Project Life

Friday Update

What a busy week we have had.

Jack & I had our Wedding Anniversary Yesterday, Went out to lunch (convenient because angel was across the road at the Nature Talk).

Jack went to a Book Talk and a Friends of Burnie Museum Meeting, as well as working, Uni assignments and teaching a customer how to use a machine.

Angel went to 4 Nature Talk/Walks over the past few days. She is off to Camp on Sunday. (Im looking forward to some quiet time to hopefully catch up on little things, before school starts back).

I worked on the Blog, My planners, Loving Capture 30, Finished off December Daily (Thank Goodness as i was getting annoyed with it), Started Project Life, Started working on One Little Word. Ran out of ink already (if you have a solution to my ink dilemma can you please advise me of a more economical way to print or get photos printed (i have been printing at home but its getting so expensive). Started sorting my craft Studio, which i still haven’t completed working on. I have a plan in my head its getting it to come together thats the problem.

I hope you’re week was a good one.

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