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Get Real

My Excuses and Their Solutions

Internal Excuses
1. I stopped caring about my appearance and gave up working out.

2. I don’t have the time.

3. I crave sweets.

1. I need to do this for my own well-being.

2. I have heaps of time, intact i have too much time. I know that i can fit working out and keeping myself healthy into my day.

3. I know that i am not diabetic, but if i keep putting on weight i will end up becoming so, so i need to take the time to look after myself.

External Excuses Within My Control
1. Asking everyone else to do things for me.

1. Getting up and doing it myself. i need to do this for me, and not depend on Jack for everything!!!.

External Excuses Outside My Control
1. The Weather.
2. Jack Working, Angel at school/home

1. I have a wii fit, treadmill, bike and yoga stuff, i have the equipment i need to use it.
2. i need to do this for me, and not depend on Jack for everything.

My Commitment – Part 2

When i was looking at doing the MB12WBT Commitment i was going through my Lorna Jane Diary and discovered that i hadn’t filled out the goals, so i figured now was as good a time as any to do them.



  • After many years of being over-weight, and losing family members to various health issues, i have to take steps to change my future and fix the problems of the past.
  • I have to take the time to look after myself and my own health and well-being and to stop depending on others to do that for me.


  • Nothing is.. I just have to get up and do it.


  • That i will continue to put weight on rather than take it off.
  • That junk food will be too much of a temptation.
  • That i will fail like i did the last few attempts.


  • For too long now i have felt like there was a gate at the path to weight-loss stopping me from getting through, i was trying to unlock it when it was open all of the time, i just had to make changes and walk around it, and keep going.


  • By buying new clothes that actually suit me, and that don’t resemble a large sack of potatoes.



DATE: 23|07|2014


My Commitment

My commitment is… to get healthy, walk more, drink more water and most of all lose weight. For way too long i have been trying to lose weight on my own. I am declaring publicly that i am re-embarking on this journey and that i have re-joined the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. After some health concerns earlier in the year and putting on the weight i lost and then some. I thank you in advance for all of your encouragement and support, and for holding my hand as i walk, jog, run this path to a healthy new lifestyle. I am committed to do the work to get me there.
#August2014 #MB12WBT


Photo-a-day Update

With my wordpress account out of action i haven’t been able to update my photo a day on my blog, so this is a quick email update

Listening To
Spent the day watching Offspring.

The stunning sunrise from Saturday Morning.





I wore this




Rocking those selphies girl!

M E |

So its been a few weeks since i posted here.

I have had computer problems i.e.: The Macbook stopped waning to play and it went and had a major tantrum. Jack spent three days trying to fix it and bitched most of that time that i put way too many photos on it….. Ha me no never!!!!

Last week i gave up trying to find the dongle for the Fitbit and went and brought a Polar Loop. Last night i re-joined Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Yes its time to get my @$$ into gear and get healthy and fit. The dr’s visit last month said i was healthy in that my heart was fine, and i am not a diabetic, but weight wise i am well over and need to start looking after myself. I just have to respect my limits and take things slow.

J A C K |

Has gone to Launceston for a few days for work, and then will be taking holidays in early August and he will be doing the Overland Track at Cradle Mountain. i think that he is mad, but its something that he wants to do.

A N G E L |

School is back today, which also means that A will be busy with rehearsals of an afternoon for the next few weeks.

K A Y L A |

Kayla has settled in and is enjoying life in “Sunny” Tassie.


Had a Family day on Saturday. Went to Seabreeze on Cattley and then off to The Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden, and then Tasmanian Arboretum. It was a totally full on day out and by the end of it i could hardly move.


I have been so slack in the cooking department of late. Nothing seems to be appealing to me that i want to cook.


I ran out of Photo paper some weeks back which has put me so far behind, then i get the paper and my mac craps itself and now it won’t accept the printer.. grrr, enough to make me want to pull my hear out in frustration.


Food: Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Soup

This Soup recipe showed up in my news feed this morning, and i sent it straight to Jack, as i really wanted to try it, and i am so glad now that i did.

I used the Thermowhizz on the Auto Soup Mode, so it was just a case of chopping some of the vegetables up. I added 2 small potatoes and a small amount of milk, and forgot the cilantro at the end (but added basil, parsley & ginger in little serving bowls at the end). I served the Limes, Chilli, Beans, Peanuts and Herbs on a tray, and each of us added our own.

