Blog Everyday in May – Day 27



Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.


This morning i have sat down to go through what unfinished projects i  have that i want to finish over the next couple of days. I am astounded that i have so many things on the go, especially since i started the month not only up-to-date but also organised, and now i have fallen in a heap so to speak and have no idea what i am doing.

On the weekend i wrote a list of things up and have been slowly crossing those off so i will go through that first and then i will list the projects that i am doing.


Ten things today that i need to update or finish off!

  1. Organise Jars & Pantry. (STARTED)
  2. Clean out cup/ glass cupboard
  3. Sort out photos taken yesterday (DONE) 
  4. Print out photo’s (STARTED)
  5. Update Project Life (STARTED)
  6. 100 happy days
  7. 52 weeks of art journalling
  8.  One Little word
  9. Sign up for yesterday today course.  (DONE)
  10. Update blog for next week. (STARTED)


  1. Project Life
  2. 52 weeks of Art Journalling
  3. One Little Word
  4. Yesterday and Today
  5. #100happydays
  6. FMS Photo A day
  7. 52 Lists
  8. Blog Everyday in May



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