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23/10 Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV

Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV

by michelle w.

Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog? Photographers, artists, poets: show us LATE. Thanks for the great idea, Jennifer! Please note that comments are always closed […]

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Don’t you just hate those infomercials, and then find yourself unable to sleep or stuck home sick and they come on, and they sucker you in to their web, and make you want what they are selling, like it’s going to change you’re life in so many wonderful ways that you just can’t possibly life without it..

Welcome back to The Shop until you Drop Chanel. (TSUYDC)…

I am Angela and i am here to bring you the most wonderful blog you have ever seen.. This blog has so many fantastic ideas on it, ideas that you need to get onto..

Here is the blog owner Nicole Beltane..

A: Nicole tell us what you’re blog is about.

N: Hi Angela, thanks for having me on TSUYDC, And thank you viewers for tuning in. I started blogging sporadically in 2005, before this i had written various websites and blogs that never came of anything. has been my passion and life for a couple of years now, and has morphed into something way bigger than i ever imagined. I write about family, my love for preserving my families history in the form of photos, photography and memorabilia, and memories, the recipes that have been passed down to me, and that i cook for my husband and daughter, and the various crafts that i dabble in.

A: So Nicole to start us off we will start at the beginning, “FAMILY”..

N: Like so many of us in the world, Family is the core of our being, they are what makes us tick, and thrive and make us the people that we are. My first family: My Mother and Father have both passed away, and my Sister & Brother live interstate. My little family consists of my husband and daughter. I have a HUGE family tree with many and varied branches on it.

A: So Family leads us to "PHOTOS”

N: Photos and memory keeping is my life, most days i am either taking photos, collating and putting them into order and writing down the things that i can remember.

A: how long have you been interesting in Family History.

N: Oh for many years, my great uncle wrote a book on our family tree, and since my parents passing it has made me more aware of how much we need to take note of and write down for future generations to have access too. Once the people are gone, so is that information.

A: is a must read blog.. So food, we all know its a part of everyday life, what makes it so important for you to write about.

N: As i have touched on earlier my parents and grandparents have all passed on, as we age we want to keep up certain traditions to pass down to our own children, apart from memory keeping, we share those traditions in the form of passing down recipes that have been shared with us from previous generations.

A: How does craft figure in to your blog & memory keeping.

N: Around the same time i started blogging i also started scrapbooking, so i have over the years tied these either into the same blog or spread over a couple of blogs, In more recent months i have been using Becky Higgins Project Life. i take photos of family, photos, food & craft, so it all ties in with each other.

A: Thanks Nicole for introducing us to, viewers if you go to you can find out more information on family, photos, food & craft.

N: Thanks Angela & viewers for letting me share and my life with you.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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