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FOOD: Thermomixing: On a Roll

Usually when i wake up of a morning, i sit on the lounge and read the latest going’s-on of Facebook News…
This morning however i got up and started making things.
Lots Of Things…

I started with
– Chilli & Garlic Oil.

Then made a batch of
– Ice-cream Sandwiches
– and Ice-Cube Squares

Then made
– Plain Butter (Macadamia Oil and Pink Himalayan salt) flavour…
– Basil (Grape-seed Oil)…
– Garlic & Chilli (made earlier in the day)…
– Buttermilk

Lunch was pre-brought potato gems with homemade aioli (Made last night)

^* 45 minutes of proving in the Thermoserver on my desk at the front window in the sun and then made into round rolls.

With the Buttermilk and Plain Butter i have made Buttermilk Bread Rolls.
to have with Steak & Mashed Potatoes.


^ After a further ½ hour of proving at the front window, with still an hour to go.


^ after 1 ½ proving and ready to go into oven

IMG_6772 IMG_6773 IMG_6774

15 minutes in the oven.. and WOW, i am impressed. I hope that they taste as good as they look.

also planning on making
– Banana Bread
– Cheese & Chive Bread

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