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Call Me, Maybe?


February 5 Call me, maybe Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your life- line, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I had an outer-body experience on the weekend i left my phone to go completely flat in my handbag. Most of the time it has the cord attached to it and either in my laptop or next to my bed, or in my handbag / purse, so this is something that i very rarely do. I usually have it permanently by my side, either walking around the house with it. I do feel a little lost when i don’t have my phone with me, but i am leaving it more and more. I rarely use my phone as phone, don’t send all that many SMS’, never use FaceTime. I don’t even have all of my email accounts attached to my mail account on my phone.



I spend a great deal of time on my phone taking photos, no matter what Camera i am currently using i always end up back using my phone, just for the ease of it, and the apps i use to add things to the photos. I tend to lean more towards apps that i can add text onto the photos. But i do love the project life app.

Whats currently on my phone

Settings, Phone, Messages, Commbank, Clock, Calendar, App store, Health, Safari, Mail, Photos, Instagram, Camera, Little Moments, Project Life, Contacts, Music, iTunes store, Weather, Maps, Notes, Videos, Reminders, Stocks, Game centre, Newsstand, Apple store, ibooks, Calculator, Compass, FaceTime, Voice memos, Family Photos Food Craft, Google maps, find iPhone, Emergency, Tea round, Podcasts, Tips, Centerlink, Weekly,, Realestate, Coles, Woolworths, Hanx writer, Home Routine, Klondike, Rhona, RD Magic, A B M (A Beautiful Mess), Party Party, Collect, Typic, Flipgram, Timehop, Candy Cam, Dropbox,  Pebble, Human, Breeze, Lorna Jane, Fitbit, Mindful, UP, Map My Walk, Misfit, My moment, WHS, Utas, youtube, twitter,  clipboard, pinterest, ancestory, shoebox, scoter, genius scan, passbook, QRReader, Qrafter, canon keep, coupons.

I had a lot more on there a few days ago, but had a huge clean out of apps, i could further go through the above to remove more. I am slowly going through all of my devices and really look at what i use.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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