Blog Everyday in May – Day 13

Day 13, Tuesday: Write a poem or piece of creative prose.
Goodness me, this is going to be so difficult.
I used to be able to write poetry,  
But these days the words seem to escape me. 
Even in some of the posts i have been writing,  
I have been struggling to come up with something. 
Just putting words on a page, 
Doesn’t seem to be enough in this day and age. 
It has to stand out from the crowd, 
Shouting from the roof tops really loud. 
Echoing through the distance, 
Telling me that i need more Persistence. 
I need to get out of the mindset that i can’t do it because i can, 
I just need to get to the task at hand. 
So I just sit and write and write 
Because it might 
not make a great deal of sense, 
but i do get there in the end.

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