Project Life


I am working on re-vamping the blog, Thanks to my generous “Sponsor” I have been able to buy a new theme. I am loving the clean look of it, I just have to spend sometime updating posts and taking photos.


Both Jack & Angel are so busy with School, Work, Sport/Hobbies etc that i haven’t seen a lot of either of them this past few weeks, I am anticipating that the next few years will be like this as both of them Take on new projects and adventures.


See previous post on how far behind i am on my photography. Though i don’t know why as it’s not like it’s a job or anything i do it for a hobby. I did manage to get this one above the other day of the birds on the power line out the front. I haven’t been going out much so not finding all that much inspiration around the house.

Still no printer which is driving me crazy, i feel like i am so far behind and i think a lot of that has do do with not being able to print anything. I did look at the Fuji Instax Printer but i feel that as great as it is that the photos are just too small for the projects that i want to do. So ideally a 4×6 or larger.


Cooking around here has been of the basic variety lately. I did make this delicious flan and also a Trail Mix slice.


It feels like a lifetime ago that i did any sort of crafting apart from the Vision board i finished last month. Ali Edwards Story Kit arrived but i haven’t really decided what i want to do with it yet. I am still debating on if i want to get the Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess. I do like the look of it. But not sure that i want a third subscription.

Disclosure: This blog has been sponsored by Jack Beltane

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