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Tuesday Thoughts,


I was actually in the middle of writing this to put onto Jack’s wall in response to something that was said, But the person in question as since deleted and blocked Jack, no great loss really in my opinion i don’t feel like this person is a perfect human anyway!!!! But that’s my personal opinion…

Part of it i also started to write yesterday in response to a article that was published, so i have combined my thoughts into one blog post rather than put it on as a Facebook Status.

Yes i agree that Australia is a Country with many Nationalities and Religions, But we have also lost a huge part and way of life. What i don’t agree with is having to lose our way of life and become something that we don’t want to be.

As seen yesterday there was no christmas decorations up in Sydney, Children are not allowed to sing Christmas Carols in case they offend other religions.. I am a Pagan, and yet we embrace christmas, we sing Christmas Carols. These other Religions also take part and embrace Australia’s way of life.

My TimeHop came up this morning with a short video of Angel 5 years ago at Primary School in her Christmas Play, fast forward two years later and the school that she was going to did a play about saving the planet from robots or something like that!

No we no longer live in the Era of A Place to Call Home or The Sullivans, but as shown with the #illridewithyou hashtag, we are a country that cares about our fellow man, we are a country that stands together as one, we are Australian!!!

What happened in Sydney in the past 24 hours has been done by one man who should have been imprisioned for the previous crimes he had committed, as was the case with Daniel Morcombe & Jill Meagher It is the justice system that is at fault for the loss of innocent lives. The sad thing is people will forget the names of the two innocent lives lost, but not the name of the man that took their lives.. And thats the sad part about all of this…

In the day and age of Social Media there is always more of a chance that our thoughts & words get twisted and we no doubt end up offending someone with our opinion. Getting Unfollowed, Deleted and Blocked is a regular thing for me… Which is a huge reason why i have stopped talking to most people and even that gets me Unfollowed, Deleted and Blocked. Cant win either way really.

The 15th December was for me never about a guy who thought he was better than everyone else, For me and my family it is and will always be my Mothers Birthday.

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