100 things to do in 2017

i got the 2017 My Shining Year, Life Edition Workbook the other day. i ended up getting the life pack with the workbook, calendar, planner, and ebooks. I gave Angel the planner as i am really happy with my LBD Planner that i got and that’s working for me.

Each night i have been going to bed between 30 minutes to 1hr earlier to spend sometime journalling.

100 things to do in 2017

  1. De-clutter.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Work on the family history.
  4. Get a Fitbit.
  5. Get a new bed.
  6. Buy jack’s my life story book.
  7. Go too the beach.
  8. Walk more.
  9. Go swimming.
  10. Move house.
  11. Less time on phone.
  12. Do the cataract gorge cruise.
  13. 9-5 theatre show.
  14. See wicked again.
  15. Go to melbourne.
  16. Get a pandora bracelet.
  17. Dark mofo.
  18. Meditate more.
  19. Tattoo.
  20. Read jimmy book.
  21. Pay off my debt.
  22. Platypus / seahorse world.
  23. Go to the movies.
  24. Breath.
  25. Learn interior design.
  26. Moscow circus.
  27. watch the sunset.
  28. Mona.
  29. Go on the spirit.
  30. Kiss Jack more.
  31. Dome cafe.
  32. Dream.
  33. Have a family games night.
  34. Get my hair done.
  35. Go on a picnic.
  36. See the myer xmas display.
  37. Lose 5kgs.
  38. Cradle mountain.
  39. Wings wildlife park.
  40. Have a stay-cation.
  41. Let Angel cook dinner.
  42. Create something
  43. Grow a herb garden.
  44. Walk ali.
  45. Create a family art work.
  46. Cuddle ed.
  47. Go on a photo walk.
  48. Family movie night.
  49. Go to the book fair.
  50. SLEEP…
  51. Weekend away.
  52. Lose 10kgs.
  53. Paint my nails
  54. Go outside.
  55. Go to a local fruit farm.
  56. Tell Angel i love her.
  57. Tulip festival.
  58. Think good thoughts.
  59. Hustle with heart.
  60. Journal.
  61. See aurora australis.
  62. Write more letters.
  63. Concert.
  64. Melbourne cup.
  65. More date nights.
  66. Print photos.
  67. Learn to drive.
  68. Go to the zoo.
  69. Unplug.
  70. Go on a cruise.
  71. Go to the show.
  72. Dance in the rain.
  73. Get an outdoor chess set.
  74. Make a rainbow cake.
  75. Re-watch all of twin peaks.
  76. Get a pug.
  77. Visit a lavender farm.
  78. Make more art.
  79. Be hear now
  80. Build a house.
  81. Read a book.
  82. Get professional family photos done.
  83. Make your own pizza.
  84. Work on a family recipe book.
  85. Go to relequaire.
  86. Take photos of a waterfall.
  87. Organise my craft area.
  88. Create a reading nook.
  89. Watch the fireworks.
  90. Buy yourself flowers.
  91. Travel somewhere new.
  92. Paint something.
  93. Make ice-cream.
  94. Do a colour run.
  95. Close ANZ bank.
  96. Wear a swimsuit again.
  97. Raspberry farm.
  98. Stay at grindlewal.
  99. Play at penny royal.
  100. Live happily ever after.

Summer Cleaning

Sorting out house.. slowly but getting there.
A few days ago this linen cupboard was chock full of crap much of it from when we moved in here in 2012, and more that has been added to it over the years. Stuff hidden in there from rent inspection after rent inspection. Stuff that i had no idea was even in there, who knew we had a 3rd slow cooker i had no idea..
Have brought a bunch of these containers for the laundry
  • Party/Birthday (i am still finding stuff for this one)
  • Easter
  • New Years
  • Dog
  • Hardware
  • Movies
& my craft stuff
  • project life cards
  • planner stuff.

and the added bonus is they fit in my old Ikea trolley instead of in a million baskets and boxes under my desk. (which we have managed to clean out as well). a lot of the project life cards where in wooden Kmart drawers, but the drawers have been falling off because it was just too heavy for them. So the drawers now have all of the little bits and bobs that where in the nooks and crannies of my desk.

