The never ending story

A seek peak of my home made labels. Forgive me this is much the same as yesterdays post: We are now in day three of cleaning the kitchen. I have decided to finish it off tomorrow if it kills me. Still to be done: A general wipe down of the fronts of the cupboards. I […]

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FOOD: Tomato Relish

  I started using *Bellini (more on that below) and ended up using Thermowhizz). *Bellini: Time 10 Minutes | Speed 1 | Steam 100. I then pulsed it once and it went everywhere, so whilst i had a shower and tended to my now burnt hand, arm & foot… Note to self blitz vegetables first, […]

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FAMILY: Tree of life

Absolutely love this. Over the past few years i have had an infinity with the Tree of Life, i think it somehow stems from Great Uncle Cliff’s book of the Family Tree – Evergreen & also the Green-Man / Jack in the green icon that is featured in the book and also in wicca / […]

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My Favourite Things….

Wow what a jam packed couple of weeks full of “My Favourite Things”… When it comes to my favourite subjects these are all top of my list, so for them all to be released within a small space of time is like the ultimate christmas present. The recent release of the Adam Brand & Jimmy […]

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Operation Studio Space

My life seems to be a merry-go-round that involves my ever changing craft space. Having now got the furniture sorted (apart from the painting of one desk – Yes the desk i got before christmas if you are a longtime reader), I am pretty much sorted in that regards. However (Sounds way better than But…)… […]

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