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Kitchen Wars

In recent days on a couple of Facebook groups I am on there has been a war of words in regards to the Thermomix v’s the Bellini and any other version of a Thermomixer. There appears to be this great divide between those that can afford an almost $2000 machine v’s those that buy the knock off versions. There is the whole debate on why would you spend $2000 on a machine that does the same thing as a $200 – $800 one. Then there is the whole brand v’s brand wars. When even a cheaper version is better than an even cheaper version, and don’t get me started on versions that are identical but sold for different prices.

I have spent that + more on a coffee machine, i have spent that on an oven, and yes if given the money i would gladly buy a Thermomix without any hesitation. I have wanted one for about 3 or 4 years now. Slowly a majority of the people on my Facebook account have gotten one, which is killing me because i am still waiting. The pull of buying a new camera has always come first though. Before moving to Tasmania Jack promised me i could get one, 2 years on i still don’t have it… HMMM…. but i digress…

Now if you where to take a walk around my kitchen you will find a variety of products at different price points.

K I T C H E N A I D:

I lusted and I mean lusted after a KA stand mixer and when Jack brought me one in 2007 I was over the moon and fell head over heals in love with her. So pretty, so Pink and for years has been my extra hand in the kitchen. Jack and Angel have no problems in creating delicious breads and cakes and more either. So she really has been an investment. In 2008 i got the KA Blender and then later in the year the Food Processor. The Blender has been great and I have used it mostly for soups and smoothies. The Food Processor I really haven’t used a great deal and thats a shame as its a great product.. I have loved the Kitchenaid Brand and highly recommend the Stand Mixer and Blender, the food processor not so much as i have noticed that it has a lot of plastic splinters around it. I have had to replace one of the parts on the blender also but that was on a $7.00 fix and from the Kitchen store that we brought the machine from.

J A M I E O L I V E R H O M E C O O K E R:

I LOVE JAMIE…. i mean seriously love him. If the KitchenAid is my third hand then the JOHC is my other husband and I don’t know how I lived without Him. We use it most nights to cook our meals in and it has made some amazing meals. Now in a lot of groups i am on Jamie gets a really really bad wrap, So much criticism and flack about how useless it is, and that its just a glorified stirrer and how it always burns the food. Yes i have to say it in the beginning we had some disasters but it is now a very rare occasion where burning has occurred. He is so handy for throwing in some pre-made homemade frozen soup, and in 15 minutes lunch is made, I have even slow cooked in it. I have yet to make a cake in it but i believe that it can cook it. The Jamie like the Themocooker’s comes with a steaming tower, i haven’t used this a great deal. It also came with a Cutting Tower, which to be Brutally Honest is utter crap!. ( i also noticed that Phillips have re-baged it and now sell it with the Phillips Air Fryer). I do use it occasionally but really it is pointless just pulling it out of the cupboard because the attachments are difficult to remove and it makes so much mess.

T H E R M O C O O K E R S : B E L L I N I & T H E R M O W H I Z Z:

Yes i have two. Both do much the same thing. We brought the Bella in October of 2013 and the Thermowhizz this May for Mother’s Day.

B E L L I N I:

When not using the TW i use the Bellini to cook rice in (it makes the fluffiest and yummiest rice (much better than the el-cheap-o rice cooker we had)). I have found like the TW chops the food up too much if the food is pre cut but its fantastic for whole onions and garlic, and i love that the whole lot can be thrown in. Like the Jamie and the TW i haven’t used the Steamer (Varoma) part much. (which if you have been reading intently you would have noted that i now have three sets of these). The original jug i got with the Bellini stopped heating and i got a second jug via warranty which i have the sharp blade in (its now my cold jug), for heating i use the newer jug with the blunt blade. its been so handy having the two jugs as i can do extra things when making a meal. Both the Bella and the TW are great for chopping things really quickly and the best thing is no mess like with the Jamie Tower. One of the weekly things i do make now in it is butter.

  • Photo taken by Jack Beltane

T H E R M O W H I Z Z:

Soup Soup Soup. Can i just say WOW… The soup function is what won me over with this machine. Cut up the veggies and throw it all in set it on Auto and let it go. The first time i did this i did have to halve the pumpkin and then check it a few times as it stopped, but i think that was due to the fact that it hadn’t warmed up. but 25 minutes later i had perfect pumpkin soup, the second batch took just under that and i had enough for lunch the next day as well. I also love that it has the two jugs with it already (The Heating and Chopping Jug which is 2ltr and the Steaming Jug which is 1ltr). The heating element is in the base of the machine where as the Bellini it’s in the base of the jug. So i have noticed that the 2ltr jug has burn marks on it but have read various options on how to remedy this on the groups that i belong too. most of the functions are the same as the Bella, but it does have Auto, (Soup, Jam) & Dough and doesn’t have to be re-set like the Bella when checking food.

Both machines come with the Varoma set, A spatula and Butterfly. The Thermowhizz has a blade guard that the butterfly sits on where as the Bellini comes with two blades. I do find that the added extras take up a bit of room so have two small kitchen trolleys in our laundry with baskets in for the KitchenAid, Jamie, Bellini & Thermowhizz. I have found this is the only way that i can separate all of the assorted and similar parts.

S E A R C H E F / S L O W C O O K E R S:

I was quite slow to the whole slow cooker business but in next to no time i had around 4 of them of varying types and price points (two i think i got via our commonwealth card points) mostly on the cheaper side until that is when I received this for mothers day a couple of years ago, and used it most days before i got Jamie. Now i Alternate between the two. We have made the most incredible roast and gravies in this machine. i also have a smaller 2 person / dessert sized slow cooker that my mum brought for me, but haven’t used it in ages. I really should get it out of the cupboard and cook up a pudding of some sort.

C O F F E E M A C H I N E S:

Now when it comes to coffee machines i have had the high end $4000 one and i have had the low end $50.00 ones, (as to how many i have i have lost count) (i have even rented one for a time) and to be frank and honest they do do the same thing, and that’s make me coffee, it’s not so much the machine it’s the coffee manufacture. I have tried the beans and the pods. I currently have whittled my coffee machine’s down to three. A Nescafe Dolce Gusto that we got from Coles for $50.00, A Caffitaly from Woolworths that was also $50.00 and a Cuisinart Grind & Brew Machine that was $300 from a Kitchen shop in WA. I find with the Nescafe one that the pods are really expensive and the only economical pack is the CAFE AU LAIT.


Our kettle is by no means great just a cheap k-mart see through one. The toaster is an almost freebie Murphy Richards one from when Jack brought his laptop in WA and got a $100 voucher so i think we paid $9 for it.

D I S H W A S H E R:

We used to have a fisher and paykel 2 drawer dish drawer dishwasher, and i paid top of the line for it. Now we have an el-cheap-o Glem Freestanding Dishwasher that is actually in the Laundry because the landlord when building the kitchen didn’t allocate a space for a dishwasher…

M I C R O W A V E:

When we brought the Dishwasher we paid a whole $1.00 for the Microwave. We went for well over a year without one, and i generally don’t use it all that much. But it has come in handy.

O T H E R:

There is of course the rarely used gimmick items, you know the ones, they sit in the back of the cupboard and when you open it they either try and fall out of they taunt you like the cupcake maker, the popcorn maker, the ice-cream machine, slushy maker etc. Jack recently brought one of the Nutribullet knock offs, and he loves it.

Photos are from the Manufacturers Websites.

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