One Little Word – February


*edited to note* This is an ongoing section of my One Little Word project so will be added too. 



January: January was an incredible month with a fair bit of Travel {Hobart, Port Arthur, Fat Pig Farm}, it was also an emotional journey as i was quite sick with Food Poisoning. 

February: After further visits to the Dr’s and him telling me that i need to lose weight i embarked on a healthy eating and exercising regime.

March: The exercising part of my weight loss journey fell by the wayside, but i started on the Susie Burrell Shape me 30 Day Plan. I didn’t lose any weight but we where a lot more organised and ate healthier for the month. 

April: My JOURNEY this month is about changes and making them both personally and in our business. There is more about this in my Letting go letter. 










1. Move, Nourish, Believe

2. Hydrate

3. Make more of an effort.

4. Get more organised. 

5. Take time out.

6. Love beyond words. 

7. Make moments and memories.

8. Tell those that i love how much they mean to me.. 

9. Take more family photos.

10. Do more, Be more, See more. 

11. Be Present. 

12. Believe in yourself!!!

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