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Food: Hanging out in the kitchen,

For me cooking has always been a passion, and i do enjoy it but like with a lot of things so far this year i have let it become one of those things that just seems like a huge chore. What we have cooked lately we have enjoyed though..


Now this was really lovely, and no left overs which is always a good indication of how good it was. I made the pastry from scratch, which i am really proud of.

Sweet Potato Fries with Aioli

I made the fries but brought the Aioli, i know i could have made it, and i probably will next time. But they where still so good, especially since they where cooked with Cinnamon, Paprika, Salt & pepper. Jack said the kitchen smelt like Hot Cross Buns had been cooking.

PINTEREST has been my go to place for OMG i must try this recipe… and i actually have…

Chicken Skillet with bacon in white wine sauce *

This was INCREDIBLE… any excuse to buy a bottle of white wine, but really i will be having this again.

Hard Cider Lamb Chops *

The night that we brought the wine, we also grabbed some bottles of Cider, and i didn’t finish my bottle off one night so i used it in this. I ended up cooking the whole lot in the slow cooker, and oh my was that meat tender, it was divine, another winter warmer keeper.

Tomato Soup.

I know now why i brought this TM5 machine, and in my last post re: Photos i was all so down and out about the coming winter season, but this machine gives me some kind of hope. It was after 6pm tonight and i still had no inkling of what i should cook for dinner, at 6:15 i decided on Tomato Soup, and it was cooked by 6:45 it was cooked. Whilst not perfect because i didn’t have all of the required ingredients except for a stack load of Tomatoes from a Veggie Box that we got a few weeks ago that really needed to be used, it hit the right spot and even Angel polished it off. So i have decided that more soup is definitely on the menu over the coming months.

Lemon Water.

After finishing dinner, it occurred to me that it has been at least a few days since i had water of any sort. Yes i know, very bad, i was in the habit of drinking it and then at the start of the year i just stopped and i don’t know why i did. So i got up and made a jar of Lemon Water for tomorrow. I have been eating so badly lately. Sweets, ice creams etc, and i am really feeling it. So going to start tomorrow with a fresh new outlook..

At least thats the plan anyway …

  • Photo from Pinterest | All other photos taken by me.

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