Project Life Week 14

Week 14..

Jack’s Birthday Week.

A real assortment of photos this week. Flowers, autumn.
As i was looking at the second page it occurred to me that it was
Family (Jack’s Wedding Ring).
Photos (Autumn).
Food (Our amazing dinner we had). The tomatoes where homegrown in our Vegetable Garden.
Craft (items in a bowl on my craft table).

These are an insert i did on the morning of Jack’s Birthday before Angel went off to school, was just a couple of quick snaps with the Instax.

After realising that the past few months have had mostly around the house photos and no people ones i have been trying to take more of us.


Project Life Week 13

Week 13 for me was Birthday Week, so i have included a couple of photos of the Epic Cake Jack & I made.
It was also the week that Becky Higgins and Heidi Swapp came to Australia. I wasn’t able to go, but a large majority of my Facebook feed was filled with Photos and News of their trip. The photo is one that was shared to one of the Facebook Groups that i am on.

Under the photos at the top are these two with a little extra info.


My Craft Storage…

I recall writing a post before moving into this house way back in 2012 saying that the one thing about the house that disappointed me was the fact that i didn’t think i could create a space to craft in. Now that we have lived in the house for a while we have found places that feel comfortable for us, and that has enabled me to create my little piece of crafty heaven.

march 27



I can’t express how fantastic this trolley has already been in the week i have been using it. I am so much more organised and really want to spend time crafting in the space.

The baskets and drawers are i think going to be ever changing as new items come into the mix, but i do like that i have a spot for stickers and stamps that i can easily locate and they are sorted enough for me to visually see what i have at a moments notice. This has enabled me to want to craft more.

Here are a few items i have come across or already had for storing things in.

2014-03-31 20.08.48

(This is on the 2nd Trolley) These black boxes are from Kmart, Angel brought it for me for my birthday, and i struggled at first to figure out what i was going to do with it, and then it hit me that my 12×12 paper’s fit in it. I generally don’t buy this sized paper any more, but had a couple of paper packs i brought when i was doing the smash books. (i had to move one of the shelves from the trolley as the paper where too high). As you can see there is plenty of room to add more.

2014-03-31 20.09.29

When we brought the Trolleys from Kmart we also grabbed these from the Kitchen storage section, at the time again i wasn’t sure what i would be able to fit in them (i got this small one, and also a large one). As it turns out the small one is a fantastic size to put my #100happydays and #onelittleword books in (as well as my Amy Tangerine Embroidery kit that i got for my birthday).  As i only use these two books a couple of times a month i still like that i can grab them and add to them and then put them away quickly. The other Large basket i have on the opposite side of the first trolley and have a bin bag in it, its fantastic to just swipe it all into the bag, and makes clean up so much easier.

2014-03-31 20.09.51

I like that the top of the trolley fits my Project Life Album so well. (a sneak peak of Week 13


2014-03-31 20.10.37

I have had this for a few months now, brought it from our local cheap shop, it’s meant for a bathroom, but i liked how it can still see what i have in there (the Bookplates are Martha Stewart ones from OfficeWorks that i got at the end of last year, i just wasn’t sure what i would eventually use them for, they work really well on here, and i am able to go straight to what i need). On top of the cabinet is two of our printers (our business one and my colour printer). I also have the Canon Selphy for printing photos from my phone.

2014-03-31 20.11.43

2014-03-31 20.11.53

Top shelf is assorted embellishment, pen, and stamp jars. A small box of christmas ephemera, Canon Selphy refill cartridges and photo paper, small tins of old stamps, old drawer of 6×4 Project Life Cards.

2014-03-31 20.12.07 2014-03-31 20.12.20

Shelf two holds this large crate which is full of 3×4 Project Life cards, Smash/la-de-dah books, finished and unfinished albums.

2014-03-31 20.12.29 2014-03-31 20.12.40

Shelf three has photo boxes, that i have sorted out into the right order, so its easy to just grab a box and start adding photos to my family Project Life Album.

