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Children & Chores

Sitting here watching Studio 10 and they are discussing children doing chores. I have a 13 year old who has always done her fair share, probably more than she should have been / be doing because of my bad back. Her chores each week are listed below & for this she gets $40 a month to spend on what she wants.

  • Keeping her room clean {is a lost cause, she spends more time finding things that she thought she lost, and it can take her days to clean the room {Probably due to the 5 million loom bands that she owns}, and minutes to trash it}.
  • Doing the dishes “By Hand” as she has “killed” two dishwashers. Drying up and putting away, and a general kitchen tidy. Setting the table (I do have a tray that sits on the table with salt pepper etc on it, and for a time also had a tin with cutlery that just needs to be topped up) and then cleaning up after meals. On occasion she will also help with cooking dinner, and i am slowly teaching her cooking basic things like breakfasts {scrambled eggs, bacon & eggs or pancakes, or dinners such as pasta}. She has been using the Thermomix and has cooked a couple of meals in that as well.
  • On a Sunday she washes her school uniform for the coming week. Both her and Jack wash the clothes and both hang them on the line {My back limits what i am able to do}.
  • She also helps with the Local Market stall.
  • When needed she also washes the dogs and takes them for walks a couple of times a week, as well as feeding them & the cat each day.

On a Saturday morning we have “Happy Hour” which is 15 minute blocks (Sometimes longer | Shorter depends on how much needs to be done) in each main room of the house. We do this as a family. It isn’t a huge house with multiple Bedrooms & Bathrooms, (it’s a 2×1 with a Kitchen, a large Living Area & Laundry) so keeping on top of things makes it easier for when we have rent inspections. This involves wiping things down, vacuuming & mopping floors, Putting things away (We have a basket each that gets sorted after the hour is up). (A more detailed list is below). I set the timer on the HomeRoutine App on my iPhone and we work through each room.

Main rooms are

  • Kitchen = Dishes, Wiping down benches/cupboards, Rubbish Run | Emptying the Compost, I do a general pantry tidy whilst J&A do a clean up.
  • Bathroom = Swish & Swipe (wiping down the sink, and cleaning the toilet), Rubbish Run, Taking clothes basket to the laundry to have clothes washed, Mopping floor.
  • Laundry = Washing clothes, General tidy up of benches / floor, Cleaning out the large fridge if needed, Rubbish Run
  • Hallway = Put away anything that has been put in there to be put away into other rooms, Hang up bags / coats, Vacuum, Rubbish Run / Throw out any old letters / catalogues.
  • Lounge = General tidy, Rubbish Run, Fix up / cushions back on lounge, Put things away, Vacuum.
  • Dining = Clean table, Rubbish Run, General Tidy of bookshelves.
  • Study = We each have our own desks that we have to sort and clean, Rubbish Run
  • Bedrooms: Jack and I clean our own room and she cleans hers, Tidying / Rubbish Run, Putting clothes away, Making beds, Vacuum.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get Angel to do things, and yes we have had some screaming matches. But most of the time she will do it, as she has gotten older, the money is more of an incentive.




    • I wish i was organised. I have so many boxes and containers with things that need to be sorted through. Things tend to move from one room, to another over time, and eventually end up in the large shed and then it takes us for ever to find them again. I really need to sort that out … Had a mini Happy Hour today with my daughter who did a great job of getting a few things done.

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