

+ Thinking : That this blog post is almost finished. Yay.. 

+ TIME : started this around 11:15 its now 12:50. 

+ Waiting : for The X Files to start here on Sunday night. i can’t wait. 

+ Watching : The X Files, Im a celebrity get me out of here, home and away. everything comes back this coming week.

+ Wanting : To go out and take photos. 

+ Wasting : My day’s away playing with my Planners. 

+ Weather :  After our very hot weather, we have had some much needed rain to help with all of the fires that have been spread across the state. 

+ Wearing : Nikki Lissoni Bracelet that i got for our Wedding Anniversary, Still waiting to hear back about the one i got for christmas, as it was being repaired. 

+ Wishing :  You a wonderful February. 

+ Wondering :  What i should do next. 

Getting Sentimental,

photo5I had Angel move all of my smaller books from the expidite today and move them to the smaller white bookcase, to free up some room. 

This afternoon i was going through my recipe folders today only to find that they are full, so couldn’t add anymore in.

Ask Jack to get new folder. He forgets.

Tonight i was asked by a Family Member to look for some photos and not only find that I have several empty folders (one which now holds all of my recipies), but also about 4 empty photo / scrapbook albums.

So I know what I will be sorting through tomorrow now. I have been avoiding sorting sentimental stuff because i am far from up to that in the Kon Mari process, plus it brings up a lot of memories, which has meant its been a long while since i looked at photos. 

So all in all its ended up being a productive day.

Coffee & Chat Tuesday


The Australia Day Edition.

If we where having Pavlova right now…. I would be wishing you a Happy Australia Day.

We went to an Australia Day Breakfast and Citizens Awards this morning, was fun just to hang out and spend sometime outside.


If we where having a BBQ right now… I would share some lunch with you, and then perhaps dinner which was roast lamb cooked on the BBQ.

If we where having a Chat right now… I would say i am so happy that the school holidays are almost over. In my opinion 7 weeks is way too long. I love my daughter don’t get me wrong, but there is only so much of a board teenager that i can handle.

If we where singing Advance Australia Fair together… I would share a poem i wrote a few years ago.


We are one, we are many, through fire and flood, blistering heat, dirt and mud. We stand as one beneath our radiant southern cross, 

We have experienced love and loss. Our flag we stand and salute, Be it flying the flag in another country Or on a rusty old ute. 

Nothing can keep us down, No king no queen or crown. We are Australian to the core, Worship our sports football cricket and more.

Advance Australia fair, we stand together and give our share. We are girt by sea our fellow Australians and me. 

We sing working class man As loud as we can. Drink a ton of bundy rum And still say hi to your mum for me. No matter where you come from. 

We wrap our arms around you And bring you into the fold. From far away lands And distant shores. 

We are Australian forever more. Our house may be crowded. Our chisels cold. raise your glass. 

This Aussie day Around the BBQ with mates and say Happy Australia Day


In reality …


Happy Australia Day

Project Life Week 4



12592683_978080368895024_147965220256801085_nIf you survived January, it wasn’t a Trial, it was Life Experience.

You survived it, learnt new things and realised that some things that happened to you in the month where not right for you, so you get to re-do them next month.

But it wasn’t a trial..

you lived it..

If that’s the case it would mean that my almost 43 years have been Trial one’s…

Um no..

Life Experiences..



and do-overs,

and i get to live another day and make new moments, memories and experiences…

Gallery Wall & Art


Planning a new gallery wall for the other side of the room (I with the help of Jack created the one in the lounge room above the couch, and i absolutely love it even now a few months later). 

IMG_1927I have been collecting assorted bits and pieces, and trying to make them match the other wall, shapes, colours etc. Some of the pieces i am looking at putting on the wall are the ones that Angel and I made together. I have other peices that i took down to put the christmas stuff up that i am thinking of revamping. 


Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now…

It’s so very quiet around here right now. Angel is at camp for the week, and Jack is working. So it’s me and the pets hanging out and watching Netflix (Finally finished watching House yesterday) (watched the first couple of episodes of Oringe is the new black, then watched thee of the Jack Irish Mini Series and today The History of the Eagles) and playing with my planners.

If we where having coffee right now…

Speaking of Planners, i think i have the three main ones sorted out, and have spent the past few days creating and printing my own stickers, and after finding that they where just getting messy in a contanier, i have bagged up each catagory and placed them into a small photo album.

If we where having coffee right now…

So much smoke around at the moment, so my asthma is really playing up. There is over 80 Fires in the state at the moment.

If we where having coffee right now…

Such sad news about Glenn Frey today. Many years ago I brought a CD of The Eagles Greatest Hits for my Dad for Fathers Day, I opened it and listened to it, kept the CD and brought him a Mars Bar, have brought a few Eagles CD’s since then, and seen them in concert too. As an Eagles fan for about 20 odd years. We saw the Eagles in concert a few years ago. (Googled it and turnes out it was in November 2004). Such a sad loss for the Music industry this month already. I am sure dad’s up there going to the biggest and best concert ever. RIP Glenn Frey.

If we where having coffee right now…

I would ask you how you are going (let me know by leaving a comment below).

In Reality…

I am sitting watching House Hunters with the kitten, and drinking water.