Daily Prompt: Me Time

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Photo Taken by Nicole Beltane – 15th December 2012 at Wynyard Beach.

Daily Prompt: Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

On a weekend morning i love to go to a local coffee shop and have breakfast,
then find a local market to wander around,
buying fresh produce and craft items,
and a few bunches of flowers to adorn the house,
then if time allows a walk on the local beach.

Then the alarm goes off and i have to get up and make my own coffee
and most days i don’t eat breakfast.
We have tried a couple of the local coffee shops,
and i found one quite good.
As for the market,
one of the things i was looking forward to when moving here was going to them,
we have been to about three in the just over 3 months since being here.
although i do try and buy flowers every week or so.
Walks on the local beach and other beaches
are probably the most frequent thing we do.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my ravings and ramblings. Grab a comfortable chair and a hot coffee and spend a little time wandering around my little world. I have been blogging on various blog platforms for many years and thought i would dabble into the murky waters of wordpress again. I am a Home Executive Blogger who blogs too much and takes too many photos. I am a collector of memories, moments and relish in the snippets and slices of everyday life, I like to call myself an everyday life photo journalist. I live with my beloved husband, daughter, 2 shitzu dogs, and 1 crazy cat near the sea in Tasmania. We own a Metal Detecting Business. We owner built our own house in Western Australia. We are currently building a Gypsy Wagon / Caravan. I love home decorating.

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