Need to get some labels made (the lady i want to buy from is still on Christmas / holiday break).
We need to replace for of the christmas boxes so these would be great for that. 

Will buy a few each pay and get everything packed into them, as i am sick of having to search for things. i like that i can stack everything up in the one spot, and still be able to find it.

Memory Jar…

I posted about the Memory Jar i made the other day. now i shake the thing up before i do it, and shuffle it around. the past few days the tickets that have come up have matched something else happening.
Keep in mind that i hand wrote over 200 tickets. and i pull one out randomly each day. (Ticket)
1st Jan – (stop, stretch, exhale often)
New years day 
2nd Jan – (Create a Cleaning Schedule)
I joined up to several decluttering groups / pages and started sorting the house out 
3rd Jan – (Recycle more)
Still cleaning, still sorting.
4th Jan – (Make your fave meal)
Spag Bol was on the dinner menu 
5th Jan – (Life wish go to paris)
6th Jan – (worry less)
I was feeling very overwhelmed because i had made a list of all of the decluttering lists that had come up in the past week, but after deleting what we had already done, realised that i had achieved much more than i had thought, and in some cases because i am using several lists, some of these have the same things on it. 
7th Jan – (pay down debt)
8th Jan – (celebrity crush)
9th Jan – (keep binging in check)
Was due to start TiffXO today 
So woke up this morning, check to see what was on the Emily Ley Facebook for today and then got up and went to my memory jar. 
Insert spooky soundtrack
Today – (remove toxic people from your life)
Detox social media
Now i am very reluctant to do so, but for them both to come up with something so similar its quite eerie.

Hello Sunday Morning

Good Morning Lovelies,

So i thought that i would check in and say hi. I am not really sure what direction that this blog is going to go in this year. I am thinking of just doing a post when & if i have something to write about. Not putting extra pressure on myself to turn out posts that i am not happy with or that make no sense. I think that this Sunday morning post may replace coffee & chat Tuesday’s. and any other catch up posts.

This past Week:

We have been trying to organise the house, you know that week after Christmas where you have put all of the tree’s and baubles etc away, and all of the regular home decor isn’t back out yet, but you still have assorted stuff that doesn’t have a home. Going through cupboards and drawers to sort through whats been hidden away in there from a rent inspection 6 months ago, or for the holiday season. Clearing out magazines and sorting through books. The lounge / dinning area is pretty much done.. My Desk & craft area well thats a whole other story… one that i hope to work on this coming week, that and the disaster known normally as the kitchen. Seriously why does a family of three that rarely has visitors need to many cups and mugs..

Next week:

Jack goes back to work in a week or so. Angel is doing Gymnastics a couple of times through the next few weeks. Me i am doing Project 14, Project Life, Various decluttering prompts.

Goals / January

Goals in January

Self care:

  1. Drink more water: We are 6 days into the new year and i have been drinking 1-2 600ml bottles a day, now i know that this doesn’t sound like a lot, but i am trying to increase it.
  2. walk more: So far i have failed at this my aim was to walk 5000 steps a day (S) 1234 (M) 5295 (T) 2081 but didn’t close my activity on my apple watch (W) 1601 (T) 1790
  3. meditate: in the quiet moments during the day or at night i am meditating.
  4. take asthma puffer: trying to when i remember. (i have set up a spot in my jewellery box thats by my bed for my face cream and puffer as a reminder to do both).
  5. clean face each night and put moisturiser on. See above.


  1. Take a family photo on the last day of each month. managed to take one in december, as we have done every new years since 2011/12
  2. Date night: doubt this is going to happen, even with our anniversary coming up.
  3. More coffee dates. even this is….