This was a really unusual recipe, but one worth making. The girls and I really enjoyed it, and i am definitely going to be making it again, next time in a much bigger batch.

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July Photo A Day

I have been going through the photos that i have taken so far this month. I am really loving the #fmsphotosaday #littlemomentsapp

  1. red + white

Love the Red/Burgundy plant against the white of the house.

  1. something beginning with k

Kayla @ Boat Harbour Beach

  1. match

Kayla & Angel. A perfect Match..

  1. stars

We had a 4th of July Hotdog party for dinner.

  1. on the table

Jack and i went to the markets to get some fresh veggies whilst the girls where still sleeping. From different angles you can see the lighthouse, and also a couple of the homes onto of #TableCape

  1. view

We took the dog for a walk along Fossil Bluff.

  1. first

Kayla is the first granddaughter on our side of the family, and also my first Niece. This was taken in Burnie.

  1. i’ve never…

He is my Person!!!

  1. alive

Angel running along the beach.

  1. sharp

11. gold

We went to Dr’s Rocks to do some Gold Panning.

  1. interior.

13. look up.


  1. old school


  1. torn


  1. listening to…
  2. sunshine

  3. admire

  4. curly

  5. moment

  6. basic

  7. i wore this!

  8. macro

  9. water

  10. home

  11. fun

  12. ten

  13. cool

  14. repeat

  15. lost

  16. rise


Do you know?

Do you know???

What is happening on your Social Media accounts? When was the last time you had contact with people on your account that you haven’t heard from in a while? Do you regularly go through you’re accounts to check on people? Do you only make contact on Birthdays?

I went through as i do every day the Daily Birthday Wishes on Facebook, to receive a comment on one that informed me that the person i was wishing an amazing day too, had passed away in 2012. I feel awful, I honestly had no idea that they had passed away.

Was i that preoccupied with my own life (Given that my own mum had recently passed away), I probably was… But still thats no excuse. It has been over two years since this person passed away and I was totally unaware. I think i even wished them a Happy Birthday Last year.

I was honestly at a loss for words this morning, and for many hours afterwards had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.


Tuesday Thoughts

Over recent days i have been pondering on this thought.

I have been feeling a little lost of late and the thought keeps coming up, and has stayed at the back of my mind. My thoughts are for someone that knows me well would they know my current likes and dislikes.

If i asked my family 5 questions i am wondering if they would be able to give me an answer?

  1. What are my likes right now?
  2. What are my wishes right now?
  3. What is my favourite colour?
  4. What do i do for you?
  5. If you could change one thing about me what would that be?


on the agenda – July 2014

Just gathering my thoughts for the coming month, and assessing what we are up too.

  • The last week of term is coming up, which also means that another camp has rolled around, still assessing if we are sending Angel on it or not.
  • Then Term 3 starting again.
  • We are thinking of checking out the snow, just depends on rosters, snowfall, camp etc.
  • Several family birthdays, my cousins wife is due to have a baby.
  • Perhaps another movie night, or a themed meal.
  • Family photo on the last day of the month.

All in all at this stage the month is looking pretty quiet compared to previous ones.

My main focus is on completing another month of FMS.

  • It is going to be so much easier to do Photo a day now with the little moments app.

  • Struggling lately with meal planning and organising, so really want to sit down and sort all of that out. (more on that below).

I always have a few things on the go, but these are the things that i am concentrating on…

  • I am slowly going through boxes and bins in my craft space and putting them away in the new desk or the expedit.

I am pretty much caught up on PL2014 @29th June (Ran out of paper and ink to print the photos out). Just have to add dates and journalling and some stickers.

All up-to-date with OLW and awaiting todays newest class. Looking forward to it. Last month i retyped everything out and printed it up and put it in a new folder.

As much as i wanted to get into this i haven’t spent enough time on it. i need to go back and watch the first few videos.

i really need to spend some time on this. I do find it very therapeutic and enjoy doing it.

Ah Facebook, the place where i spend way too much time, and get caught up with too much of the drama..

As mentioned we are thinking of going to the snow this month so i am really looking forward to doing a little traveling.

