List 10 random things about yourself {30.4}

I was born on the same day at the Young & the Restless started We both just turned 40.

I don’t have my licence and have never driven a car.

I met my husband on a yahoo group

I have a 17year old stepson, a 16 year old step daughter and an 11 year old daughter.

I had a brother who was still born called Shane, My name is Nicole, My Stepbrother is Shane, and my stepsister is Nicole.

I don’t know how to knit.

I still have to spell my middle name out in my head.

I refuse to eat Fish or Strawberries.

I am only 137cm’s Tall (Short) 🙂

I wear mostly black and have done since i was 15, although i have added a lot more grey in the past year or so.

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