  1. Re-join TiffXO in January: Broke as at the moment so i am hoping that i can.
  2. Drink more water. see self care.
  3. Workout sometime during the week. worked out monday, its now friday… and i havent done it again.
  4. Meditation / breathing / yoga. trying to do the meditation and breathing.
  5. Tapping. when i remember too.

Finance: Save!!!

  1. Start a savings account: no money in account at the moment, so once i get some will attempt after i pay the couple of things that i have to pay will see how much i can start with. wouldn’t mind starting with the 52 week savings challenge.
  2. buy a gift card each fortnight: i really like this idea and if i can i will get one.


  1. Movie night: Angel and i started watching a movie
  2. picnic: still no car so don’t think will get this one done.
  3. more outings: as above.
  4. finally sit down and read Jimmy Barnes Book. i am so watching to read this but i just cant focus lately.


  1. Sort out kitchen, laundry, bathroom: I have every intention of working on the house before we have a rent inspection.
  2. konmari: hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  3. declutter: i have been writing down various new year declutter lists down, i have managed a couple of small things, but i am getting overwhelmed.

Hi 2017


Well hello there 2017,

Nice to finally meet you, I really look forward to getting to know you better. I know that 2016 sucked in so many ways, but i am hoping that 2017 brings us great joy and happiness, and that things that we have been hoping for happen.

I really can’t be stuffed doing a year in review because quite frankly there wasn’t a great deal that happened. Each week was pretty much the same… yes there where some amazing moments and great achievements amongst the everyday, but they where few and far between.

Cheers to an amazing New Year,





[Currently in December]

A year in review

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. Jack is returning to work in the New Year, Angel received a number of certificates & medals, competed in the Colour Run and Burnie 10 5k runs.

Achieved – working on the family history,

Admiring – All of the beautiful christmas trees that have been shared online

Anticipating – 2017

Blogging – i have blogged this year. probably not as much as i wished to, but most likely a lot more than people wanted me too

Buying – all of the things from kmart. got a new camera – olympus pen 7

Being – able to publish 1 copy of my own book.

Bookmarking – so may different things.

Cooking – Jack has been this year.

Considering – my options for 2017

Coveting – so many things

Craving – sleep

Creating – didnt create a lot this year, but worked on things that are part of the memory keeping process.

Current – trying to get the house organised.

Deciding – what to do next.

Disliking – being broke..

Disappointed – that i didnt get everything done this year.

Digging – that i got so much done this year that i wasnt expecting to do.

Drinking – wine & coffee… it has literally kept me sane.

Enjoying / Enjoyed – spending time with Jack.

Eating – trying to eat healthy but failed a lot.

Family Photo – i think we got about three this year.

Feeling – like a new beginning is in order. that a change is on its way.

Finally – things are looking up.

Following – who has passed away in 2016 has been exhausting. so many greats gone.

Habit – water… i was going well and then stopped.

Happy – that we are almost rid of 2016

Happening – new things on the horizon

Hoping – that the things that we have planned come to fruition.

Hearing – that singers and actors from your childhood / teen years have passed away, really makes you think of your own mortality

Keeping – an eye on the time.

Location – home… went to launceston and hobart this year but thats about it.

Looking – i am really unhappy with how i look at the moment, i am struggling to breathe, and my back is so sore.

Liking – that i am toking things off of the list

Loving – that jacks going back to work…

Listening – to the dishes clanking together (angels doing them)

Making – lists and plans

Main Goal This Week – do all of the things on my to do list

Marvelling at just how fast 2016 went

Needing Need to Finish – Not Digging -Noticing -Opening – Playing –

Planning – on lots of exciting things in 2017

Pondering Reading Sorting Sewing

Snacking ; oh so much snacking. i have literally put on 4 kilos in december

Smelling – the roast dinner we are having tonight

Waiting – for a coffee.

