Finally feel like i am achieving something,

For the past few days i have been working on my UFO’s (Un-finished Crafts), I think i am slowly but surely achieving something.. Some of these i have had hovering over my head for several months, and it feels good to get them out of the way. Mind you i am also working on new and future things as i go.

Whilst some of the projects have stayed the same others i have changed by moving them over into other albums. Which i will share on here once they are completed.

So as it stands today: I am working on the following


  • 52 WEEKS OF ART JOURNALLING – This one i need to set aside some time to work on as i am really behind.
  • 30 DAYS OF THANKFUL – All printed just need to work on better album.
  • A YEAR OF US 2 – Moved this into a La-de-da album i have had for ages. Just have to find last years photos that i put somewhere and also print this years.
  • ONE LITTLE WORD – still no ink in printer but do have most of it written out, need to do September, October, November.
  • Yesterday & Today – As i was going through the One Little word album i came across this course i signed up and paid for, and completely forgot about 😦 i have only printed the first two weeks but hopefully have the rest on the laptop.


  • FMS – Need to take todays photo
  • PROJECT LIFE 2014 – on going but have printed out photos up until yesterday




  • 52 LISTS – I got up to week 20 and there where no more lists published.
  • ALWAYS US – up-to-date
  • 30 DAYS OF ME – Completed
  • WORKSPACE – ongoing organising course.

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