Food: Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Soup

This Soup recipe showed up in my news feed this morning, and i sent it straight to Jack, as i really wanted to try it, and i am so glad now that i did.

I used the Thermowhizz on the Auto Soup Mode, so it was just a case of chopping some of the vegetables up. I added 2 small potatoes and a small amount of milk, and forgot the cilantro at the end (but added basil, parsley & ginger in little serving bowls at the end). I served the Limes, Chilli, Beans, Peanuts and Herbs on a tray, and each of us added our own.

This was a really unusual recipe, but one worth making. The girls and I really enjoyed it, and i am definitely going to be making it again, next time in a much bigger batch.

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