Watching – The gilmore girls, the x files, offspring, winners & losers, kimmy smidt, fuller house,

Wanting – to finish off my very long to do list

Wasting – my days watching binge tv

Weather – rain, snow, flooding, with sprinkles of sunshine.

Wearing – what i feel comfortable in.

Wishing – that 2017 was here already

What grind’s my Gears ; this year people in general

Wondering – what the next 12 months will bring

Wishing – you all a very happy and healthy and wonderful 2017

one little word : believe



A few days ago i shared that i was struggling to find my one little word for 2017. Well i was looking through the Hard to Find site and these jumped out at me. I am not sure why but Believe kept coming up. So i Believe that it was speaking to me and asking me to chose it as my word.

by Buena Vida @ hardtofind

I am hoping that these charms fit on the bracelet, I am also hoping to buy a couple of bracelets with the word and another quote on it. 


When we came to Tasmania on the cruise in 2009 i brought a Believe stone from the gift shop at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, and was also given the same one as a gift. When we where looking at moving to Tasmania i meditated a lot with these stones, and they are usually sitting around my desk. 

We have a couple of things that we are planning in 2017, will share when we know what’s happening, as there is no definite plans in place. 

I will keep you updated.


Jar of Memories

J A R O F M E M O R I E S 2 0 1 7

I’m doing a reverse one, i have spent this morning writing little prompts, notes & quotes onto the tickets that came with these jars that i brought a couple of years ago to do the above with and started but never got anywhere with it as things where either too big and bulky or it just didn’t happen. (ended up using the pieces of paper / memorabilia in our project life album).

We (Angel & I) counted 272 prompts etc so will take one out each day and do it and add to the other jar and work our way through that way. prompts came from pinterest so there are some double ups.

I got these from our local newsagents. there are various others available.

One Little Word 2017

One year ago today I wrote the post below. I have been pondering on my word for several weeks now, and i still don’t know yet what it will be. I worked on a short list but i am not feeling any connection with those words either:

Home // Commit // Family // Change

[A year of FOCUS]

Whilst it was a great word i didn’t really connect with it on any level. I am not sure as to why i didn’t connect with focus, or why i didn’t actually focus on much this year. It has been a strange year with Jack at home (Feb 16 – jan 17) & no car (From Feb then sold in June, and using Hire Cars, so not been out as much). Angel’s been doing her own activities and i am sure that will continue into next year. I haven’t even focused much on my blog just random posts here and there. I did focus on certain aspects of my life over the year such as my Family History, and getting books that i have wanted for many years as part of that, even printing my own book. Updating family books and getting two photo books printed (i still have ten months of books to make for project life) (which is something that i still want to do). But i think that fell into i was hitting boredom category rather than anything else.



So hard to believe that i started this one word for the year so many years ago. Here are the words that i have used …


2016 // Focus

This has been coming up over the past few weeks, i look forward to exploring this word over the coming year. I want to spend time focusing on my Hobbies, Photography, Health, Family & Home.

2015 // Love

Thanking this word for the past year and what it has brought me, I have learnt to love our home, the people that are in my life and to accept that although i need to make changes i can do this by sending love into the world.

2014 // Journey

Journey was more than just wanting to travel somewhere it was about enjoying what i had closert to home.

2013 // Be


2012 // Write

This is the year where i just wanted to write and journal, take notes and get things either onto paper or here on my blog, cant recall how much of that i managed to acheive. I wanted to get things down so i didnt forget them, i was still grieving for Dad, when we lost mum, so my heart was heavy and i had a lot of grief weighng me down.

2011 // Capture

Capture the moments, the memories, the little things in life through craft and the camera. Was a difficult year as we lost my dad.

2010 // New

We moved house, So a new town, new adventures, new memories to make.

2009 // Create

It feels like a lifetime ago when i chose this word, i would say that this was the height of my crafting years and this is when i was churning out layouts like a mad woman.