July Days

In the Diary / Whats on the Agenda for July.

Week 1: Market Day | Spend first part of the week de-cluttering house and getting ready for Rent Inspection| Rent Inspection | School Holidays Start
Week 2: School Holidays
Week 3: School Holidays | Jack on course for a week | Local Market Day.
Week 4: School goes back.

Photos & Journalling:

Winter has settled in, and organising things to do with the plan seems to take up much of my time, but i still try to take a couple of photos each day. Wether they be with my Point & Shoot or my iPhone. This past week the Dreaded Lurggy has kept me confined to the lounge room, and not really in the mood to take any shots.

Fat Mum Slim http://fatmumslim.com.au/photo-a-day-july-see-the-list-join-the-challenge/

1. Self portrait: a photo of yourself that you’ve taken {get creative, take a photo of your reflection maybe?}
2. Busy: take a photo of something busy – the street, your to-do list, people shopping, just something that represents busy
3. Best part of your day: What’s the best part of your day? Your morning coffee? Seeing your kids or loved one? Going for a walk? Snap it and share it.
4. Fun: Shoot a picture of something fun or something you enjoy doing.
5. On the floor: Take a picture of something on the floor. Your feet, patterned tiles, toys, grass – what’s beneath your feet?
6. Chair: Take a photo of a chair you see in your travels or at home/work/school etc.
7. Garden: Take a photo of a garden, yours or someone elses!
8. Lunch: What’s for lunch today? Take a photo before you eat it!
9. Big: Take a photo of something big. Perhaps make it look bigger by getting down low and shooting it looking up?
10. Your favourite colour: What’s your fave colour right now? Take a photo of it.
11. Letter: Take a photo of a letter, perhaps one you get in the mail, one you wrote or even a letter from the alphabet {in a sign, or in a book or somewhere else!}
12. Texture: This is a toughy! Take a photo of something with texture; carpet, wood, a painting anything that has texture in it.
13. Open: Take a picture of an open sign, or something open; a door, a jar, anything that can be ‘open’!
14. Building: Take a photo of a building you see. It could be a big or small building.
15. Finger: Take a photo of a finger, yours, someone elses, a finger sign or even a toy finger or sorts.
16. Sign: Get creative! Find a sign {a street sign, someone doing sign language or even a sign of fate!}
17. Your addiction: What’s your guilty pleasure? What do you love? What are you addicted to? Share it!
18. Plate: Take a picture of of a plate, with or without food on it.
19. Animal/insect/pet: Take a photo of a little critter or a big critter today.
20. Eyes: Take a photo of eyes, on you, someone else, a pet or even a toy.
21. 9 o’clock: Take a photo of what ever you’re doing at 9am or 9pm. Your choice.
22. Upside down: Take a different look at the world. Take a photo upside-down or of something upside-down.
23. Mirror: Take a photo of a mirror, or or your reflection in the mirror.
24. A stranger: Be brave or sneaky. Take a photo of a perfect stranger.
25. Heart: Take a photo of a heart.
26. Sunshine: Shoot the sun! Easy!
27: On the road: Take a photo of something on the road; you driving, other cars, paint on the road or anything!
28. Cup: What’s your favourite cup to drink from? Or a trophy cup you won? Or a drink you had today. Shoot it and share it.
29. Last thing you bought: Was it something as exciting or toilet paper? Or something more extravagant? Share it!
30. Calm: Earlier in the month we shot busy, now let’s shoot something calm. What’s calm in your life today?
31. Toothbrush: Boring right? Make it interesting. Play with apps {if you’re using a smartphone} to make it more interesting. Have fun!

Capture Your 365+1 http://captureyour365.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/2012-7-July-Idea-List.pdf

Q&A a Day http://www.amazon.com/Q-A-Day-5-Year-Journal/dp/0307719774

Kikki K Journalling Prompts http://www.kikki-k.com/blogs/blog/journaling-prompts/

Decluttering: http://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com/support-files/declutter-your-home-calendar-july-2012.pdf

Just found this one on Facebook so adding it in as well.


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