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PLANNING: Time to Planner – A New Year,

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Last year i did a very big planner post. I ended up after all that choosing a planner that wasn’t even on the list. Over the years i have had MANY diaries and planners and there have been some that i have loved, You can read more about that in the time to planner link i posted above.

Some weeks it can look quite busy with all of the goings on with Jacks Work & With him starting Uni next year, i will also need to be adding his classes to my planner. Angels various things that she has going on and Kayla’s Appointments.  I think the main stumbling block i found with the planner, was when Kayla moved in and i had to adjust to having another persons appointments in my planner.

Because i have been including my various interests in the planner i have found that some things can get missed. Which is why i am looking at assorted diaries that i can use for different subjects.


On January 7th it will be a year since i got my Erin Condren Planner, As i was filling it in this morning, and checking some of the things going on it occurred to me since over the past few days i have been watching various planner clips on you tube, that mine has very little wear & tear.

Both the front cover & Back Cover are still in great condition, and still really clean. The Coil is still perfect. I had reservations about the Tabs but they too have held up extremely well. There are a couple of little nic’s out of the Keep it Together folders, but its not falling out. I think the only bug bear is the Notes pad that has fallen out but i have put that into the keep it together folder. If ordering this diary take advantage of the stickers they are fantastic, i used all of mine. The pens, are good, they write quite nicely but some do bleed through the page.

2015 I have decided to go back to an Erin Condren Life Planner. I am thinking that i can use the Erin Condren for general day to day stuff & blogging.


So I am getting the Heidi Swapp Planner just for crafting, photos and my general interests. I am also thinking about doing the online course from Big Picture. I am looking forward to being able to make notes on Project Life, FMS Photo a Day, and any other projects that i chose to take on.


I really love Kikki K’s diary and planners and have brought many over the years. I am really contemplating getting the family one again, or maybe a personal planner for family stuff instead of using the Erin Condren one.


I got the Lorna Jane diary from eBay at the start of the year because it was sold out at the shop, and online. Doing Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation i need to be able to take notes of fitness days and Meal Planning. So i am hoping that i will be able to get another for next year, and they look so much better than the coiled ones.


I occasionally go back to previous planner and note books, but i have been trying to continue using the same one to save confusion.

img 7159

Mum’s Everyday Essential Planner

This is an every year planner that holds contact details, birthday’s and anniversaries and easy to access information incase the girls need it. I found it at a local plant nursery of all places for the huge sum of 14.99 i think it was. I love it, it has some lovely hand drawing in it.

NOTES: The Erin Condren & Mums Essential Photo’s are mine. The other Erin Condren, Heidi Swapp, Lorna Jane, Kikki K covers are from their respective websites.

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