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photo update

angel at cottesloe beach
some of the weired and wonderful sculptures

The indiana tea house

another one of the sculptures

What a long day today has been… got up, and got ready to go into town, left at around 10am stopped off at the Bindoon Bakery for our regular order of 2 Lattés and some snacks for the drive. I wanted to go to Joondalup to go to Officeworks; we did that (I got a new keyboard and mouse because my other ones died on me). Looked at the diary I wanted to get and then stupidly put it back. Jack got himself some blank DVD’s and angel got the wiggles DVD. We looked at the pet shop in Joondalup and then we went to Whitford City so I could get something with my Goldmark Birthday voucher – I ended up getting a silver bangle. Jack got a game that he wanted and Angel got a small pillow with her $5.00 that she had and I actually remembered to get the adhesive for my scrapping so I can scrap this week. YAY! Then we went to Cottesloe beach to look at the sculpture display that they have there (Jack got some great photos). After that we went to the RSPCA in Malaga to see if there where any puppies, there was nothing there all of the dogs in the kennels had not available on the doors. We then went to Midland to the pet shop, there where a couple of cute puppies in there, but the prices that they want for dogs now is just ridiculous $400 and upwards most being around the $600 dollar mark, that’s just way too much for a dog. We then went to Coles in Swan View (yes I know we did the rounds today), did some much needed grocery shopping a few hundred $$$ later we packed it all into the car and headed home. Stopped off at the Chittering Roadhouse to get something to eat and drink (another regular stop off point on the way home from a long day in the city) finally got home at around 6.40pm. I have had a headache which has now become a migraine since the Chittering stop. Angels in her room watching her Wiggles DVD with Holly. (Holly is inside because she tried to follow Jack to the barn. Jacks gone to the barn to play his new game that he brought. I have had a couple of nurophen, but think I might go and run myself a nice warm bath, and hope to get rid of this pounding in my head..

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