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Today appears to have been all about Magazines, i have already shared MrB's Magazine with you, he is already working on issue 2 as i write this. as well as Mollie Makes. i have for the past few days been searching my iPad for more of these style magazine and have found a lovely one called Making magazine, which is in the same style as Mollie makes. then there is of course my favourite iPad magazine Martha Stewart. 


Tonight is the final Episode ever of Brothers & Sisters. i am really going to miss watching the Walkers each week. The drama, the laughter, the tears, the memories of sharing a show via Facebook, and chatting to friends about the episode. i at least have my box set of DVD's i got for christmas to keep me going. 


You know how some mornings you get up and from the minute you do you know you should have stayed in bed. LadyA asked me to let the cat inside and as i closed the back door i jammed my finger in it and it caused a blood blister. The end of brothers and sisters. i ran out of milk this morning, my diary i ordered still hasn't arrived, and when i did go to get a coffee i discovered that silly me had left the oven on low all night.. not the brightest thing in the world to do.. 


Whats on the table:

Peanut satay mince with rice. and chocolate cake for dessert. 

Plinky -  

Something I Wish I Hadn't Thrown Away. I didn't throw it away but it did get thrown away while in my possession. A blanket that belonged to my great grandmother.


mindbump suggested by The Pencil Sharpener

"Pick a person that you know and dislike greatly. The more you dislike them the better. Write about what you admire about them…or what could admire about them."

although i try not to dislike people and i don't wish to mention names, there are several people that have cut there friendships with me for reasons unknown to me. i admire all three for different reasons. 1. is the queen of craft. 2. is very shabby. 3. the other has survived much sadness and come out the other side a new woman. 

The imagination prompt generator:  

Did you have a bicycle? What was it like? yes i once did, it was an old fashioned english fold up bicycle. it sadly died a horrible death. My brother and i where ridding our bikes down a steep hill at the back of our house and i swerved to miss a car and went into a tree, the bike folded like a book. 

The one minute writer –  

What do you expect today? Today i expected my diary that i ordered on the 1st of june to turn up.

Until tomorrow

Much love Monday

Mrs B

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