2014-03-31 20.13.10

My Shutterbug Camera Bag that i got at the end of last year, this generally moves around the house, but since i have had this space its found its way in there. I of course have other camera bags that i keep in my room.

2014-03-31 20.13.51

I brought this swivel bookcase last year, and i am kicking myself that i procrastinated so long about it, as it was the last one left and they had no more of the larger ones which would have been ideal for my Albums.

This is where my Project Life Boxes go to live, and as you can see i have run out of room for them. It’s also a good spot to keep mine and Angels My Life Story books as well.

I have had the box of drawers about ten years now, and recently only just painted the front, this is where i have always kept my various stamps and even though i have put some stamps in the basket in the trolley and also in the cabinet i still have the Old Wood Mounted ones and the very early SeeDee’s cling stamps.

On the sides and back of the bookcase is 3 wooden Hooks, a chalkboard and a pin board.

2014 03 28 23 17 44


If its possible for me to grab another one of these small shelving units i am going too, as its proved already to be so very handy.

2014-03-31 20.14.05

I adore the look of Twine and have had the Red one for a while now, The Blue, pink and Yellow i found in Woolworths with the Easter Variety Items.

2014-03-31 20.14.10

These little paint pails are also from our local cheap shop (LCS), i had several already from before christmas when we had our movie night, and grabbed some more, as they are so cute for storing glitter in. (glitter is also from same shop).

2014-03-31 20.14.35

Once upon a long time ago we lived in the same city that had an Ikea, and i brought a zillion of these spice jars (i see after i found these that LCS and Kmart also sell them). I did have Brad’s and small ephemera in them until i put them on a small bowl on my table.

2014-03-31 20.14.51

This little letter tray was found by Angel for $4.00 at our local market and she grabbed it for me last year. so hand for old sticker and bits and pieces. I have spray painted it white but it needs another spray.

2014-03-31 20.18.14

This is the Secretaire Desk that Jack brought for me last year off a friend of his. It is so handy and fits so much in it.

  • Assorted small books that i like to keep handy.
  • Two Biscuit Boxes that i got from Office works – These hold die cut pieces and assorted tags.
  • Chalkboard jar from Freedom in Hobart – i was going to put things i have collected from this year in here, but havent added anything in it so far this year.
  • Egg from Woolworths
  • Baskets from Bunnings (See pic below of twine), other basket has my Selphy in it.
  • Mason look Jar from LCS. (i have a heap of these in all different sizes stashed all over the house, and i continue to grab more of them as they are so handy and i end up using them for a variety of things). Plus at christmas time they look so pretty with fairy lights in them.

2014-03-31 20.18.29




Thursday Thoughts…

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for a little over a week now as i wanted to compose my words as not to offend anyone.

For me personally i never met Jack’s Mum, i didn’t know her, I knew only what Jack has told me, and from his point of view it wasn’t good. She had a lot of problems and in retrospect it was most likely because of a mental illness. But that we will never know. The information that we have found out thanks to some amazing detective work from Nadine is that she passed away sometime ago. The news we have had in regards to her death is sad, and i thank those that have left there thoughts and condolences.

For me i do find it so very sad that she didn’t get to know Jack, And yes i am bias in saying this because he is mot only my husband but also my Best Friend. But she didn’t know what an amazing man he became and is. The struggles that he has had for many years fighting the burdens that have been left from his past. Running from his childhood, and all that he went through. The strength that he shows, and even though there is a lot of hurt from his past he has still grieved for a woman that he didn’t really know.

She didn’t get to know her grandchildren. Jack has two other children who are fantastic kids, and also our daughter Angel, who is such a character, who is always bringing so much light into our lives. There is also his nephew Z. who is so funny and always makes me smile when i read his Facebook posts. We are the one’s who count ourselves so lucky as we know these amazing young people, and have had the opportunity to have shared their life with us.

One day we may find out more of what happened to her, and what her last years where like, but it may also remain a mystery.


