1|366 :::::Happy New Year / Challenges:::::


January 1st 2012

{PS: it always helps to post these things and not leave them sitting in my drafts folder}


Welcome to my first daily post of 2012. i have somehow gone from trying NOT to do any of the challenges to signing my self up for several of them. 


| Project 365 | 

| Photo a Day |



| Capture your 365

JanuaryList2012| 365 – Documenting the Everyday (Facebook) | 

which is just uploading the photo a day

| Lifestyle changes in 2012 {FACEBOOK} | 

Pretty much outlines what i want to change

| De-cluttering the house | 

on one of the flylady groups. my aim is to get rid of a lot of the clutter that we have been carrying with us for many years. 

| Losing weight | 

an ongoing goal from November 2011. I started at 86Kgs, and go into 2012 at 81.7kgs

| My one little word – Write |

| Gratitude Journal |

i started this a few weeks ago with an ipad app. 

52 weeks to simplify your life | *added in*

See post above this one for more information


So I'm figuring i can combine all of the photo ones as they all pretty much do the same thing. The lifestyle changes are pretty much de-cluttering, and losing weight. so that really brings it down to three things when you look at it doesnt it.. LOL.. i will keep telling myself that :). 


anyhooo day 1 of this new journey i:

  • Took a family photo at around midnight. 
  • Weighed in at 81.7
  • did 15 minutes on the wii before flaking out. 
  • Made the most delicious bowl of Cherries and Cream & a glass of Lime Vodka. 
  • Not long after i fell asleep on the lounge.. 
  • Jack {yes i am going back to calling him that, if i am going to blog i may as well blog straight up and be us}, got us subway for dinner 
  • Took a detox Bath
  • re-started the Blood Countess – Tara Moss, and got further into it than i had managed before. 
  • went straight to bed.


Also loving the quotes and manifestos around of late and these  jumped out at me this morning. 



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