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Falling in Love all over again…


Back in the dark ages (Circa December 2011), I got my iPhone 4s. For the Past year or so however i used the Samsung Galaxy S3, The Samsung Galaxy Zoom as well as the Samsung Galaxy & the Samsung Nx300… Yes i went totally over to the darkest side possible – Android… I have since seen the error of my ways and reacquainted myself with my iPhone.. Why… one simple reason.. THE APPS are far better.. and then there was the fact that i was hanging out for today… when Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim released her much awaited for FMS Photo a day app called Little Moments. I am so excited and i just can’t get enough of this app…

I downloaded it this afternoon (see previous post), and had a play, and i have to say i am loving it. I am also excited that Becky Higgins is releasing a Project Life app before the end of the year. If thats not twice as good a reason to return to the Mothership otherwise known as Apple then i don’t know what is oh and the fact that IOS8 is out soon as well.

So i thought it was a good chance to share my favourite photo apps for my iPhone. Now i am always downloading photo apps, and can’t get enough of them (both apple and android), and i have written about them many times before.


Still one of the best apps around.. I haven’t been using it this much this year but hopefully will start using it again.

My go to apps and Font Love…




  1. Rhonna Designs – When it comes to making photos pretty this is the app i turn too (that is before FMS came along). I adore the fonts and added extras that i can add to make a photo stand out.
  2. A Beautiful Mess – This was my favourite app before RD came out.
  3. Typic Pro – And this my favourite before ABM (are you seeing a pattern :)).. I am all about the fonts, i just can’t get enough of them..



  1. Krop Circle – I am totally loving making round photos in PicMonkey but when i am not able to do that this is my go to app.
  2. Collect – This is a lot of fun, it makes polaroid style photos that can have a short note added and also can put photos into a calendar.


Original photo taken with iPhone 4s Camera.

Using A beautiful mess i cropped the picture and added a background & Phrase (save to camera roll).

Then moving over to Rhonna designs i added a globe and tag. (save to camera roll).

Now in Typic pro i added a second polka dot background and rounded the corners (save to camera roll).

Moving over to Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim i added the adventure is waiting. (save to camera roll).

Heading back over Rhonna Designs i added Follow Your yellow brick road to the globe (save to camera roll).

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