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I am a bit late to the party with this one, but with all of the other things I have been doing i am not surprised. I just spent a little time going through the photos taken of me or that i have taken of me in the past month. So i am going to combine the whole week into one post. (For more information on this project please visit Heidi Swapp’s Website)

How do i feel about these???? Well i don’t like them, but coming from someone that really prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it that doesn’t come as a shock. The bottom photo above was put onto Facebook, and i was compared to my grandmother, now don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have been put into the same category as a woman that i love and admire. But it also makes me feel very uncomfortable.

This is the questionnaire on Heidi’s Website.

  • What does beauty mean to you? To me beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I look at Jack and can’t believe how lucky i am to have such a good-looking husband, but then I look at myself and feel ashamed, overweight, and ugly. I guess that he doesn’t see me that way, because we are still together after all of these years, and we made a beautiful daughter together. But I still feel that way, and probably always will.
  • Do you compare yourself to others? I do. I don’t feel like I am stunningly beautiful, or even remotely beautiful or that i have a pretty feature. In-fact i tend to find more wrong with me rather than more right.
  • Why or why not do you have trouble taking a “selfie”? Yes i do. I just don’t feel comfortable, and it makes me very insecure.
  • What do you not like about looking at your photographs? My face… It is so round and pudgy, my hair is so limp and lifeless. i have lines and freckles, and over the past few months have notices blood dots appearing, no idea what the cause is, but they are there. I also see a great sadness in my eyes.
  • Is that why you do/or do not take pictures of yourself? Yes, i just don’t like having photos of me taken. Plus my weight doesn’t help.
  • If you could describe yourself, what would you say are your beautiful qualities? (inner and outer beauty?)… I am struggling to come up with anything at this point.
  • What things are you insecure about when it comes to your appearance? EVERYTHING!!!

Beauty Feature and a couple of filters… make things look a lot better than they really are… Goes to prove how fake things are… I really struggled with taking these.

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