Ohlife.com Friday, Dec 31

Just after 5pm on New Years Eve, so many plans that where not to be, the house is still a mess unfortunately, not how I wanted to start the New Year at all. Jacks gone into town to get some nibbles for tonight, it is just the three of us but that is all right.

Dinner was beautiful, roast pork cooked in the new Cast Iron casserole dish, oh so yummy and oh so delish. After his visit to the hospital yesterday, Jack is feeling better.

Time to clear the slate and make amends with people that I no longer have in my life, see below this post my New Years Letter.

I finished my A-Z of Christmas and have posted it off to snapfish for printing, looking forward to seeing the finished book. Time to update my shuttercal for the year, and then to put everything over to the external hard drive for a fresh start to 2011.

To those, who are reading this blog, thank you for stopping by and listening to my ramblings. Happy New Year to you.

Nicole Beltane

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