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January 27 | Sliced bread | Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

 This is not a sponsored post!

You know how there are certain times of the year where the shops just have so much goodness in them, well January has that right now.

My colourings at the moment are White, Turquoise / Tiffany Blue, Yellow, Gold, Grey, Beech, so all of these go so well with what i am into right now.


I like… no i love storage items, this is great, would be better in white or even perhaps gold, by the looks of it it would hold quite a lot of storage.

Planners are my downfall, and this one is adorable. i would probably use this on my desk to jot down notes.

Note books: Can you ever have too many of them, i think not, i am always on the look of for ones that i can alter or use for assorted projects.

Filing: over the coming months i really need to sit down and sort through our assorted paperwork. Before moving here we culled a lot of it that we had been holding onto for a number of years, and it looks like i need to do it again.

On the wall

Little Houses: Oh my can’t get enough of them, my problem though is i have no where to put them.

The Key Holder is adorable. i already have a couple of them, so probably wouldn’t buy this but i like the look of it.

Now Marque Lights are the in thing, and i need them everywhere.

I would get this for Angel, but i am afraid i would end up stealing it from her, so i would need to buy 2, so i can have one as well. i love this colour.

Noughts and Crosses: Now we don’t have a coffee table but i could see this sitting on it.


If you know me well at all you would know i am a little obsessed with wall art of all types, if i had a house big enough i would have a gallery room where i could fill each and every wall with art.

Baskets: i am always moving things around and end up with assorted baskets, and could easily keep buying more if only i had the room.

Chair: Now my thing apart from cushions is chairs, and this fits right into that look, My current desk chair is one of the metal retro ones, but i have noticed that i can sit for any length of time because of my circulation so will have to look into these.

^ All of the above items are from Kmart Australia

Lisa T for Target: My one little word is Love, and i love that it is one of those words that you can buy a lot of various home decor items. I really like the Lisa T range of decor items.



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