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Time to plan-er

The planner from arrived today. 
Couple of things missing (dinner / to do sections) is blank, pretty sure that i had added that in.
Thought i had added 2017 / 2018 calendars but hadn’t.
Added Birthdays from Facebook and it has added Birthdays for everyone that i have ever had on my Facebook account, so that should be interesting trying to figure out who these random people are that are no longer on my friends list. Perhaps i will look them up and wish them a Happy Birthday anyway.
The colouring book is a fun touch, and when i have nothing else to do will start colouring in.
I have used ½ of the stickers already, so perhaps should have brought more. (may put an order in for the leatherette cover, some stickers, and pens, other extras in a month or so).
Have spent the day filling out the next few months appointments / school and all of the other things going on in The Beltane’s Chaotic Life…
Whilst it’s not the Erin Condren that i really want, it will suffice until i can afford one. Mind you the 15+ other planners for 2016 (and i don’t think that i am exaggerating about that amount), may get jealous.

Project Life – Update

So how did we get to July… wasn’t it just February.. Speaking of, thats the last time i printed any photo books. (January & February) It’s now July. yeah i know i already said that.. but hello its JULY!!!!!… look how far behind i am. I managed to download a few new Project Life Cards in the app, just need to download the collect app and start working on new layouts.

one day i will find planner peace

until then.. i will keep shopping..

3225346RKVANEWFPPI have brought one of these planners before, wasn’t happy with it, so i gave it to Angel to use (She was on the cover) at the time i had been using the Kikki K Family ones for a while so i had been in a routine of separating each of our appointments / work etc by name.
With appointments etc now time based it made more sense to look at an hourly planner.
I would have loved an Erin Condren, but when you consider the price of this $39.95 (free shipping) compared to the Erin Condren ($50 + Shipping, + add the currency conversion, and the accessories) = over $300.
Planner: A5 quantity: 1 pc(s)
Starting month: July 2016 – June 2017
Language for inlay: Australian   ()
Inlay design: Chalkboard Great
Writing background: grey lines, timetable 8am-6pm, 
Daily details: Workout large
Personalised dates: Facebook-friends
Module 1: Dinners
Module 2: To Do
Module 3: DIY
Back pages:
24 pages  – Month overview
10 pages  – Coloring book
10 pages  – Ruled
10 pages  – Blank pages
4 pages  – Square dots

I have included a

  • Workout section for my 28 workouts as thats one of the main things i do throughout the day.
  • Dinner’s – as 28 has a meal plan.
  • To do section – For my weekly list of what i need to get done.
  • DIY – This i will use to add my blog posts (Tuesdays & Saturdays are always the same)
  • Birthdays: If my Facebook friends have their birthdays listed they are / have been included
  • Australian public holidays.

It came with stickers (They are a new thing added today), a ruler & Plastic sleeve. I was going to order the leather cover but may order that at a later date with more stickers.

I went with the Neutral / Hourly version like i was going to do with the EC. Will see how it goes. With the amount of appointments that Jack & Angel have these days, plus my blog & 28 i probably could have brought more than one but have tried to include everything in it.


[Currently in June]

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

  • Achieved Getting most of what was on my list
  • Admiring: All of the new Kmart stuff
  • Anticipating: A very long July, With Jack home and Angel starting school holidays.
  • Blogging: not a lot of that happened this month. I think i wore my blogging mojo out in may
  • Buying: Clothes, Home Decor, Planners.
  • Being: Cold all of the time is really starting to annoy me.
  • Bookmarking: Not a lot at the moment.
  • Cooking: 28 meals.
  • Considering: planner options.
  • Coveting: a good pair of boots.
  • Craving: Anything i am just hungry, because i haven’t had breakfast yet.
  • Creating: A blackboard canvas.
  • Current Kmart Unicorn:  the Scandi robe. / hanger
  • Deciding: that a banana isn’t enough for breakfast, but waiting on flooring to be done today for the bathroom, so can’t go out to breakfast or lunch.
  • Disliking: that i didn’t get into Burnie Yesterday, because of floor being done.
  • Disappointed: as above.
  • Digging: That offspring, love child and winners & Losers are all back on TV.
  • Drinking: Lots of coffee.
  • Enjoying: Offspring & love child.
  • Eating: The meals from 28.
  • Family Photo] (forgot to take it!): its the first month is three years that we haven’t taken a family photo at all.
  • Feeling: tired after the drive to Kettering to pick up Jack’s new boat.
  • Finally: Offspring it back.
  • Following:  all of the election garbage on Tv, Facebook, Twitter and in Friends news feeds is driving me bat-shit crazy, i can’t stand anyone in the election, and can’t wait for the whole thing to be over.
  • Giggling: at Jack when he goes on and on and on about the boat.
  • Habit: i need to get back into drinking water. Using a todo list and ticking things off. 
  • Happening Right Now:  Just went to CU for breakfast. 
  • Hoping: That the bathroom will be finished today. 
  • Hearing: Angel for the next two weeks is going to give me an ongoing Migraine.
  • Keeping: Up with the TV changeover is exhausting.
  • Location: Went to Kettering & Hobart. wish we had more shopping time rather than boat / car time.
  • Looking forward to: winners and losers starting back next week.
  • Liking: Fixer upper, especially episodes that i haven’t seen.
  • Loving: my Kmart skinny jeans.
  • Listening To: The ladies on the Talk.
  • Making: Not a lot lately.
  • Main Goal This Week: wash my hair when the bathrooms done. Work on Mum’s family history book.
  • Marvelling:  at how fast this year has gone.
  • Needing:  sleep.
  • Need to Finish: fixing up ancestry.
  • Not Digging Not having a working bathroom as the floor is being fixed.
  • Noticing: how cold it is, and wish i was in someplace warm.
  • Opening:  all of my parcels was fun.
  • Playing: avoid the rain showers when going out, especially now that we have to walk everywhere.
  • Planning:  on a long bath, washing my hair and sleeping
  • Pondering: life.
  • Reading:  facebook.
  • Sorting: clothes.
  • Sewing:  hahahaha… 
  • Snacking: being on 28 i rally don’t feel the need to snack. 
  • Smelling: chemicals from the different glues in the bathroom.
  • Thinking: how cold i am is only making e feel colder.
  • TIME 8AM (still working on it at 12:36pm)
  • Waiting: for the election to be over.
  • Watching: Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Wanting: to get my Lay-by. 
  • Wasting: Today away doing this Blog post.
  • Weather: cloudy with a big chance of rain.
  • Wearing: millers top and kmart skinny jeans.
  • Wishing: My cousin John a happy birthday.
  • What grind’s my Gears: not having a car, and not being able to get things done.
  • Wondering: how come its taken me over 4 hours to do a blog post.

