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It’s Saturday, Oct 26 – How did your day go?

We took Tassie Detecting to Market today for the first time, only a couple of sales, but hopefully it got the word out a little more.

Unloaded everything at home and headed off to Shiploads.. OMG so love the fact that it is now so close to us and we don’t have to travel over an hour away.. I grabbed some jars for my loose leaf tea, a blackboard which i LOVE, and a couple of things for the kitchen.

Today has been all about “Food”, but in the new things new things to make life easier in the kitchen kind of way.. now i am going to be a total slacker here and post pics from the manufactures, cause i haven’t taken any pics myself yet.


First up was a passing comment on PM to Jack last night about a dishwasher, i happened to say oh i like this one.. Its the Glem Freestanding Dishwasher. We have had Dishdrawers for a few years now, a majority of that time not connected. After arguing with Angel to do the dishes, one too many times i had had enough last night and made the flippant comment to jack, who knew that he would take me seriously. we shall ignore the fact that we had to travel that hour away where the other Shiploads store is (i didn’t go in though)… to pick this up.


As a consequence we where able to take up Harvey Norman on their deal for this weekend of buy a dishwasher and get an LG Microwave for $1.00 yes a dollar. We got rid of our old microwave when we left WA, so haven’t had one for over a year, there are times when i thought oh i wish i still had that, but always found a work around. And really at that price how can you say no to it..


We then headed off to Target as i had mentioned to Jack that i wanted to look at something (yes i fully realise that theses have had problems, and i would dearly LOVE a thermomix)… So i bit the bullet and brought an Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master until i can get the money to get a Thermomix. so any advice or tips that i should know. (apart from go and get a Thermomix, unless you are happily going to buy me one) . i have joined the Bellini group so will check that out shortly, just downloading the recipe books i have found. not sure what i should make first. Will be using it along with my Jamie Oliver Homecooker which i use most days. And no i won’t be getting rid of my Kitchenaid, we have been together for too long to break up now. Just got the Bellini to try out while i wait for the thermomix to appear by magic on my doorstep..


Jack had a nap as he is working tonight, and then we went to woolworths where they had the Caffitaly Coffee Machine for $39.00 now i can’t resist a bargain, We brought a Nescafe Dolcie Gusto only months ago, but i have noticed that Woolworths are stocking less and less of the flavours, so getting a woolworths machine where it not only fits the select brand, but also Gloria Jeans & Map capsules, is a godsend, and the best bit it fits Twinnings Tea Capsules which i absolutely LOVE.

only problem now is i have realised i need a new Kettle and Toaster, a dinner set and cutlery set… not sure about the last two but the kettle and toaster i have found is the Delongi Vintage series as i think the kitchen needs a bit of pretty sky-blue vintage touch..

and to end the night this happened

i set the new coffee machine up, and made a coffee, poured the milk in and this happened.. makes me smile.. which i think is a great way to end a really busy day

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