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Sometimes it’s the little details that have us hitting a brick wall. I have enquired with various family members about obtaining a copy of Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates.

From one i have been given a big fat NO.. and they even had the gall to say that i have no right to them… I am not asking for a million dollars, intact i am only asking for a photocopy of them for my own reference. Jack & I have discussed this and come to the conclusion, that we will get our own copies from the relevant government agencies.

The others either haven’t responded or said that they would contact me back when they get home, well its been over a week and still nothing!!!

Whats the bet that after i have done all of the work, they will be all clamouring to get the information that i have located. Which is always the way!

I have been working every few days on adding new information, i need to print a lot of things out and file as i have come across ship manifests and census records.

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