It’s Thursday, Jul 25 – How did your day go?

#fms #photoaday day 5 shadow
#fms #photoaday day 5 shadow (Photo credit: witchiegirlau)


It has been a real quiet one today. Now if i could get rid of my migraine it would be a lot better.

Have spent hours trying to locate a way to do this years FMS / 365 photo project, and i am fast running out of ideas.

  • The photos that i got from shutter cal don’t actually fit into the SMASH book that i was going to put them in.
  • I have the red kikki k 365 book, but used these print size last year and it really makes the book bulky.
  • Looked into various digital methods – Shutterfly {project 365}, Harvey Norman, Apple iPhoto album, Snapfish, and they are all so expensive to have printed and the photo sizes just don’t work. Which in turn leaves me wondering would the actual Project Life Album work anyway.

anyone have any ideas as to what i can do?

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