What’s come before and whats coming up next…

With March now behind us here we are already in April, My birthday Last week and Jack’s Yesterday. It is now time for me to reflect on the past month and re-evaluate my priorities and hobbies.



Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

week 13
An upcoming Post…

Apart from my Project Life Pages i also completed three Home Decor Wall projects.

One Little Word Vision Board.

Becky Higgings & Heidi Swapp Quote Frame

Project Life Inspiration Frame.


Jack has gone off Detecting and Angel is at school, So it’s nice and quite around here today.

Just going through what i need to update and for a change i feel like i am all caught up and organised. Of course my new craft space is part of why i am so organised at the moment.

  • I am all caught up with #ProjectLife2014, Already made some of my own PL cards yesterday with stamps and glitter. I had forgotten what fun stamping was, and i am really enjoying creating my own cards. (Will blog it later)
  • #100happydays is organised, and I am loving already looking back on my past happy days.
  • .I am still thinking about my #onelittleword for April (it involves taking 10 photos over the course of the month). So think i might get out one of the Old photo boxes and start adding them to another PL album.

Coming up on the Blog

It seems that this year so far the posts have been few and far between, but i am right now feeling that the Mojo is not only back but its on steroids and in overdrive, so i will be adding a number of posts over the coming week Such as…

  • My Craft Storage
  • Home-Made Project Life Cards.
  • Week 13 Project Life
  • #100happydays photo update
  • Our Birthday Week recap…
  • Thursday Thoughts…

Hanging out @My___Space Part 1.

Welcome to my new little space to create… Whilst this is still a work in progress and overtime will no doubt change and evolve It is slowly coming together.

So far after 5 full days of use it has remained clean, i am still organising the small items into the right places, but have slowly found items from around the house to store things in.

Where i shopped@

Old Desk brought from a friend of Jack’s.
Swivel Bookcase & Cabinet Shiploads
Kitchen Trolleys Kmart
Frames and small Shelf The Reject Shop

Hopefully in the not too distant future i will be able to share my storage ideas with you.
After trawling Pinterest for ideas


The awesome ladies project

The Awesome Ladies Project

I found this group via Facebook recently and love that it runs for a full month.
“Join The Awesome Ladies Project and pledge two hours a month to creating a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady. I’ll be pledging my hours publicly on the last Friday night of each month, and I’d love for you to join me! I’ll am posting pictures of my projects on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #AwesomeLadiesProject.” (Click on the link for more information).

On friday night as i was sorting and cleaning my new craft space (that i am totally LOVING BTW) i created two frames to put on the wall to inspire me.

I Shopped @…

  • The frames are from The Reject Shop
  • Most of the Large Frame I printed out the pictures at home and they are from Becky Higgins with the three Project Life 6×4 Cards from my stash. I just added some assorted rhinestones from my collection. It actually took longer to find the right cards than to make the frame up.
  • Choose Happy Sentiment is from Heidi Swapp
  • Other’s i have saved from Facebook or Pinterest.

Days… Like… Today…

It’s days like today where it really hits home just how much i miss you..
I sit and wait with baited breath for the phone to ring
Knowing full well that it won’t ever happen.
Knowing that it isn’t possible.
It’s days like today when my only birthday wish
would be for you to be able to share it with me still.


Project Life Week 12

I have no idea what made me do the double page spread this way, but i won’t be doing it again anytime soon. There is way too many things to get the photos to this point, and i just quite frankly found it too time consuming.

I have noticed of the past month that there really haven’t been a lot of {us} photos, their have been more of the general day to day documentation of our family life, the little things that make a house a home, the snippets and slices of everyday life, the minutes that make up the moments and there real hasn’t even been that much adventure. In fact i have struggled a lot over the past weeks, with being home much of the time, i am feeling like i am in a bit of a rut, and that i don’t have all that much to take photos of that i haven’t already covered in the past..

Any suggestions would be great..