It’s Friday, Apr 13 – How did your day go?

A few days ago i did the soundtrack of your life post, today i have been sitting here downloading CD‘s to my new MacBook. So much great music. So many memories from movies that i have loved watching, tv shows, concerts that i have been too.

13th April 2012


Fat mum slim photo a day: something you found

Capture your 365: first
Happy first birthday to my cousins little girl Sophie.

Typo: typography

Hipstamatic: The everyday stuffWrite:


Q&A a day: What is your favourite thing to do on a saturday morning. I love to go to a local market, and then out for a coffee or some lunch.

Kikki K Journalling prompt: What would the perfect date involve for you? Realistic or otherwise…whatever equates to perfect for you. It would be pretty much the same as above, Jack and i going out for lunch together, or a coffee. I really enjoy our little coffee dates we have every couple of weeks. Don’t

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