Not sure yet on what the menu plan is going to be. But we have recently started to get a box of veggies delivered every two weeks, and thats been fantastic. So most likely will be trying to use up some of the veggies that we haven’t had yet in a soup or a casserole. We also got a meat pack last week, and that helped in sorting out a meal plan, so thinking that we should get another this fortnight.

To be decided.

Thinking of adding a few new things to the blog. Just depends on time and if i am in blogging mode really. So these may or may not happen.

So thats it for now. I can’t really pinpoint anything major that’s on the cards…


Craft: Project Life Catch Up

Weeks 18-26… Yes you have read that right. I am so far behind, yet not so, if that makes any sense… I have yet to take a proper photo of the following and will add them to their own individual weeks when i have done so. But today i thought i would share a look at what i am up too.

First a bit of a catch up with the last three weeks i shared.

Week 15

I have previously shared this page,

Week 16

Another i have shared, but i hadn’t made it into a double page.

Week 17

This is where i was completely up-to-date, i seem to have fallen off the wagon and broken my mojo, because from this point on i have been really lax with updating both project life and life in general.

Week 18

I started using the collect app, and when it came time to print, i got totally confused, and really disliked the look of the pages.

Week 19

I started to print full pages again, as i have found that even though i tend to use more paper it for me gives my album a more organised look.

Week 20

I have over the months been trying to include an old photo, the one of me my sister sent through, my aunt found it amongst her photos. i adore it and it fitted so well with where i walk…

Week 21

Our 18 year old niece have moved in with us, so the tone and type of photos that i have previously taken has taken an un-expected turn for the good. I was finding that i was taking the same things over and over again. So it’s nice having her here to capture new moments and memories. I am missing two photos from this week that i need to add.

Week 22

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 23

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 24

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 25

I have taken the photos, they are just needing to be printed.

Week 26

Same with this week.

Now i need to sit down Print out the photos that are missing, Add Cards and journalling to the spots that need it. Include any memorabilia and ephemera, Add stickers and any other assorted bits and pieces. Hope to be finished before the 1st of July, So i can start the month organised..

img 1131
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Falling in Love all over again…


Back in the dark ages (Circa December 2011), I got my iPhone 4s. For the Past year or so however i used the Samsung Galaxy S3, The Samsung Galaxy Zoom as well as the Samsung Galaxy & the Samsung Nx300… Yes i went totally over to the darkest side possible – Android… I have since seen the error of my ways and reacquainted myself with my iPhone.. Why… one simple reason.. THE APPS are far better.. and then there was the fact that i was hanging out for today… when Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim released her much awaited for FMS Photo a day app called Little Moments. I am so excited and i just can’t get enough of this app…

I downloaded it this afternoon (see previous post), and had a play, and i have to say i am loving it. I am also excited that Becky Higgins is releasing a Project Life app before the end of the year. If thats not twice as good a reason to return to the Mothership otherwise known as Apple then i don’t know what is oh and the fact that IOS8 is out soon as well.

So i thought it was a good chance to share my favourite photo apps for my iPhone. Now i am always downloading photo apps, and can’t get enough of them (both apple and android), and i have written about them many times before.


Still one of the best apps around.. I haven’t been using it this much this year but hopefully will start using it again.

My go to apps and Font Love…




  1. Rhonna Designs – When it comes to making photos pretty this is the app i turn too (that is before FMS came along). I adore the fonts and added extras that i can add to make a photo stand out.
  2. A Beautiful Mess – This was my favourite app before RD came out.
  3. Typic Pro – And this my favourite before ABM (are you seeing a pattern :)).. I am all about the fonts, i just can’t get enough of them..



  1. Krop Circle – I am totally loving making round photos in PicMonkey but when i am not able to do that this is my go to app.
  2. Collect – This is a lot of fun, it makes polaroid style photos that can have a short note added and also can put photos into a calendar.


Original photo taken with iPhone 4s Camera.

Using A beautiful mess i cropped the picture and added a background & Phrase (save to camera roll).

Then moving over to Rhonna designs i added a globe and tag. (save to camera roll).

Now in Typic pro i added a second polka dot background and rounded the corners (save to camera roll).

Moving over to Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim i added the adventure is waiting. (save to camera roll).

Heading back over Rhonna Designs i added Follow Your yellow brick road to the globe (save to camera roll).


Little moments

Hey you. I’ve been playing around with the Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim App and I thought you might like it too, so I’m letting you know about it. I’m kind like that. Try it.



