Daily Prompt: Just a Dream 21/12/12

Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

by michelle w.

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

Behind Door number Two

After another day of dealing with stuff, i finally fell into bed,
It took some time with the days events swimming around in my head.
Checking over and over again the lists and chores that i missed
sleep finally came after my sweet husbands kiss.

In a hall i did find myself three choices i had to make.

A door on the left with a bell to ring,
A door on the right with Rose Leadlight,
Another door a head of me next to it a very large tree.

Spinning, spinning around and round.
Looking from one door to the next until i settled on which one to choose.
That ended up being door number Two.
The one to the right with the Rose LeadLight.

Slowly ever so slowly, i move towards it,
and turn the handle, the door creaking as i open it.
it hits me as soon as i open the door.
The smell of roses all over the floor.
Not to far away a small table with a vase tipped over.
The curtains blowing gently in the breeze, the window behind it open.
Which explains the roses on the floor and why the room felt so cold.

Looking further around the room i could see a table and some chairs.
The table set for a dinner for two.
Perhaps who ever lives here was expecting me to visit.
I take a seat by the window. The cool breeze still blowing through.
The door on the opposite side of the room opens,
but then i open my eyes and wake from my dream
never knowing who that person was behind door number two.


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