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Blog Everyday in May…

Love Happily Daily is doing a month of prompts, i have done this a few times here on my blog over the years and always find a new take on a prompt. So look forward to trying this one.

And here are the prompts:

Day 1, Thursday: Goal setting.  What are your plans for today?  (And/or this week?  This month?  This year?)

Day 2, Friday: What’s in your cup?

Day 3, Saturday: Write a Less/More list.  (For example, less watching – more dancing.)

Day 4, Sunday: What’s a compliment you have been given that has stuck with you? Who gave it to you? When? Where?

Day 5, Monday: Write a ‘How to’ post teaching everyone … well, how to do something! Cooking, crafting, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Day 6, Tuesday: A favourite photo of you.

Day 7, Wednesday:  Where are you writing from today?

Day 8, Thursday:  Share a book that you’d like to read, but haven’t yet.  What draws you to it?

Day 9, Friday:  5 things you love on a Friday.

Day 10, Saturday: A fashion, beauty or life tip.

Day 11, Sunday:  Go for a photo walk.  (It’s a walk where you take lots of great photos and share them.)

Day 12, Monday:  Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline).

Day 13, Tuesday: Write a poem or piece of creative prose.

Day 14, Wednesday: Make us laugh.  Share a funny story or picture.

Day 15, Thursday: Create or share a poster, card or artwork that shares a message that inspires you.

Day 16, Friday: Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.

Day 17, Saturday: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.

Day 18, Sunday: 10 things that make you happy.

Day 19, Monday: Dream job?

Day 20, Tuesday: Who inspires you?

Day 21, Wednesday: What’s on your plate?

Day 22, Thursday: Share a video clip that you are loving at the moment.  It could be as simple as a song on YouTube or an inspirational speaker on TED Talks.

Day 23, Friday: Write a post about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left you.

Day 24, Saturday: If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?

Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead.

Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.

Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.

Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love?  Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?

Day 29, Thursday: What have you said ‘yes’ to today?

Day 30, Friday: Best advice you’ve received lately.

Day 31, Saturday: Gratitude.


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