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#craft: When you’re hobby turns into a chore.

Keep Calm & Craft On.

We all have various hobbies, and interests. But what happens when that hobby turns from something you once enjoyed to something that even the thought of it turns you off it.

I was like this a couple of years ago with scrapbooking, i spent thousands and thousands, and printed off so many photos, and made so many albums, and then everyone started doing it, and my interest in it waned, and i started to despise it, i didn’t get that enjoyment out of it anymore.

It is only since i have been doing project life that my interest in it has reignited, and i am really starting to enjoy it. Perhaps i just needed the break from it.

Over the years i have had so many assorted hobbies, that i have discarded. But the collecting of memories, in whatever form hasn’t been one of them. I am still very passionate about that and i guess as long as i live i will be, Finding the various mediums to help with that is the fun part though.

Have you got a hobby that you have tired of?

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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