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9|4 Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.

This could be a large portion of my blog, and i still have a long way to go of fixing things and improving them. One post that could have been better is this one.

15th Feb 2005

Hi From Me, hello out there in blog land. i am Nic. i am 31, Married to my best friend & soulmate DH. we have 1 daughter DD. (ms.3)… 1 dog Holly, and three cats – Mitzy, Lucy Lu & Ikea (Kiki). i love to Scrapbook, chat on e-mail.

Now looking back on it, this was so basic, and for a first blog post really BORING. Now if writing my first blog post it would go something like this (totally lifted from my about page).

Hello to you Dear Reader, Welcome to my little place online, This is far from my first attempt at aWordPress blog, i have tried in the past to blog here and it didn’t work for me so giving it another go. So a little bit about who i am: My name is Nicole. I have just turned 40. I am married to a saint of a man, he is my everything his name is Jack. We have a daughter, Angel. I am a Home Executive {Stay@home mum), We live in Tasmania, Have 1 dog, 2 kittens. My various loves include. Spending way too much time blogging and on the internet in general. Painting things white – Mostly furniture that we have brought from a local buy and sell shop and local buy and sell Facebook page. I love decorating and spend a lot of time trawling decorating blogs. I like to take photos but i am not a photographer. I buy way too many handbags and could start my own shop with the amount i have. I also have a way too big collection of scarves thanks to the influence of one of my favourite TV shows – Offsping. Also love Spirited, Revenge, Packed to the Rafters, Winners & Losers, Prisoner, Smash and way to many other TV shows. For the people that have been long time readers and that know me well they would know that i am a tad crazy about Jimmy Barnes & Cold Chisel. Unknown but odd facts about me. I was born on the very same day that The Young and the Restless premiered in America. I have never driven a car or gone for my licence. I am only 4ft3 & my husband is 6ft. I mostly wear black, and have since i was about 14.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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