I have taken a couple of photos already with the app. The girls are playing Sims3 and i couldn’t help but take a couple of shots of them.

10447650_10152191529078317_8471699224061355257_n 10500313_10152191540938317_3134829130661027079_n


I am really looking forward to getting out over the weekend and playing around with the app.


Mothering 101…

I have a hormonal, emotional, drama filled tween-ager!!! Everything these days is all too hard. A simple request or question is met with an argument and a smart-@$$ed comeback. Yesterday she came home and said that she had homework, and was showing us one of the things in her homework folio about how hard it is for teenagers… oh howJack and I laughed and laughed… Yeah i totally get that being a mother is a thankless job, and it’s far from easy. To be quite frank and honest it’s exhausting. So much so that I need a holiday or a really good long nap!!!


Craft Room Organisation

In the Craft Room
The Furniture Edition




1. Now I totally love my Kmart Trolleys and they have a ton of storage in them and do a fantastic job, but i was finding that i can’t stand up for long periods of time.

2. In my never ending quest to find the perfect organisation i was thrilled to come across this desk at our local cheap shop and at $127.95 i couldn’t resist bringing one home with me. So i was after something that i could sit at that had storage in it. This more than fits the bill of what i was after, and that it’s a customised for scrapbooking is even better. Jack has in-between shifts at work been putting it together for a couple of days now.

As always i looked online to see if i could obtain more information about it and came across this neat site that had a video of it.

3. Before the rent inspection few weeks back we moved the Expedit into the craft area, and thats made a huge difference for the albums and files, but for the smaller books it just feels a bit wrong. So i am hoping that the new desk because the shelving is a lot smaller that it will work better.

4. I still have the secretaire desk that i got around christmas time, and thats been great but again difficult to sit at as we removed the fold up desk part. I love the cubby holes and have found the idea items to put in them, but find that the actual cupboard space is awkward to fit things into, so its become a space for things that i don’t use often.

5. I also have the spinning shelf, (i have two one isn’t being used in the hallway and i am trying to work out how i could bring that in too).

Space with the desk in it is now at a premium. But i do have the ottoman under the window that i would like to move, and that way i could put the two trolleys under the window…

A craft room is a never ending work in progress.

Food, Jamie Oliver HomeCooker



Last week i wrote a blog post about the various appliances in our kitchen, Where i outlined my views on the appliances that we have, Jamie was one of them.

So catch of the day has the Jamie Oliver Homecooker on special today. All i have read tonight on various groups is how people had them for a few days to a month and took it back. How useless they are.

I have had mine over a year and its one of the most used and most helpful appliances in our kitchen. When used in conjunction with the either the Slow-cooker, Bellini, ThermoWhizz and even the Kitchenaid, its a fantastic extra hand. I do however agree about the chopper and think that its the worst part of the machine, and the reason why it gets such a bad wrap, and such poor reviews.

They are NOT a Thermo-machine, (although it does have the steamer section like the Thermo ones). It is a saucepan that can be used with or without a Stirring Blade. If something is too mushy thats not the fault of the machine, it’s the fault of the person putting too much liquid in it, or putting the lid on as this causes excess moisture making more liquid which in turn makes the food mushier.

I have learnt in the time that i have had it what i can and can’t do. Just like any other kitchen appliance that you have had for a while, and get used to using you get more confident with it. It is what you make of it and from it. It has helped make mealtimes so much simpler, and i am glad that it has.

2014 06 13 13 13 30
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Back in The (To)Day

Friday 13th June,

A Full Moon,

Two cats jumping around on my bed when I woke up.

Then there was this…

I had an appointment to have a blood test, now i hate and i mean hate with a passion blood tests, the thing is the Dr’s can never find my veins.

He tried twice and got it on the second go and found it on my wrist.

Then i had to drink a glucose drink, and come back two hours later,

get in and see the nurse who was taking the second of the two blood tests, guess what she couldn’t find anything either, and wouldn’t go through the hand, so instead went into my arm, and found nothing.

So she then sent me to see another nurse. She struggled to find anything. Drew some dots on my hand that looked liked possibles, and then ended up getting me to soak my hands in water for 5 minutes. In the end she found it near my ring finger.

Thank goodness because i was getting a tad annoyed by that stage.

