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Through The Window,


On Australia day it was 4 horses and carriages.

January 29 | Through the window | Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

The things that you see outside this window is astounding. A bit of a back story. We live one block from the centre of town, and on quite a major road within the town, at one end is three churches, a local motel complex, and the beach and the other end an airport. with the emergency service across the road, so we see a lot of fire and ambulances coming and going at all hours. There is also an alley way that leads to the local skate park, a Dr’s surgery, community centre, guide hall, meals on wheels and the backs of the local shops, banks etc. On the side street next to us is a small cul-de-sac with elderly units and a scout hall. So most days there is something going on within our street or the one next to us, meaning many people parking outside the front of our house.

Some of the other weird and wonderful goings on have been planes being towed on the backs of trailers to and from the airport. A few weeks back it was a local teenager dragging mattresses down the road and into the alley way. Jack saw a Penny Farthing, the rider wearing top hat and tails, gypsy wagons, and the horses and carriages above. On christmas eve there is a  local christmas parade. Just last week, i was sitting on the lounge and watched two men right outside the front gate swapping cigarettes. There is always someone going somewhere. Most days there are mothers walking with children, women jogging or working out, men on bikes, boys on skateboards, Girls walking dogs, Teens on the way to the skatepark or the beach, Caravans going past on there way to a new destination.

Yes it’s busy but its also very fascinating insight into people and their comings and goings.

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