Rocking those selphies girl!

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So its been a few weeks since i posted here.

I have had computer problems i.e.: The Macbook stopped waning to play and it went and had a major tantrum. Jack spent three days trying to fix it and bitched most of that time that i put way too many photos on it….. Ha me no never!!!!

Last week i gave up trying to find the dongle for the Fitbit and went and brought a Polar Loop. Last night i re-joined Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Yes its time to get my @$$ into gear and get healthy and fit. The dr’s visit last month said i was healthy in that my heart was fine, and i am not a diabetic, but weight wise i am well over and need to start looking after myself. I just have to respect my limits and take things slow.

J A C K |

Has gone to Launceston for a few days for work, and then will be taking holidays in early August and he will be doing the Overland Track at Cradle Mountain. i think that he is mad, but its something that he wants to do.

A N G E L |

School is back today, which also means that A will be busy with rehearsals of an afternoon for the next few weeks.

K A Y L A |

Kayla has settled in and is enjoying life in “Sunny” Tassie.


Had a Family day on Saturday. Went to Seabreeze on Cattley and then off to The Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden, and then Tasmanian Arboretum. It was a totally full on day out and by the end of it i could hardly move.


I have been so slack in the cooking department of late. Nothing seems to be appealing to me that i want to cook.


I ran out of Photo paper some weeks back which has put me so far behind, then i get the paper and my mac craps itself and now it won’t accept the printer.. grrr, enough to make me want to pull my hear out in frustration.

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