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Where to start… all of my books need updating…

  • Project life: I have about a week to catch up on & a couple of photos to re-take. I started working on this a few days ago.
  • Family Album.: I have been slowly adding in the old photos, and have found that it takes up a loss less room to have them in a Project Life format than it does having them in individual boxes.
  • Scrapbooking Albums: I was recently sent 70+ 12×12 plastic pages and have managed to get a few more packets from our local cheap shop to put away around 200 of the 600+ scrapbooking pages into albums. I took all of the pages out of the old albums at the beginning of the year and threw the old broken albums away. This is a HUGE job, and a lot of the pages need to be sorted through first.
  • One little word: Going to create a canvas for that need to work out how i am going to create my word on it. Really looking forward to working on this.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner: Work on my menu plan for next week, and double check i have written everything down.
  • Kikki K Family Diary: Most of this now goes into my ECLP.
  • Lorna Jane Diary & Active Living Planner: Update for the past few days and look at next week’s fitness plans.
  • Dear Mum & My Life Story books: Both need a major update.
  • Q&A A Day & Happiness Journal.: I really want to catch up on this one. Thinking i will just start at today and go from there.
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