Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

I am in the lounge room of a little cottage not far from the sea. I see a large lounge scattered with cushions, a tray with some drinks upon it. on the other side a large window, either side of that a TV cabinet/small bookcases, another part of the lounge seating with even more cushions. under the window a small bench seat. Behind the lounge is a large bookcase with some books and decorator items. beyond that in the dining room a table, plate cabinet, bakers rack, drink’s trolley & desk.

The person that lives here looks like they love birds, flowers, all things typography & parisian. They have assorted nicknacks around the room. The couch to me looks like its big enough to seat ten, although with the amount of cushions i see you can only seat three before you have to start throwing them on the floor. They like to think that they are neat and tidy, but there is a couple of clutter clusters around the room that could do with some attention.

With a blog called Family, photos, food & craft as i look around i don’t see any family photos on display, which i find quite odd. I do see some of the painted furniture that has been featured on the blog though.

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