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A woman work is never done

Almost the end of another day, still a few things to do mainly the lounge..

AFTER 9AM – DONE *N* Straighten up mat in lounge, DONE *N* Put away jack and angels clothes that are on the lounge,
DONE *N* Straighten up couch, DONE *N* Clean kitchen benches, DONE *N* Wash dishes, DONE *N* Dry and put away dishes, DONE *N* Clean sink, *N* Sweep DONE / WASH (water is in bucket ready for floors to be washed) / VACCUM kitchen floor (DONE YESTERDAY), DONE *N* Clean kitchen table, DONE *N* Throw out rubbish, DONE *J* Put angels clothes on line, DONE *N* Put play station / games away,
DONE *J* Get jack to go and get the mail, DONE *J* / *N* Sort through mail and respond to any that needs immediate, attention, DONE *J* Get jack to go and get something for dinner, DONE *J* Put rubbish bin out, DONE *J* Bring rubbish bin back in, DONE *N* Water the plants on the back veranda, DONE *N* Get angel up, DONE *N* Give angel a shower, DONE *N* Do her hair, DONE *N* Give her breakfast, DONE *N* Put lunch in her bag, DONE *A* Make angels bed, DONE *A* Pick up angels clothes and put into wash, DONE *A* Pick up angels toys

STILL TO DO – *N* Throw out old newspapers / catalogues in the lounge, DONE *N* Clean pc desk, *N* Clean up and sort out scrapping stuff/desk, *N* Throw out any unwanted scrap paper, *N* Do some scrapping, *N* Upload pages to the scrap heap gallery, *N* Put files away onto small shelves, *N* Take angels dry clothes off line, fold and put in her room, *N* Wash angels school clothes, *N* Make our bed, *N* Pick up clothes off floor, DONE *N* Put dinner into slow cooker, *N* Throw out rubbish in the toilet, *N* Mop toilet floor (water is in bucket ready for floors to be washed), *N* Throw out rubbish in the bathroom, *N* Mop bathroom floor (water is in bucket ready for floors to be washed), *N* Clean basin, *N* Put toiletries away

AFTER 2.PM – DONE *N* Pick angel up from school, *N* Put any info onto fridge & wall calendars & in diary/pda, -NN4T-*N* Make angels lunch, DONE *N* Clean out her school bag, DONE *N* Check journal and any newsletters, DONE *N* Put her journal into her bag, *N* School clothes (top & pants) (WASH), DONE *N* Shoes (PUT IN HER BAG), *N* Socks (WASH), DONE *N* Hat (PUT IN HER BAG)

AFTER 6.PM – *N* Feed dog & cat, DONE *N* Give angel dinner, DONE *N* put angel to bed

*N* = Nicole to do
*J* = jack to do
*A* = angel to do

“Progress, Not Perfection” In 2007

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