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Week in the Life – Day 1


Week in The Life Day 1

Pop On over to for more information on Week in the Life. 

I have done this a couple of times before and its always quite a bit of fun. 

The view out my window today:

Recently Updated58a little dark and dreary out. 

Q&A a day Question:

* if you could hire any artist for the day [living or dead] to paint your portrait who would it be? Picasso, no idea why… 

@ Our Place today: 


Day 1:

MrB has gone detecting. LadyA and Mia are both sound asleep. I am heading off to dreamland shortly hopefully sleep will come to me quickly. Just realized its going to be the only sleep in for a while with school starting back tomorrow had better make the most of it. 

Day 1 10:30am ~ Had a call from mum, Still in bed- Reminder to self GO TO BED EARLY TONIGHT!!!!! No idea what's on the agenda for today. 


Day 1 1:15pm ~ Well so far it's like any other day in the house of Beltane – boring……  A minor miracle may have occurred in that I can see the floor in LadyA's room.  MrB has gone to get milk and butter so I can make some scones.

Leaning tower of coffee cake left overs


then outside to turn this 

27022011_2in this

Recently Updated54The scones that dont quite look like scones Recently Updated52

Taking delight in the little things

like Flowers in the garden

Recently Updated53artwork
Recently Updated56the cats 

Recently Updated55
Blogging about: 

* Monday Memories

Whats on the table: 

homemade meat pie and veggies. 

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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