Life at Number 6

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Daily Prompt: Erasure

You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?

There are probably many instances i could write in detail here, but i won’t. I would say over the past couple of years the biggest thing that has been the cause of much pain has been using Facebook. I wouldn’t erase it as it has become a lifeline, but i would make better choices on who i was friends with, and who and what i chose to share with the world. Although in saying that the people that i was once really close too have distanced themselves from me or i have distanced myself from them. So thats quite upsetting and a few of them i really miss.

Like with all things it has its good and bad, pro’s and con’s. Whilst we can’t erase the past, and things that have happened, we can learn from it, and take with it the best parts of the memories made with the people no longer in our lives. The late night laughs, the long chats. Sharing in the highs and lows of their lives, loves and everything in between. The memories alone are worth the pain eventually caused.

19 thoughts on “12:3 Daily Prompt: Erasure

  1. “Friends” & also family members (that is what hurts the most). I hope over time i can repair some of the damage.


  2. i have in the past had to deactivate. At the moment i am not posting on my main FB page but on my Blog FB page, not any personal stuff just sharing things on there instead of the other one.


  3. kansamuse says:

    I hope things work out for you with facebook. I have friends in facebook that I friended to play games with but now that I don’t I am having a hard time defriending them because I do not like to hurt feelings. Luckily I have not had too bad experience with the site.


  4. Amba says:

    I agree on both counts. Controlling what we share and who we share it with on FB has become so hard, I actually deactivated my account for a bit. Just to get a breather! 🙂 I think most of would hold to most memories, no matter how bad or good, because they are in some way or the other, linked to the good times 🙂 Loved your post!


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