Love Saturday mission 5

Love Saturday started with me replanting the four herbs that we brought last weekend.


Well it was a fairly quiet Love Saturday in the House Of Beltane. 

No cake making made which makes a change as i have made one the past three saturdays. 


Had a nap this afternoon. 

 Tried drinking coffee twice, didnt feel like it. 

Tried just having a wine, didnt feel like that either.

I must be coming down with something. 


it sounds like the girls had a ball at the hens night last night for my sister, if the photos are anything to go by. i will need to get myself organised as i don't even know what i am going to wear to the wedding. 


until tomorrow 

Click link to see more ❤ Saturday photos  

image from


Redecorated some more. J and i put up the rest of the screening   

The photo of a's doll cracks me up  

Started playing with some of the flowers.  

even managed to find a shell

started phoffing around with the flowers and adding things 

like a doily jar and cordial bottle



a close up of the replanted herbs

found this in my sewing room

found that this angel is actually a tea light candle

the light fixture i made

love this pic. added some capsicums to the basket and some more flowers 

brought the basket inside

J made me a cup of tea. 

moved the flowers into a vase 







Pumpkin soup for dinner, 

2 Replies to “Love Saturday mission 5”

  1. Thanks Lynne,
    yep think the light needs some crystals and stuff on it, needs bling.
    i hope so too, have felt blah for too long now


  2. Lovely again.
    I adore the light fixture! It is a place to sit and sit often, hope you feel better quickly


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