As a reward of sorts Jack decided that a lunch at our favourite cafe was in order (i had been fasting since 8pm the night before and by the time we ate it was just after 12pm). So i totally deserved a treat.

So simple and yet so pretty

Then We took my niece on a little tour back in time. First seeing the Unidentified exhibition that i have been wanting to see. Was fascinating to see all of the old photos. Didn’t see any of my grandparents but enjoyed looking at what was there.

Then we took a tour through the Early Burnie Exhibition, Jack and i have been through it before but i liked looking through again, as you always spot new things.

After such a huge and for me an emotional day, I did some updating of Facebook, cleaned a few things up.

Then took myself off to bed. Just before midnight jack walked in and said you may want to get some photos of the full moon.

So that was my Friday 13th Day in the Life.


Kitchen Wars

In recent days on a couple of Facebook groups I am on there has been a war of words in regards to the Thermomix v’s the Bellini and any other version of a Thermomixer. There appears to be this great divide between those that can afford an almost $2000 machine v’s those that buy the knock off versions. There is the whole debate on why would you spend $2000 on a machine that does the same thing as a $200 – $800 one. Then there is the whole brand v’s brand wars. When even a cheaper version is better than an even cheaper version, and don’t get me started on versions that are identical but sold for different prices.

I have spent that + more on a coffee machine, i have spent that on an oven, and yes if given the money i would gladly buy a Thermomix without any hesitation. I have wanted one for about 3 or 4 years now. Slowly a majority of the people on my Facebook account have gotten one, which is killing me because i am still waiting. The pull of buying a new camera has always come first though. Before moving to Tasmania Jack promised me i could get one, 2 years on i still don’t have it… HMMM…. but i digress…

Now if you where to take a walk around my kitchen you will find a variety of products at different price points.

K I T C H E N A I D:

I lusted and I mean lusted after a KA stand mixer and when Jack brought me one in 2007 I was over the moon and fell head over heals in love with her. So pretty, so Pink and for years has been my extra hand in the kitchen. Jack and Angel have no problems in creating delicious breads and cakes and more either. So she really has been an investment. In 2008 i got the KA Blender and then later in the year the Food Processor. The Blender has been great and I have used it mostly for soups and smoothies. The Food Processor I really haven’t used a great deal and thats a shame as its a great product.. I have loved the Kitchenaid Brand and highly recommend the Stand Mixer and Blender, the food processor not so much as i have noticed that it has a lot of plastic splinters around it. I have had to replace one of the parts on the blender also but that was on a $7.00 fix and from the Kitchen store that we brought the machine from.

J A M I E O L I V E R H O M E C O O K E R:

I LOVE JAMIE…. i mean seriously love him. If the KitchenAid is my third hand then the JOHC is my other husband and I don’t know how I lived without Him. We use it most nights to cook our meals in and it has made some amazing meals. Now in a lot of groups i am on Jamie gets a really really bad wrap, So much criticism and flack about how useless it is, and that its just a glorified stirrer and how it always burns the food. Yes i have to say it in the beginning we had some disasters but it is now a very rare occasion where burning has occurred. He is so handy for throwing in some pre-made homemade frozen soup, and in 15 minutes lunch is made, I have even slow cooked in it. I have yet to make a cake in it but i believe that it can cook it. The Jamie like the Themocooker’s comes with a steaming tower, i haven’t used this a great deal. It also came with a Cutting Tower, which to be Brutally Honest is utter crap!. ( i also noticed that Phillips have re-baged it and now sell it with the Phillips Air Fryer). I do use it occasionally but really it is pointless just pulling it out of the cupboard because the attachments are difficult to remove and it makes so much mess.

T H E R M O C O O K E R S : B E L L I N I & T H E R M O W H I Z Z:

Yes i have two. Both do much the same thing. We brought the Bella in October of 2013 and the Thermowhizz this May for Mother’s Day.

B E L L I N I:

When not using the TW i use the Bellini to cook rice in (it makes the fluffiest and yummiest rice (much better than the el-cheap-o rice cooker we had)). I have found like the TW chops the food up too much if the food is pre cut but its fantastic for whole onions and garlic, and i love that the whole lot can be thrown in. Like the Jamie and the TW i haven’t used the Steamer (Varoma) part much. (which if you have been reading intently you would have noted that i now have three sets of these). The original jug i got with the Bellini stopped heating and i got a second jug via warranty which i have the sharp blade in (its now my cold jug), for heating i use the newer jug with the blunt blade. its been so handy having the two jugs as i can do extra things when making a meal. Both the Bella and the TW are great for chopping things really quickly and the best thing is no mess like with the Jamie Tower. One of the weekly things i do make now in it is butter.

