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February 16 | The clock - Write about anything you’d like. 
Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the 
car door slam, and imme- diately looked at the clock.”
A typical day in my life often starts like this.

Alarm goes off at 7am.

I tell Angel to get up for school.

She does her thing.

Whilst i make a coffee and check my emails.

Jack’s either at work, getting ready for work or coming home from work (now he has started Uni, we will be adding that into the mix).

Depending on the day.
If he is home we will have coffee together and chat about whats on TV.
Angel is usually taking way too long in the shower, and one of us is usually telling her to get out of it, get her lunch ready, do her hair, put her shoes on.
This needs to be recorded because  swear its the same every morning,
The latest part of this is Angel GET OFF THE IPAD”.. What is it with schools and giving teenage access to iPads that are meant to be for learning, and yet they are for using it to organise their social life.
On an ordinary day when i am the only one at home.
I will generally fill my day surfing the internet, checking emails and having coffee.
The hum of the TV, and the world outside in the background.
I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock or out of the window to see who it is.
It could be Jack returning home, A delivery of some sort for either of us or the business, or even the firetrucks and ambulances across the road.
Most days there is someone parked out the front of our house going somewhere and doing something. All whilst i sit and while away the hours doing nothing in particular at all.

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