Capture 30 Update

It’s been some weeks since i did anything Capture 30 related here, so a quick update.

I finally removed the plastic cover, yes i am worried about it getting dirty and i will share in the next post on what i am using to store it in. But look how pretty it is.

Since this is my Craft Planner i am using anything and everything i find around the house to add to it. Project Life Cards, Quotes, Stickers and more. Some i am printing out and sticking in, others i am just punching them out and putting them in the file.

How cute is this little van, have had it for ages, and couldn’t work out what to do with it. So whilst i was going through my sticker collection last week, in it went, if there was ½ of the stickers on a sheet used, in they went, i was ruthless and used up all of the sheets that i have had for ages.

nothing is straight but i think that adds to the charm an character of the book. The black and white photo is from the Capture 30 Course, i have just added some rubbers that i had.

I am totally loving this planner, and how its come together. I ended up removing July – Decembers pages, as it was feeling a little full. I do have planner regret that i didn’t get the Black and white as well, because its just such a great planner, and i am enjoying the process of using it.

Coming up next:
Planer Storage.

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