  • Photo taken by Jack Beltane

T H E R M O W H I Z Z:

Soup Soup Soup. Can i just say WOW… The soup function is what won me over with this machine. Cut up the veggies and throw it all in set it on Auto and let it go. The first time i did this i did have to halve the pumpkin and then check it a few times as it stopped, but i think that was due to the fact that it hadn’t warmed up. but 25 minutes later i had perfect pumpkin soup, the second batch took just under that and i had enough for lunch the next day as well. I also love that it has the two jugs with it already (The Heating and Chopping Jug which is 2ltr and the Steaming Jug which is 1ltr). The heating element is in the base of the machine where as the Bellini it’s in the base of the jug. So i have noticed that the 2ltr jug has burn marks on it but have read various options on how to remedy this on the groups that i belong too. most of the functions are the same as the Bella, but it does have Auto, (Soup, Jam) & Dough and doesn’t have to be re-set like the Bella when checking food.

Both machines come with the Varoma set, A spatula and Butterfly. The Thermowhizz has a blade guard that the butterfly sits on where as the Bellini comes with two blades. I do find that the added extras take up a bit of room so have two small kitchen trolleys in our laundry with baskets in for the KitchenAid, Jamie, Bellini & Thermowhizz. I have found this is the only way that i can separate all of the assorted and similar parts.

S E A R C H E F / S L O W C O O K E R S:

I was quite slow to the whole slow cooker business but in next to no time i had around 4 of them of varying types and price points (two i think i got via our commonwealth card points) mostly on the cheaper side until that is when I received this for mothers day a couple of years ago, and used it most days before i got Jamie. Now i Alternate between the two. We have made the most incredible roast and gravies in this machine. i also have a smaller 2 person / dessert sized slow cooker that my mum brought for me, but haven’t used it in ages. I really should get it out of the cupboard and cook up a pudding of some sort.

C O F F E E M A C H I N E S:

Now when it comes to coffee machines i have had the high end $4000 one and i have had the low end $50.00 ones, (as to how many i have i have lost count) (i have even rented one for a time) and to be frank and honest they do do the same thing, and that’s make me coffee, it’s not so much the machine it’s the coffee manufacture. I have tried the beans and the pods. I currently have whittled my coffee machine’s down to three. A Nescafe Dolce Gusto that we got from Coles for $50.00, A Caffitaly from Woolworths that was also $50.00 and a Cuisinart Grind & Brew Machine that was $300 from a Kitchen shop in WA. I find with the Nescafe one that the pods are really expensive and the only economical pack is the CAFE AU LAIT.


Our kettle is by no means great just a cheap k-mart see through one. The toaster is an almost freebie Murphy Richards one from when Jack brought his laptop in WA and got a $100 voucher so i think we paid $9 for it.

D I S H W A S H E R:

We used to have a fisher and paykel 2 drawer dish drawer dishwasher, and i paid top of the line for it. Now we have an el-cheap-o Glem Freestanding Dishwasher that is actually in the Laundry because the landlord when building the kitchen didn’t allocate a space for a dishwasher…

M I C R O W A V E:

When we brought the Dishwasher we paid a whole $1.00 for the Microwave. We went for well over a year without one, and i generally don’t use it all that much. But it has come in handy.

O T H E R:

There is of course the rarely used gimmick items, you know the ones, they sit in the back of the cupboard and when you open it they either try and fall out of they taunt you like the cupcake maker, the popcorn maker, the ice-cream machine, slushy maker etc. Jack recently brought one of the Nutribullet knock offs, and he loves it.

Photos are from the Manufacturers Websites.

2014-06-07 17.56.10
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Chicken Korma & Barley Rice

2014-06-07 17.56.10

Tonights meal is made using a variant of left-overs that have to be used up. I am using the Thermowhizz to cook the Korma in, and cooking the rice in the Bellini.


