Start the Car Jack Start the Car!!!!! Part 3

Shopping with mrsb

Three you say.. Three….

Oh my oh more {IKEA} oh me…

this time its just stuff that i adore and

even though i dont need any more

i could make it fit {somehow!!!}

would love a couple of these on the back wall in the lounge or either side of the fireplace.


Click on link for more…..{for those that have come straigt to the post no link}

actually this whole series screams fabulosity…

Isala-coffee-table__0123476_PE279635_S4Isala-coffee-table__0123476_PE279635_S4im thinking sewing room for this one, maybe not with those legs though they are awful. someithing eligant like the ones above


I ❤ desks and alway have way too many.. but love these..

Alve-laptop-table__0094160_PE231895_S4Alve-laptop-table__0094160_PE231895_S4 Alve-laptop-table__0094160_PE231895_S4

Expedit-desk-combination__0094344_PE232230_S4of course every desk that i dont really need needs a chair, i am sure they used to have this in white.

Gregor-swivel-chair__0113408_PE265583_S4now back to furniture for other rooms, any of these would fit well in any room of our place. anything that provides extra storage.


oh how i love love love this one, even if it is a wardrobe and you would see all of my clothese through it.. Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4

we have this already but it needs to be sanded down and repainted. Birkeland-chest-of--drawers__0107503_PE257185_S4

ok thats it for today, hope you have enjoyed my shop around IKEA.


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