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Organisation: Personal Paperwork & Recipes,

A few days ago i mentioned that i needed to go through our paperwork, as a start to that it involved updating some of the filing system that i was working with which some of it is well over ten years old, and had rips, tears and way too many years of wear and being moved.

Whilst in Kmart i found the Get Organised Kit and also the Food Kit. I was thrilled because i had previously looked at them and either didn’t have the cash on me at the time, or went into buy them and they had already sold out. I have seen similar to these at other stores and they where a lot pricer (just googled one and without the box it still would have come to around $220.00). So when i found the Get Organised for $14.00 instead of $29.00 and the Food for $7.00 instead of $15.00 i was very happy i waited a little longer.

Even better that when we got it home, it fitted nice and snug in the expedite. So easily accessible if need be and so much neater than what i had in there previously. There is a little room at the back of it, but nothing to worry about and as Jack said put a small picture there.

I have just finished going through the Important Documents and filed them under the appropriate person / section. I still have more to put in as i come across it, but at least it will all have a spot. I still have to work on the other two files, but have a lot of that in two really old broken ones. I can bet half of the appliances i no longer have or no longer use, so will be a good opportunity to get rid of some stuff.

I am actually tempted at that price to grab another set and use a folder each for Myself (Memory Keeping), Jack (Uni Stuff) & Angel (School notes). Even a set for Family History stuff would work. The possibilities and ideas are endless.

It is really pretty without the cover over it, but still looks nice with it on.

I also cleared out two recipe / food folders and transferred all of it over to this great little system. I often print Thermomix recipes and weight Loss recipes that we have really liked so i am happy with this new set up.

I am hoping that i will be able to come across some more magazine holders like this, if not i will just get some plain white ones and put book plates on them, to match my project life albums.

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