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February 4 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

Choose Happy

I know that these photos are from the first few days of January, but they are still forefront in my mind of the changes that i want to make in my life. Most of all i want to choose happy, i want life to be less drama filled and more passion filled, Less craziness and more uplifting. Less time having to search for things, and more organisation. Less sitting at home and wondering what the world holds, and more discovering it in little nooks and crannies.


Dream that its possible

On the Home front

– A clean happy more organised home

Little things get left around, and they stay in that spot until it comes time to find them, and they have disappeared off the face of the earth, “see below”. Can you see a pattern emerging here.

Things are fairly happy at the moment, it is a lot calmer that’s for sure, so i am grateful for that.

I guess once that Jack starts uni properly and Angel goes back to school, we will get into a more organised routine.

– Decluttering

(“>”) For me this is a priority as i want to be able to just go to a spot in the house and know that the item in question is there. We spend much so much of our time looking for things that have been put in the incorrect spot that we waste a huge percentage of time, when if it was put in the right spot to begin with it would take less than 30 seconds to locate it.

Photography / Memory Keeping / Family History

– Off Auto

getting to know my cameras better is something that i really want to do more of.

– Family

Taking more photos of Jack & Angel. I don’t have many photos of my dad and i together, and most of those are when i was really young, so i think that its important to capture little moments between the two of them, but also between angel and i, and the three of us as a family. I want to leave a legacy to angel of memories, it may not mean much to her now, and i know she grumbles about having to do it, but hope in time that she will realise just how important and special these moments are.

– Self

Getting in front of the camera for me isn’t an easy thing, i am an always being the camera kind of girl, but as i said above i want to leave something for Angel after i am gone.

– Sorting

Getting photos & layouts into albums is a must do. Sorting the albums out into the correct family also a must do.

– Collecting Details

Working on the family history side of things is also an important part of that memory keeping that i want to keep working on. I managed to print some of the details and things out a few days ago, so i am pleased that i have that filed. Working on adding in the little details and places.

Health & Wellbeing

– Walk More

I have been trying once a week to walk more than i have all week. I know it doesn’t sound much but just walking further than i have been is important.

– Drink more water

I brought two Michelle Bridges Bottles – one a water bottle. I have been taking sips throughout the day in an attempt to drink more water. – the other a protein bottle, yet to be used but i want to start making protein shakes.


– Do more

Doing more things outside the house. I would love to go to more theatre shows, concerts, plays and such.

– Be more

I have always supported various charities and things, so will continue to do that this year.

– See more

I know we won’t be able to travel to far off places and things this year, but i would at least like to go further than we did last year.

Social Media

– Disconnect

I have deactivated all of my Facebook accounts as of last week, and at this stage have no desire or inclination to return to it.

– Blog

My blog has always been my safe haven the place where i can say what i want to say, and know i can return to when things are tough. I love hanging out here. I have been changing things and updating things over the past few weeks, and for the first time in a long time i am happy with how it’s looking, there is a chance that i will however change it as as time goes on.

  • Heart Header is an old Kikki K one.

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