Goodbye Bella

13501664_10153703292698317_8267061927688011298_nJack has just come in and told me that our (Angel’s) dog Bella has passed away. She was 12/13 years old, we got her in December 2014.

She has always been a very sad looking dog, i have always felt like she was missing her original owner (the girl grew up and got married and the dog stayed with the parents), and the mother gave her away (to us).

Over the past few months she was looking even sadder (i put it down to the puppy wearing her out), but she reminded me of eeyore from winnie the pooh.

She didn’t like the cats or our dog Zoe (who passed away last year), or our new dog Ali (Who is only 7 months old).

She did however adore Angel and Angel loved her (i haven’t included Angel in this as she is at school and doesn’t / won’t know until this afternoon).

R.I.P Bella.

Saturday Stuff




It has been a pretty quiet week around here, so not a great deal to report.


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Haven’t been anywhere this week, and generally faffed around online, but nothing that really jumped out at me, that screamed Nic, you need to buy me..

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Smacks self across the head when i realise that i have broken my daily move streak (221 Days) on my Apple watch because i didn’t do my workout last night, and went to bed with a migraine and didn’t check my watch. 

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I finally hung the pictures that have been sitting on the floor for a few weeks, so the gallery walls are pretty much done now, apart from some things i want at kmart, but u may need to start a third gallery wall for that..

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IMG_8399Breakfast at CU again this week. Quinoa with Caramelised Banana & Coconut Milk, was so good, but i couldn’t eat it all because it was so filling.

Homemade Parma for dinner last night, one of the 28 recipes.


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yes this is as exciting as it gets around here, a new basket in the corner of one of my favourite spaces.

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Now those that know me know i am a massive fan of taking photos. How many have i taken this week????? 15, and some of those are double ups of the same photo (Coffee / food / my workout), thats it..

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How many books this week, one, Facebook..



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Jack and I went to breakfast, and Angel and her selfie, once again nicking my phone to take it. If you are a memory keeper and you ever want photos of your teenagers give them your phone, it is the best way to get photos of them.



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Love chid is back, and in 4 days so are the latest episodes of Offspring, which i have been catching u on each afternoon. Followed by Everyday Health (Sam is on it). Also love shack, house rules in the final weeks and soon winners and losers will be returning.


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No views to be seen at all this week, next week though.. watch out world, i am going to be taking some photos… Line Divider 11_Pixejoo








Coffee & Chat Tuesday


If we where having coffee right now … 

I would tell you that Angel got a Certificate & Medal for her Gymnastics on the weekend. Very proud of her achievements, she also received a medal for doing the Estedford a few days before.

If we where having coffee right now … 

Jack made a chicken dish from the 28 menu, it didn’t look right, so i tried to remix it in the Thermomix, and ended up stuffing it up and turning it into mush, i re-invented it by mixing it with stock and carrots and turning it into a soup.

If we where having coffee right now … 

Slowly getting parcel deliveries (at time of writing i have them all except for a couple of eBay ones). Mean’s that my much wanted Capsule Wardrobe is coming together. Got the Kikki K order and not all that impressed with the 18 month planner, i will use it for my 28 meals / workouts / measurements but it wasn’t what i was wanting, i still think i will end up getting the Erin Condren. The typo Diary was a LOT smaller than i anticipated its a pocket sized so i have decided to keep that one in my handbag for Jack’s appointments and any extra activities for Angel.