  • Left over cooked chicken. Shredded
  • Cooking Cream (no idea how much i just tipped in what was left).
  • Chicken Korma Sauces (i brought this a few weeks back and used the spices from it for another meal).
  • Assorted Herbs and Spices – Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary, Cumin.
  • Red Kidney Beans
  • Coriander Leaves

Using the Butterfly and the Blade Guard add all of the ingredients (Time 20:00 | Speed 1 | Temp 90). Coriander Leaves to serve.

Barley & Rice mix cooked in the Bellini. (Time 27:00 | Speed 1 | Temp ST)

Food, On the Home Front, Organisation

Kitchen Organisation

Expedite, Kallax, Shelving Units, Cube Shelves. Whatever you choose to call them or wherever you get them from they are one of the best things invented.

Here are the space in our home i use them in:

In the Kitchen:

A few days ago i shared this picture from Pinterest and mentioned about all of the jars & cookbooks that i have.

As we have an inspection tomorrow i am in full move everything in the house mode. Got up this morning and started hunting and gathering things from around the house that i thought would suit the unit. The above photos are from around 11am this morning.

We picked the “Fake Expedite” up at Bunnings Yesterday. Before I had two trolleys here which have now moved into the Laundry. It’s solved a stack of my kitchen problems, as I was sick of things like baking trays falling on my head when I went to get them out of the cupboard. They have now been moved to next to oven.

Ended up moving the large jars to near the sink. The round basket down the bottom has baking tins / things in it. I have way too many cookbooks there are still smaller ones in the lounge that i need to go through.

This is from later this afternoon. I have added a couple of things to it since these photos where taken but its pretty much how i want to keep it now. They cost us $229 as they are gloss the Matt is $159 but they had none in stock until next week. Exact same size as the ikea Expedite 4×4. I could happily have these in every room of the house. Especially since there is no Ikea in Tassie. Jack has been storing things like the slow cooker on the overhead shelves, and it was looking so messy, and it bugged me each time i walked in there. I now have some decorative crates and cake plates up there and the slow cooker has found it’s home down on the bottom shelf. We have a bakers rack in the laundry, and i am thinking thats where the popcorn machine thats currently in the lounge room will have to be stored, as i can’t find anywhere else to put it. with my niece now here, and only a 2 bedroom, house i am noticing just how little room we have.

Jack gave the KitchenAid a huge clean the other day took it all apart after seeing a YouTube clip I found so it’s looking like new again, Hard to believe that i have had it 7 years now. But since i am using the Bellini and the Thermwhizz now i thought it was time to put the KA up and out of the way.

I think this would have to be my favourite part of the whole unit. The chopping boards are too long to sit vertically on the unit so I have placed them on the cook book stand that I usually use for my iPad when I am in the kitchen.

The biscuit barrel was a Kmart purchase a while ago, and the Love & “plant” i picked up from their last night. The white Preserving Jar Jack brought me when we went to Devonport from the Emporium. I have a smaller one that i am using on the dinner table.

I brought the Kaisercraft Bookplates from Spotlight to use on my Project Life Albums but they are a little small for what i was wanting, they fit on here with a little gap, but it works well and gives it the look of the one that i fell in love with.

The things that i most wanted to put on here apart from jars and cookbooks was these big bowls. I recently got the red one from Kmart (may have to grab a couple more, as one would look great with fruit in it) and have a large old white one that i picked up before we left WA that I love using.

Jars… Jars… and even more Jars… Would you believe that since i have taken this photo i have found even more of these jars around the house.

Platters, Baking tray, Cheese board, chopping boards, spatulas all now have a home.

The bread box isn’t a great fit so i have it on an angle, but looks good with the timer, and at least it’s now off of the kitchen bench.

Tea anyone.. i am thinking i may need a divider to life some of these up and then I can add other things on the shelf.

In the Craft Room:
I have an Expedite in the Dinning Area that i would love to move into the craft area.
*Updated note: I had Jack move it into my craft, wow what a difference it has made. I have put all of my albums & books on it.

In the Hallway:
I brought a set of the Kmart ones ages ago, and they don’t fit anything in them. I currently have them turned on their side with all of our shoes in them, as nothing else fits. Even the stuff from Kmart its a cm too big. Drove me nuts so asked jack if he could get me these (kitchen) from Bunnings, Perfect fit in the kitchen, and they look better.

In the Bathroom:
When we moved in there was already a small set of these units in the bathroom.