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Many of you have followed my fitness journey or not so path to failure at fitness. Today i come to the end of my 5th round of Michelle Bridges heavier than the first round. What did i learn, well evidently for me not a lot. I did however come to an understanding with my body that yes i need to look after it, and yes i need to workout and walk and eat well. Part of that journey has been using various Fitness Tools such as Fitbit, Polar, Pebble etc. So i thought that i would give my take on what i thought of them.

img 3886

img 3886

I started with in February 2013 with a Timex Sports Watch and whilst great i wanted something more.

  • Device: Timex Sports Watch
  • Comfort: Quite comfortable, but i wasn’t used to wearing any sort of watch or sports band at the time of buying it, and it did give me a heat rash.
  • Features: Step counter, alarm, activity tracker.
  • Apps: None
  • Internet: None

Fitbit: Which then led me down the FitBit Path.

Device: FitBit One

  • Comfort: The Fitbit one was great but i was terrified that i would lose it as it only clips on clothes or a bag.
  • Features: The thing i liked with this one was the step counter and the stair counter.
  • Apps: Fitbit app Internet:
  • Fitbit Dashboard

Device: FitBit Flex

  • Time of use: August 2013 – Present
  • Comfort: I am so used to it now that i don’t even notice that i have it on.
  • Features: the one thing that bothers me about this device, its the small dots on the very tiny screen. they have since released new versions of it with a watch etc. I love the sleep feature, but did find it made me more conscious of how little sleep i was getting.
  • Apps: i have used the app on both iPhone and also Sumsung Galaxy and it works well on both. Love that it would update my phone.
  • Internet: great dashboard on the desktop site.
  • They have since writing this in January (its now october) added Australian Foods & also can be used on a mobile without having the device.

Almost losing the Fitbit one is the reason i got the Flex, and even though i have brought others since, i keep returning to it. I love the FitBit Dashboard, the iPhone app, and the desktop site, they all work really well. My first larger band broke, and i have lost the sync dongle so can only sync it via my phone, but if i was to upgrade i think i would carry on with fitbit.

Device: Aria Scale

  • Time of use: October 2013? or there about’s
  • Comfort: – Features: several of us in the house have used it and it has kept our information. The wifi part of it needs to be re-done so as to update the app etc. was great when i was on MB12WBT and it updated it automatically.
  • Apps: iPhone & Android
  • Internet: Fitbit Dashboard

The Aria Scale, what can i say Um… Well Yes great idea in theory and i paid a fair chunk of change for it. it works but if i compare it to the Wii Fit it always tells me i am at least 2kgs heavier.

img 3775

img 3775


Device: Wii Fit U Fit Meter

  • Time of use: November 2013 – Present Comfort: This is much like the FitBit One as it clips onto clothing, but i keep it in a pocket of my handbag.
  • Features: step counter, time, weather..
  • Apps:
  • Internet: Wii Fit U

I started in December 2011 using the WiiFit and i loved it so much i stalked EBGames and JBHIFI for WiiFitU to come out, and it took FOREVERRRRRR it finally did in November 2013, and i hardly used it, but what i always carry with me no matter what is the WII U Fit Meter, and when i remember to i upload the information to the machine.

Polar LooP

  • Device: Polar Loop
  • Time of use: about 4 months in 2014 Comfort: was a bit bulky
  • Features: step counter. Was a pain in the neck to charge it as the charger wouldn’t stay in.
  • Apps: iPhone (i think its on android too not sure i went back to using iPhone by this stage). Didn’t like the app at all.
  • Internet: I have the dashboard still installed on my laptop. i found it to be very difficult to use.

I then brought the Polar Loop and used that for several months, but feel that it didn’t keep the steps correctly and i never achieved a perfect step count as it wanted 15 – 20K steps per day. I also didn’t like the app or the dashboard for it, but where quite clunky to operate.

Pebble Smart Watch

Device: Pebble Smart Watch

  • Time of use: around 6 months Comfort: not too bad. i just loosen it if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Features: heaps of watch faces and a huge variety of apps.
  • Apps: The apps can be downloaded via the pebble store onto the phone and they just auto sync over to the watch, easy to put on and remove. only 8 apps can be used at a time, this includes watches.
  • Internet:

I now have a Pebble Smart Watch. I do like this a lot, but don’t really use it for fitness / walking, apart the UP App that i keep an eye on. Misfit is quite a good fitness app too. I do however love the watch side of it, and the amount of watch faces is fantastic. I love that i can get notifications on it and that if my phone rings i get a message on the watch with who the caller is or the number. Jack has his eye on it when i eventually upgrade. iPhone I have been back using iPhone since July 2014, and since then i have been using Human & Breeze as the main fitness apps. Love love love them both. if i am not wearing a fit band i am carrying my phone, or using a variety of them at the same time. so its quite interesting how different some of them can be between the other ones.


Apps i like: i use the following most days.

  • Pebble – syncs with the watch
  • Human – iPhone app
  • Breeze – iphone app
  • Lorna Jane – iphone app
  • Fitbit – syncs with fitbit devices
  • Mindful meditation app
  • Up – syncs with pebble watch
  • Map My Walk – walking app
  • Misfit – syncs with pebble watch

I also use Health on my phone, but find that it really lacks a lot it wasn’t what i had expected it to be.

But i am waiting on this….

The Apple Watch…

Sigh…. it’s just beautiful, hoping it’s out for my Birthday in March 🙂 i am hoping that it combines everything i love about all of the above devices and puts them into the one thing. Do you have a different fit band that you would recommend? Or one of the above, what do you think of it?


*Edited to add that as of May 7th 2015 i am now the proud owner of an apple watch sport. Looking forward to being able to complete this review of fitness apps soon.

July 2015 * I am also looking at getting a BellaBeat When they are released soon.

October 2015: I have had the watch since May, and i LOVE it. Currently my iPhone is out of action i cant tell you enough how much i miss being able to sync the two up. I love the activity tracker and being able to see what i have done on the dashboard.

January 2016: Still loving the apple watch, but still wanting to get a Bellabeat to compare the steps.




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