A pretty slow week considering.. see you next Tuesday


Saturday Stuff


A bit of a family update / catch up.


Angel is away this weekend in Hobart, She has a Gymnastics Competition. She told me the this is her don’t forget what i look like selfie.




walked into have coffee / breakfast the other morning with this guy, and snapped this on the way back.


This guy made me laugh. This is our cat Ed.


I painted up the blackboard canvas and it was sitting on the table, walk in the room to find this.. It’s our other cat Mae, taking a nap..


Ali is around 7 months old now, Angel takes her for a walk most days, she loves hanging out at the beach.

No pics of our old girl Bella, this week, Angel probably has some on her phone. She isn’t well at the moment, is 12 / 13 we think (we got her December 2014) and we where told she was 11 then, She really isn’t handling this cold weather too well or the addition of a puppy who thinks that she is a horse.

and me… 


A lovely breakfast at CU this week. 

lots of things caught my eye this week, which is why i am now broke. hahaha… but i will be getting lots of visits from the postie in the next few weeks with deliveries with clothes, planners & jewellery.

Still loving Delta’s Dear Life, and really need to update my iTunes music Library.


still doing 28, and feeling great, loving the meals that we have had this week, did splurge and have Pizza early in the week, and missed a workout, but did a double one the next day.


The calm after the storm, This is still blocked off as the pontoon got damaged in the storm last week. I haven’t been out in ages to take photos, in fact my camera is on charge, and the SD card needs to be outback in before i lose it, it’s been that long since i took it out for a good photo session.

Until next week.


A spot of shopping.


Well with no car and a limited amount of shopping opportunities here, i did a spot of online shopping over the past 24 hours. I was planning on buying an Erin Condren Planner (it didn’t happen) as i added up what i wanted, the postage and the conversion rate and it was going to cost me way too much. (I ordered 2 planners from Kikki K & Typo instead). I do however still want the planner but will do a little more saving for it.

I have been putting off buying clothes for ages apart from the Kmart Lay-by & thats me done for the fortnight, am well and truly broke now after putting in orders with Target, Typo, Kikki K, Millers, Nikki Lissoni, Love that most of what i got was discounted & some earrings and nose studs for Angel from Ebay from a refund i got back the other day. (See Below). So i will be stalking the postie for the next few weeks.

Go to typo online last night, put in an order, don’t end up following through with the order, go to sleep. wake up to an email with a 30% off discount code, go back to typo online and add in the stuff i put in last night plus one extra. everything i looked at last night had been discounted. End up saving my self $20 plus get free shipping and an extra product. Love when that happens…


A mixture of items, I have tried to keep to the same colourings and types of clothes that i can mix and match, I have a lay-by on at Kmart as well so that should keep me well clothed for a while. [Clothes: Boho Dress, Tunic, Square Neck Top, Jegging, Wrap, Knit Top, Tunic Shirt, Lace Trim Jumper].  Clothes from Target & Millers.


Stationary: 16/17 18-MONTH WEEKLY DIARY: PAUSE, HAPPY HEALTHY HABITS BOX: INSPIRATION, activity journal / BUCKET LIST, 2016/17 A6 Financial Year Buffalo Diary. Stationary from Kikki K & Typo.


Planter: jute storage small, book shaped planter {Typo}

Jewellery / Handbags: 10pcs Stainless Steel Nose Piercing Stud Crystal, 120Pairs Wholesale Bulk Women’s Chic Tiny Silver, Nikki Lissoni Earrings, RUBI BAG TASSLE (Ebay, Nikki Lissoni, Typo)


Coffee & Chat Tuesday

IMG_8162If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that It was a long weekend here. Didn’t really do a great deal. apart from binge watch Home decorating / renovation shows, and look at Home Decor, and shopping pages.


Hale Mercantile co

If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that I’m totally crushing on this linen from Hale Mercantile co. (after looking over some of the prices it maybe a long term goal to save for). Over the years i have pretty much got our furniture to how i want it, and picking peices that will work over time. But i never considered how much linens,  texture, greenery add to it until recently. I have long time been a fan of Shabby Chic, but i am currently loving industrial, so want to mix the two to make an Industrial Chic look & add in more metal & wood and natural textures.


If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that Opened up my activity notifications on my watch to find that i had completed 7 days of workouts and just over 30k steps last week. Yay me. Loving 28. I never felt this way when doing MB12WBT, i could barely do the workouts. But the 28 minutes for me seem doabale, even if some near on burn. But it will be worth it, to feel healthier. We got the Wii Fit U out and i did my Weekend Active  that way which was great, need to see if i can find some more workouts for the Wii / WiiU as i want to start using it again.


If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that Our last coffee date was on Friday, we actually had a few last week. Opps.


If we where having coffee right now i would tell you that Angel’s away for the weekend with Gymnastics. So it should be nice and quiet around here.

Hope that we can catch up for coffee next week.