Meal plan 17-23 Feb


So i went in for a heart check up today, and found that i have very high cholesterol and need to cut down the amount of carbohydrates that i eat and also the amount of sugar as i am on the boarder of having diabetes. I am using the Lorna Jane 2014 Move Nourish Believe Diary and also the Lorna Jane Active Living Planner to note down what steps i do, any exercise, yoga, meditation, water intake etc.

This week i have had a look through the recipes on the Lorna Jane website and have chosen the following.

Monday: Lentil Patties

Tuesday: Quinoa Fried Rice

Wednesday: Frittatta

Thursday: Kebabs

Friday: Slow Cooked Beef ragu

Saturday: Mango Stirfry

Sunday: Super Food Salad